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Once wary of feds, state election leaders now welcome help

Sans News Bites covers lots of stuff, and reading this article entitled Once wary of feds, state election leaders now welcome help was quite interesting. We’ve really got to solve the cyber security problems that the government may or may not have in their election systems.

I used the article post as the title for my post, because I feel it just fits. Lots of great info here that people might find of interest. It can only get better.

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IS TLS 1.0 and 1.1 really ready to go?

Livewire says yes, and articles out there have more

The last several days on Livewire have been quite interesting. Last week, I experienced a technical issue which has since been resolved. On top of that, I was notified that the site was upgraded to only work on 1.2 or higher TLS connections. Sans News Bites talks about this in one of their segments and this blog post entitled: It’s the Boot for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 is one post and it comes from Mozilla themselves.

After the technical issues were resolved in live wire, someone recently reported running Windows 8, Firefox, and Jaws 16.

  • Windows 8, to my knowledge is not getting any updates
  • Firefox may be old, and unable to understand the TLS infrastructure
  • Jaws 16 isn’t supported with bug fixes
  • Chrome can’t run on 8

In the next podcast, I talk about Live Wire a little bit, what it is, the basics on the LTN (Livewire Telephone Network) and that while I did have an issue, it was my own doing.

The person behind Live Wire understands the security well, and I believe more sites will be moving toward this aspect. I said this before reading this article, and this is Sans News Bites from February 11, 2020. If I had the chance to read this before that discussion, I’d be more up to date!

Browsers negotiate to the highest common denominator which can mask the presence of less secure connection options. Make sure you’re regularly scanning the encryption settings on your web servers to ensure older, less secure connections are disabled, or monitored and documented where enabled. Monitoring may show the need to support older less secure operating systems and browsers may not be as significant as thought, or worth the risk.

Livewire is the first site to my knowledge to have taken this step, and I believe we’ll have more.

There are other articles around the web that covers this, and I’m running 73 of firefox now and have no trouble with connecting to Livewire since my own technical issue was resolved.

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Apple releases watch OS 6.1.3

Apple on February 18th released 6.1.3 to fix something specific with irregular heartbeats and something in Iceland. Applevis has a blog post on this and you can click through.

They also released an update in the 5x series for those who can’t upgrade to 6x because of phones.

Click through to read more from Apple Vis if you’re interested.

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Poetry, lists, and outlines: How Braille2000 has assisted me in the endeavor of braille transcription as a blind person

The combination of B2K and percent codes is wonders

Welcome to another article here on the technology blog and podcast web site. I’m not here to give any spoilers, however, I’m here to talk about assignment 18 and how I’ve learned to do poetry, lists, and outlines.

One caveat: this assignment is still in progress, and its not completed yet.

Please do not take this verbatim. This is a blog post on how something like this may be done. Always consult your instructor or person helping you if you need help.

My goal of this blog post is to show how a blind person can use Braille2000 in conjunction with WordPad, Word, or Google Documents to be able to produce good quality braille.

You’re welcome to play with the samples to see how it works, but please don’t call this assignment complete.

The assignment has many more parts to it other than poetry and outlines, and they may be presented as examples on how this is done later.

  • The page numbering sampled here is in conformance to the assignment
  • Typical percent codes such as %1-3 are used
  • Braille2000 and the style of the paragraph is used
  • Detailed non-speed braille keys will be given on how to do this

According to the lesson book, poetry and outlines are written in list format. Nested lists are used more for outlines, and some listed items like the lists found on the Braille Transcription done as a blind person web site. The outline here was very confusing because the braille is showing each item in the margin with no assistance. I read it carefully, and a mentor named Mrs. Taylor advised what the outline should eventually look like.

Again, I want to stress that the majority of this work was done alone, and understanding the structure of the outline and my understanding of it took some time. Since I’ve not done poetry or outlining, but read some through my life, this was definitely a learning experience for me.

I’m doing this assignment in pieces, because it is so lengthy. At the time of writing, I’m done with the poetry, the outline, and the paragraph list section dealing with CPR. The CPR section won’t be discussed here, but there are still several items yet to do.

The Percent Codes

No matter what you’re using, you’ll have to format it. Braille2000 can be adjusted by importing the entire file, and then adjust it upon looking at it. To do this, you’ll need different strategies.


Paragraphing is done by adjust, paragraph style. Tab to the radio buttons, and select the option you want. Jaws and NVDA should read these dialogues and the info within them just fine. There are also preset options within that like indent1, block1, and many more which has set options that B2K will use.

The Running Head

The running head is needed on each particular portion of the assignment where the title of what you’re doing should go. To do a running head, select Do, Running Head. Note! It is important for the blind reader to understand that if you tab around, the default edit box will never be found in the tab order. You’re placed in to that automatically. Type the Running Head, and press enter. The radio button “text above” is automatically set once typing in to this edit box, and it can be changed throughout the file if needed. To edit it, just go to do, running head again.

New Paragraph Style

The New Paragraph style is found in the adjust menu, and works similar to the paragraph style. The difference between the two is dependent on the cursor. The Paragraph style fixes the current paragraph or highlighted text, while the new paragraph changes the way the enter key behaves.

So Lets get started

Lets get started. The assignment takes a page of assignment 17 where they use the hyphenated page numbering. To do this, The page numbering code has been adjusted to give you this capability. This is shown as a vertical bar, which on your computer keyboard, is shift and your backslash key. (|)

When you use the print page numbering scheme, the braille page number is not necessary, unless you change the braille page number as discussed in lesson 19 for transcribers and preliminary pages. For assignments 17 and 18, the page numbering is only print which asserts a braille page number 1 which is all you need.


Assignment 18 also gets a new twist, each portion of the assignment is given a running head if it goes on to a separate page. The first poem in this assignment does this.


I use the head tag for the heading for this one, as the first page doesn’t have a running head. A new percent code page with no running head (pager) is put at the top of the file, to indicate that this page should not utalize the running head. This is very important when we get to the second poem which is only a page, but we do not know this until transcription importing. This is why I have decided to assert the running head in case it does. I do this with the first one, and it does run in to a new page, only by a few lines.

There are also attributions, and the rules on them were studied in assignment 17. Those are done with the %x-y tag (examples: %1-3 %5-7) but I choose to do it as the same cell as %7-7 even though it should not run over.

The formatting of poetry is done in the nested list format which is discussed in the lesson book. They point you to read more if poetry includes other attributions or things that I’m not too familiar with.

Braille Formats Principals of Print to Braille Transcription 2016 Section 13: Braille Authority of North America

If my understanding of this is correct, here is how I coded the first poem. Remember! Your milage will vary, and since this is ungraded, I can only tell you how I did it, based on my understanding of it, and nothing more.

We were very tired, we were very merry —
We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry.
It was bare and bright, and smelled like a stable —
But we looked into a fire, we leaned across a table,
We lay on the hill-top underneath the moon;
And the whistles kept blowing, and the dawn came soon.
We were very tired, we were very merry —
We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry;
And you ate an apple, and I ate a pear,
From a dozen of each we had bought somewhere;
And the sky went wan, and the wind came cold,
And the sun rose dripping, a bucketful of gold.
We were very tired, we were very merry —
We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry.
We hailed, “Good morrow, mother!” to a shawl-covered head,
And bought a morning paper, which neither of us read;
And she wept, “God bless you!” for the apples and the pears,
And we gave her all our money but our subway fares.
Edna St. Vincent Millay

The space command (%space) allows Braille2000 to insert a blank line. This is important in many different formatting chores, not just the poetry aspect of this assignment. It is also used in the lists format which is discussed in this assignment, and it may be used elsewhere. The poem sample above taken from the assignment was my interpretation of it, and you are welcome to play with the codes to see what it can do if you changed it.

The pager command I gave you earlier becomes very handy here, because the assignment talks about each section starting on a brand new page. The running head, must be the same as the title you’re working on. So, with the background in mind, we introduce you to the next page command (%np) and it goes to the next page number automatically.

by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Wind

I saw you toss the kites on high
And blow the birds about the sky;
And all around I heard you pass,
Like ladies’ skirts across the grass–
O wind, a-blowing all day long,
O wind, that sings so loud a song!
I saw the different things you did,
But always you yourself you hid.
I felt you push, I heard you call,
I could not see yourself at all–
O wind, a-blowing all day long,
O wind, that sings so loud a song!
O you that are so strong and cold,
O blower, are you young or old?
Are you a beast of field and tree,
Or just a stronger child than me?
O wind, a-blowing all day long,
O wind, that sings so loud a song!

This was a little more complex because I’m going from the first level of list to the second. The braille clearly shows this. This portion took a little bit to understand, and I feel by giving you the assignment in full will not be productive. Instead, the samples should be used as a general guide of how to use percent codes to do an assignment like this. There is plenty more in this assignment that won’t be covered here, and so far I’m 10 pages in. I’ve got no idea how many pages it’ll be, and I have not asked.

What about the outline?

The outline is more challenging. The braille I think was put in 1-1 to force a braille reader to figure out the spacing on that. If I knew better and I tried this, I’d fail! Thanks to Mrs. Taylor for assisting with the basic concept of the outline. This outline should be shown in full, as it trumps the third poem’s 1-5 three-level aspect. Keep in mind, that when I did this, I kept looking at the B2K program asking for style info, and comparing it with what I had understood. Overall, I got it, and I’m looking forward to getting the last of the assignment done with a story and a recipe to go if I remember it correctly.

What has tripped me up is the fact that the titles are bolded and in braille, we don’t have the titles of these things in any emphasis. Remember that there may be words or other aspects that need their emphasis, so watch for that. This is true for the poetry aspect, as the third poem which is not shown may have words that have emphasis. As the student, you alone, need to check for these. The sampling here may or may not even include said emphasis, which is why I say that it should be used as samples of how I ended up doing things.

Here’s how I coded the outline.

I. Structural deterioration of existing Wilson High School building
A. Damaged roof covering and rotting roof timbers
1. Three major leaks during last year
2. Dust problem caused by termite damage
B. Crumbling stairwells and broken handrails
C. Insufficient fireproofing and safety protection
1. Four fires during last year
2. Denial of safety rating by city fire marshal
a. Antiquated sprinkler system
(1) Not enough outlets
(2) Not enough water pressure for sustained operation
b. Inadequate electrical wiring
c. Insufficient fire-escape routes for current enrollment
II. Inadequate education plan for current and projected enrollment at WHS
A. Shortage of physical space
1. No laboratory facilities for science students
2. Lounges and closet areas currently used for classrooms
a. All tenth grade English classes
b. Three eleventh grade French classes
c. Two twelfth grade hygiene classes
3. No gymnasium or locker-room facilities
B. Shortage of equipment
1. No ranges or ovens for home economics students
2. No lights or bleachers on outdoor playing field
3. No spare athletic uniforms
C. Shortage of money
1. For new programs
a. Cancellation of planned state workshop in teacher education
b. Curtailment of new art program
(1) No money for supplies for sculpture students
(2) No money for demonstration lectures by local artists
2. For teachers
a. No money for much-needed additional general science teacher
b. No salary raises for WHS teachers in three years

This was quite complicated, and I know that people will want to see something like this. If you copied the text and put it in to braille2000’s editor, you can use the talking edition to be able to check the formatting and see if thats what you intended. When Miss Taylor indicated fixes because I miscalculated where I was and how it was memorized, it turned out that I could verify this through speak style and it tells me. I am glad Bob taught me speed braille, because I have 4 defined including that one.

The others are page, line, cell (speak as) read the line, and read the paragraph.

The purpose of this is not to have the discussion of what the speedbraille keys are, but to show you what I have done to make my work better.

The poetry and outlines aspect of Braille2000 and the transcription course makes this product work well for me. Even with Mrs. Taylor’s help with the understanding of transcribing poetry and outlines, I pretty much figured it out on my own. With checking with B2K and also a brailleout of the first poem, I’m sure that my assignment as a whole will be something I’m proud to be able to percent code and check, all on my own.

I’m still going to rely on a braille out of the assignment, because you can catch something that speech may not be able to tell you. You may be tired, and you may have made a mistake, so its better to also read it, especially with an assignment as complex as this.

Other transcription software packages rely on templates. B2K relies on its own editing tools, percent codes which can be used in Word, Wordpad, or Google Documents, or other compatible Rich Text editor(s) out there. The talking edition can be used to be able to check a portion of your work to determine if you the transcriber are doing it correctly.

There’s more than one way to possibly do work like this, and you may find a better way with the percent codes. I’m happy I have a choice, should you give this a try?

Why do you not want to try Braille2000 yet? The power I’ve given you just with these examples of the assignment still being done can show you what you’re capable of. Can the transcription software you chose do this?

If it does, I’d love to learn more! Templates in word may be good for some, but some don’t have word like me. Would those templates work within something like Google’s documents? Only you can decide, not me. I’m happy I have the choice on how I want to work on these documents, and I am sure that others may do theirs differently than this.

Thanks so much for reading, and do contact Bob or I through the B2K or transcribing as a blind person web sites and ask us questions on how this powerful software can work for you!

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Tech podcast 339: News, notes, Tmobile and Sprint merge, and Social Media Insites with Phishing

The RSS feed has the show notes which is short, but also the podcast.

Sprint and Tmobile murge, blog updates news notes and more, and Phishing insights and social media scams from a bebinar. Contact info at the beginning and end of the program.

Mixcloud will be getting the cast soon, and thanks so much for reading, listening, and participating! Its much appreciated!

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Social Security launching new campaign to fight scammers

I know someone who works at Social Security. They do different work there, and they sent me some things. This time, a newsletter full of things, an this one talks about fighting the scammers. Social Security Launches New Campaign to Fight Scammers is the name of the article. Letsspread the word!

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Nvda Version 2019.3.1 released, bringing support for new braille displays, screen curtain, more

Blind bargains is reporting the update of NVDA version 2019.3.1.This breaks some addon functionality as addons may need to update themselves, but screen curtain is braught in by default as part of this update.

Also, several braille displays from the Handitech corporation are introduced.

If you’d like to learn more, please check out the Blind Bargains posting about NVDA by clicking on the link.

Do you Use NVDA on a consistant basis and want to tell me all about your experience? No problem! Just contact me at and I’ll be happy to receive your report! Thanks so much for reading!

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Forbs has a great article on cybersecurity and business: are we doing enough?

I saw this article on Forbs. It covers cybersecurity in a different light, the business light. The Fight For Cybersecurity: How Can Companies Minimize Risk Against Emerging Threats? is the name of the article, and it raises a great question that I think needs to be discussed.

The article emphasizesthat cybersecurity needs to start at the top of the company and work its way down to each and every individual that works at this company. It can’t just be at the IT department, and I agree.

Here at the Jared Rimer Network, I don’t have employees here, however, when I get new customers, I always talk to them about security and how they can assist keeping this network as secure as possible. While I do my part to make sure I have customers who do not violate any types of terms set forth, I tell them that things here must be linked if possible, and that we aren’t a backup storage facility.

In no way am I able to enforce this, but I can assist on what practices should be followed, and the control panel has bolstered security to eliminate those weak, easy to guess passwords like password, monkey123, and word based passwords. The minimum password length is not known, but there is a specific score on the meeter before it’ll except a password. It makes the customer think, even if they use a memorable password.

Passwords are only the beginning, and Phishing is also talked about in this article. It can’t be stressed enough that clicking links in email is the way to go today, but to go to your browser and type what you want.

I recently got a message through my IP unblock request form with an interesting looking forwarder. For your protection, the link which appears twice as these people fill out both sections of the form, will not be linked in this post. It isn’t melicious, but the services offered are not worth anybody’s time.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
() on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 12:09:49
name: Stan Roman
phone: (02) 6762 2072
user: Stan Roman
domain: Beardieart.com
As per your inquiry, here is your unique domains backlinks package quotation and options for jaredrimer.com


As per your inquiry, here is your unique domains backlinks package quotation and options for jaredrimer.com



HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/54.0.2840.59 Safari/537.36 115Browser/8.6.2

The URL leads to a company called Monkey Digital, and the forms like this one point to their services like backlinks, search engine optimization services, and other tactics we need to do on our own by putting the terms and other copyright notices in our web sites themselves.

The Braille Transcription site I’ve created talking about Braille2000 has taken the time to create these keywords, and through a program, it builds the code I can copy and paste in to my web site without having to even remember how it goes. Its quite complex, and it works.

Why am I going to pay a company something that I can do for free? I also got an email saying that they had a report for me and how my keywords don’t match the travel industry. I got this report and some of the links were redirected permanently, and one, contact.htm doesn’t exist on my web site! Its in this report by this legit person who sent it to one of my other domains, but it is irrelevant! I’ve got keywords in place and I know my links work. I tested the few that said they didn’t work and it was pointing where it needed to go.

I’m happy for people who want to report links to me that don’t work, I need that! But please don’t waste my time with 35 pages of a report when most of it is worthless! I don’t have the time to read a PDF file of a report and me checking the links to find they work. I didn’t go through the whole report, and I found it waste of time. If you’re going to send me a report on my sites, please look at it, understand what I’m trying to do, instead of filling out forms saying I’m not targeting traveling people.

The site in question was my white cane travel site. It works just fine. The security on the site is as good as its going to be. I’m the sole owner of the domain(s) being talked about here, where I’ve made sure I’m conforming to the best I understand. Spam like the one sample I’ve sent above is just one aspect a business has to deal with. Emails like the one I described above in the prior paragraph also is a part of our business. It all goes hand in hand, and we all need to work together with making sure we’re as secure as possible.

Thoughts on the forbs article or any aspect of this post? Please get in touch, and I look forward in hearing from you!

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2019 Breach Trends – Based on Open Source Data

I see that this is posted today, what do you guys think of this 2019 wrapup? This is definitely interesting.

It’s that time of year again, time to look back on breach data from the previous year, and reflect on trends. A little history is needed before jumping in. I started cataloging breach data about 3 years ago and have tried to capture 3 critical attributes needed to understand the why and the how: How did the actor get access, why did they seek access, and what type of actor were they?

Source: 2019 Breach Trends – Based on Open Source Data

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Blue Diego Investment Group Announces Acquisition of Aira Tech Corp

I’m passingthis on for people to see. I saw this from one of my followers, and we don’t know what this effect will have as of yet.

Blue Diego Investment Group Announces Acquisition of Aira Tech Corp

I’m going through twitter, and found this: Blue Diego Investment Group Announces Acquisition of Aira Tech Corp and I’m interested to see how this ends up turning out.

I recently decided to pay for the basic AIRA plan, and utalized it to do some mail and was on for 8 minutes only needing to pay for three of them.

I guess we’ll have to see what overall improvements or degredations this may cause, and since both companies are privately held, this may put more money in to Aira so that we don’t have to pay so much and pricing may at some point can come down.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens with this one. Passing this along.

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Class action lawsuit filed against two Puerto Rican hospitals for alleged ransomware attacks

I’m glad I found an article entitled Class action lawsuit filed against two Puerto Rican hospitals for alleged ransomware attacks because I’m sure that people are sick and tired of companies like hospitals can freely put our data at risk. The problem in this case is that Ransomware was part of the problem, and I’m sure that someone in the company made a mistake and infected the network. Thats why I said that hospitals and other companies are putting our data at risk.

This whole problem can be talked about by telling employees about the dangers of clicking on links, reading email they’re not expecting, and the like. I know when we send email through our client, or through contact forms, company people don’t necessarily know its safe, and that is part of doing business.

The bad guys know this, and by spoofing resources like we’ve talked about time and time again, the employee is just trying to fulfill the request of what the email is saying, and not thinking about it.

Remember I talked about the Corona Virus? I did find those two emails back to back as I discussed after posting the article about it and they were similar. News bits are being put in to these messages, and it wouldn’t surprise me if these types of messages also go through contact forms of various companies.

By telling the hospitals and other companies that we’re not buying this “we’re sorry, but someone clicked on an email and infected us …” mentality, it’ll force companies to start the training process and talking to their employees about this important step in email security.

Did you see this? What did you think?

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Are you an Estée Lauder customer? You’re OK, but the company was also quick too

I’m finding an article about Estée Lauder , a company who’ve I heard of and never shopped at. This company is a Cosmetic company, which sells various products in this industry.

A recent article indicates that over 440 million emails and other internal data open and available to the public. The company has closed this hole the same day, and should be praised for the effort they took to deal with this mistake.

The good news is that to date, we can publish that no customer data is at risk, and was not at risk, just company email not relevant to customer transactions.

I’m sure that this is not the first time this type of thing has occurred, and it probably won’t be the last.

Read more: Cosmetic giant Estée Lauder exposed 440 million records online

This comes from a site called hackread. Never heard of them, but the reporting here seems pretty good and credible.

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If you use YouTube TV, you’ll want to see this

The following is not necessarily technology related except for the fact that you use your device to access the service. Youtube is on the net, but the discussion here talks a little about credit card charges and purchasing, and is related for clarity but yet, needed to explain it because there’s an important change that is happening.

Thanks again for reading, and make it a great day!

Engadget is reporting that on March 13, 2020 or some time after, depending on your subscription, YouTube TV will not be billed through your Apple ID. According to the article, Google is forcing people to sign up through the web site for this service.

Depending on the subscription, Apple takes 15 or 30 percent of the price, and this has been a practice for some time.

Do they not remember by running a credit card, the credit card company takes a cut? For example, when I was billing through Superior Software’s billing system, it was 2.9 percent plus $1.28. This means the minimum charge was $15 for customers.

Paypal, stripe, and others may be 2.9 percent plus $0.30 yet others may have varying rates.

For us to get the money we’re due, we have to charge higher. For example, at the 2.9 percent plus $0.30 on a $100 charge, we get $96 and some change. This means, we need to charge $105 to $110 just to get $100.

As people who do business, we understand this. The article is quite informative, and I’ll let you guys read this one.

YouTube TV won’t work with App Store subscriptions after March 13th is the article and thanks for reading!

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LokiBot is back, and its not getting better for users

LokiBot is back in the news, and I don’t know if I covered this article. If I have, please excuse the duplicate.

This particular threat is getting worse, as if you play games now, it may come to you as a game launcher to launch games. This can’t necessarily be a good thing, and machine learning blocked this threat for users of Trend Micro’s products.

Epic Games, the company behind games like fortnite, which even people I know were playing this game. Its a game for the sighted, not for the blind, sadly. The recent siting from this installer was to the Epic Store, and for those who play this game and others by this company should be on the lookout for this type of fake installer.

I’m not going to give you this entire article, but if this interests you, LokiBot Impersonates Popular Game Launcher and Drops Compiled C# Code File is the article and I urge those sighted users who game to read this one.

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Is Liberty Reserve a good or bad company? There may be some interesting comments

Happy valentines day folks, welcome back to the blog. In today’s article which was posted to Krebs on Security, Krebs talks about a company called Liberty Reserve.

I’m not too familiar with them, but it looks like this company did some bad things. The main person behind it was arrested and pleaded guilty, an now another man has been picked up.

Federal officials charged that Liberty Reserve facilitated a “broad range of criminal activity, including credit card fraud, identity theft, investment fraud, computer hacking, child pornography, and narcotics trafficking.” The government says from 2006 until the service’s takedown, Liberty Reserve processed an estimated 55 million financial transactions worth more than $6 billion, with more than 600,000 accounts associated with users in the United States alone.

In the surface, you’d read this and think that the large amount of money was not so bad, but for what they were selling, thats bad!

The company acted as a $6 billion financial hub for the cybercrime world. and now the question A Light at the End of Liberty Reserve’s Demise?

This article really goes in to some detail on what happened and if people were taken by this company, money may be returning to you through the government.

If you filed a monetary claim in response to the Liberty Reserve seizure years back, you may have already been contacted by federal investigators, or you may be soon. But please know that fraudsters will likely seize on public awareness about the possible repatriation of funds to fleece the unwary: KrebsOnSecurity has received more than a few emails from readers over the years who fell for various phishing scams that promised to return funds lost at Liberty Reserve in exchange for a bogus “processing fee.”

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Curve Ball, the first major security threat of 2020

Starting the year, we’ve got the first threat named Curve Ball which takes advantage of a loophole that takes care of certificate signing. I saw this in depth analysis and thought people should read it.

Trend Micro covers this one well, and if you haven’t updated your system to fix this, you should.

An In-Depth Technical Analysis of CurveBall (CVE-2020-0601) is the article title, and feel free to check it out.

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This week in security news, Valentines week

There’s a lot of interesting news out there this week, and I’m curious on what you are interested in. The news is gotten from various blogs and stuff that Trend Micro is involved in as well. Send me an email with links to the articles in this list that may be of interest to you!

This Week in Security News: February 2020 Patch Tuesday Update and Misconfigured AWS S3 Bucket Leaks 36,000 Inmate Records is the article title.


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BARD Mobile for iOS version 1.3

I got this update and saw this in my app store, but here are the notes sent directly on the email list.

An upgrade for BARD Mobile for iOS is now available on Apple’s App Store. The release includes the following new features:

• Simultaneous downloads: You can now download up to three items simultaneously.
• Braille autoscroll: When reading braille books, you can have your braille display scroll automatically. You have full control over the speed.
• More actions button: The details screen for each book now includes an “ellipsis” button (labeled More actions) that offers a number of other things you
can do with that book, including seeing a list of other books in the same series, by the same author(s), or in the same subject area(s).
• Enhanced actions list on VoiceOver rotor: You can also get to those very same additional actions using the Actions item on the rotor while in a book
• Quickly switch between titles: No need to go back to the bookshelf to change books! Just swipe left with one finger (or three, if using VoiceOver) while
on the Now Reading screen to see a list of other books on your device that you’ve already opened. They’re in the order of most recently read. There’s also
a Recently Read button in the upper left if you don’t want to use the gesture.
• Format hiding: Don’t ever read braille? Tell BARD Mobile not to show you any braille items (unless they’re on your wish list or previous downloads).
Don’t ever read audio? It works that way, too. Find this by going to the Settings tab, selecting User Account Settings, and then selecting Show Me.
• Book and magazine subscription support: You can now subscribe to magazines via the app just like you can on the BARD website. Book series, too! New magazine
issues or books in subscribed series are automatically added to your Wish list.
• AirPlay support: There’s now an AirPlay button right on the Now Reading screen. From there you can send your audio to any available AirPlay or connected
Bluetooth device.
• Braille/audio indicator: For lists with mixed formats (Wish List, Previous Downloads) there’s a format icon distinguishing format type so you know if
it’s audio or braille.  
• Save Jump By setting with each book: The app will now remember how you had your Jump By button set when you close a book and will restore that setting
the next time you open it.
• Compatible with iOS 11-13

The release also includes internal updates and significant download reliability improvements.

The user guide has been updated too. It can be found here:

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Braille2000 2.274 2020-02-13

Hello folks,

Below, you’ll find notations of today’s release. Some good stuff here.

  1. no added spaces surrounding simbraille material in the print file.
  2. voicing of boxing lines.
  3. voicing of repeated cells (sequences of blanks, dot-5s, boxing cells, hyphens) by giving the count of the number of repeated cells.

To update, please run the updater through the panel file management software updates. It’ll be dated today, and press OK. Press OK on the dialogue to close B2K and do work as you wish. When you close B2K it will go ahead and update itself to the latest release.

Please contact the B2K team if you have any questions!

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How did the early assignments get done with no B2K talking edition?


I’ve been talking about the Braille2000 program for awhile, and while this is a post on Braille2000, I’m going to take a different light on it and talk about how I’ve been able to do the assignments pre the talking edition.

Some caveats:

  • I started with jaws 2018 and upgraded to 2019 during this process.
  • NVDA was tested upon request, but found that it was not efficient at all. Someone asked me through linked in, and I tested.
  • During a prior interview which is found through this blog post and soon will be available through the Braille Transcription as a blind person web site, narator is not even an option.

With this information out of the way, lets dive in to the first twelve lessons

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 I did a lot later, after I had learned enough of Braille2000 and could do the work independently. I did the 6-key in 3-1 default paragraph style. This particular assignment is not to be turned in to the instructor, but depending on your instructor, and whether you’re taking the assignment set via corespondence or not.

The Rest of the assignments

You’ll find varying ranges of difficulties when it comes to the first twelve. Assignments 2-4 can be done strictly with Jaws with the understanding that you need to learn how to set your paragraph marks.

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t use your arrow keys for up and down if you’re on the last line and Jaws says page fill or end of file. I made this mistake, and got some very interesting results when I sent it off to Bob for him to peruse.
  • Adjusting paragraph styles need only be done once, enter results in new paragraph style, while the paragraph style is for the current selection. Changing the current paragraph can be changed to all of file when tabbing around if the entire file is messed up. To do this, go to adjust, paragraph and make your selections by tabbing to the radio buttons and shift+tabbing to the current paragraph button and press space if you want that. There’s also another button to change this to all of file.
  • As the assignments get harder, Jaws alone will not be able to get the job done. While I’ve had braille outs of my work, the talking edition would’ve saved me when I was reading things and it made sense to me, and listening to it under exact while checking the braille of the assignment would’ve helped. This is because inlater lessons, it was important for emphasis and the like taught later, but the talking edition is wired to tell you symbols like grade 1 word, symbol, passage, and terminators. It also speaks capitalization in the same manner whether its word, letter, or passage.

One of the things that I really like in Braille2000 is the keyboard aspect of the program. When keyboard mode is on, and you’re in 6-key mode, Braille2000 will give you exact keystrokes of what you’re pressing, so you may determine right then and there if thats correct. Braille2000 can also give you a print line reading of the work with a couple of keystrokes either through menus, or the control+q, quick commands.

The control+q, quick commands have become very valuable in later lessons, especially during assignment 16 when prompting from a mentor continued to tell me of an issue I couldn’t find! I read the braille, read the braille of the assignment, and it wasn’t clicking until I heard it through speech while reading the braille of the assignment.

While that was a later lesson, my reports indicate that I was not doing a great job, and I was accused of not even proofreading my work. With multiple braille outs, and giving up on the note taker, I vowed to get the book in braille so I can read the formatting and what was expected.

This really became apparent after I pretty much tried to do it with the knowledge of what I had, and doubted myself even though the work was in uncontracted braille. I was making too many mistakes, taking spaces out where they were to be because I’d read it on an 18-cell braille display. I learned real quick after several lessons that this wasn’t going to work. I even was asked if I was using the notetaker, which I said no.

As the contractions started to be taught, Jaws read the symbols as ASCII symbols.

  • The Ascii Braille Code
  • You can download a copy of the ASCII braille chart directly from the jaredrimer.info site, through our document repository through the above links. Its best to right click or shift+f10 on these files and select save target as or save link as and save it to the PC that way. Pressing enter or left clicking may yield different results. You’ll definitely need it if you aren’t using the talking edition.

    At one point, I was going through the braille in braille view, and took out a capital sign which was needed because I heard the word comma! This was my own error, and I felt pretty stupid for doing that, but I was going by what it said, and this could’ve been before braille outs, but then again, maybe not. I later learned the code, because B2K’s talking edition wasn’t really developed until I started 13 and percent codes could be used.

    I probably could have cheated and typed everything out as I read it, told the program to write it in uncontracted mode, and be done, but forcing myself to learn 6-key entry would be better, and in fact, automatic translation is not all that perfect and 6-key is the only way to fix these things.

    While I wrote about percent codes, a future blog post will talk about the importation process, and how I’m able now to check my work based on how I understand things. Braille copies are good, but fixing the errors can only be done in 6-key mode.

    To read my reports to date throughout the course, you may access the transcribers section of the braille transcription as a blind person web site. There are audio demos and discussion of each possible lesson, although I didn’t demo some of them because you could see how more complex it was.

    What about 12?

    Assignment 12 was probably the most interesting assignment that I have ever come across. I found it very challenging without the talking edition, and it was even harder because I understood it one way, and the instructor wanted it another way.

    Below, I’m going to put in quotes what I wrote as the beginning of the assignment 12 notations, so you have an understanding how rough this was. This comes directly from the assignment 12 web page.

    In this assignment, there are quite a few definitions that are discussed which are prominent for this assignment.

    • Grade 2 Braille
    • Grade 1 Braille
    • Standing Alone

    Other terms may include letter-sequence, symbol-sequence, and terminator.

    This assignment took me two tries. It seems like this is the common theme, two tries as of late. On March 18, 2019: I got my first report. I really thought I had understood this assignment to the best of my ability, and boy, was I wrong.

    • There are 8 grade 1 symbol indicator errors in the very first sentence. How could that be when in EBAE, a-j k-o and p-z all had letter signs also know as grade one symbols? I’m not giving you the answer, but it is correct in my file now.
    • In the same number, they indicate there is a terminator error.
    • In a different number, there were reported 3 grade 1 symbol errors. I really didn’t understand this as I thought.
    • More capitalization errors. Like I didn’t have enough trouble already, 5 of them in this particular unnumbered problem.
    • In the same sentence which is unnumbered, they expect a terminator. Back to the drawing board.
    • A grade 1 symbol indicator is also missing from the same number. Can I just quit?
    • Malformation is back! More text is to form on a line. I totally didn’t understand this assignment.
    • An erroneous error and more grade 1 symbol errors in a sentence.
    • More grade 1 errors in another sentence and throughout as well as a malformed line.

    As you can see, I was trying really hard to understand this, and I even had my braille and probably several copies. One of the things I really didn’t understand was the sentence that had something similar to the following sentence.

    I wanted to alphabetize my files on my computer a-f, g-i, j-o, p-s, and t-z. The problem was that I got a-f, g-i, j-o, and p-s, but my t-z files were gone!

    Yes, I’m exaggerating. The computer can do all of this, and I’m probably not making sense now, but if you had to braille this sentence there is a logical way to do it.

    • Put the grade 1 indicater after f, as a doesn’t need it.
    • g-i put grade one synmbol only on g as I didn’t need it
    • j-o, p-s, and t-z all grade one symbols next to the beginning of each letter.

    This is the way I did it. I was knocked off for 8 groupsign errors? This is how braille is written, not some random way, and I read it correctly with my braille. How could I imagine that they wanted it to be in passage grade 1 and I’ve never really read passage grade 1 fully until that lesson.

    There were other errors, and the instructor still tried to trash me on having not proofed my work. I tell you what, you didn’t see me with the braille copies, and stacking them up where I could check each one of them to make sure I got everything correct, now did you?

    The talking edition can’t help with all this, but it can help with making sure that you have your grade 1’s where you expect them by voicing to you while you read the braille and confirm you did it the way you understood it to be. It will read passage, word, symbol, and terminator information for grade 1 material when using the appropriate symbols.

    Thats the power of Braille2000 now! Want to get your copy? Visit Braille2000 or jaredrimer.info to learn more, get demos, write ups, and more. We look forward in serving you!

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