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Governmental news

Recently Facebook has been in the governmental news aspect of security. Besides facebook, other types of articles including updates on Equifax stuff came up.

Here is some of what I’ve spotted within this aspect, feel free to comment on what you want.

There’s plenty more, you can check cyberscoop to see if there’s something else you want us to check out or even talk about.

Found something? Please let us know.

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Manageing your privacy online and off


Did you see the article in regards to managing your privacy online and offline? Trend Micro posted a primer about this topic in this article entitled How to Manage Your Privacy On and Off Facebook and it gives some very helpful tips.

I think that people should check out articles like this from time to time to make you are sure of how you want to use your settings.

Thanks for reading!

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Have you ran Windows Update yet?

eI was checking articles as I normally do, and windows update was just recent. Krebs on security and Trend Micro are two sources of information that I get covering the updates. Both are good for their respective readers, and you can decide which one you want to have.

I’ll be checking soon to see if its time for a reboot due to updates.

Thanks for your continued support of my work, and make it a great day!

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we have trapped the error subsystem

Hi all.
Well today the following tasks are completed.
1. site faq.
There is a link near the end of the site after the blogs and links section that is site faq.
In there I explain a bit about the security system and such.
As things continue to be upgraded this may or may not grow.
2. Privacy policy.
The site disclaimer is also the privacy policy such as it is pertaining to this site.
I am no lawyer so its quite simple, ie information will not be shared or sold.
Protection of email is encoded and we have ssl, captcha and 0spam and that will work fine.
We have a standard error page which covers all errors though the only error this works for is the 404 error.
We accomplish this with a plugin called 404 page.
This allows us to link a page with the stuff in it we need.
There is an advanced section which is totally visual full of unlabeled links but we don’t need it.
The other thing we have is wordpress error pages customiser or at least something along those lines.
If anyone wants the actual plugin let me know in the comments.
This allows us to customise the 403 and(hidden or forbidden access)
and, 401, login error when you have entered to many times the information for login though this shouldn’t be a problem.
Now if you have a cognitive issue there may be a slight possibility that you may not be able to solve the simple captcha but you will need to be really bad for that to happen.
If you do have that issue, or if you don’t want to put your information on here you can still login with wordpress with 2 step which may be more comfortable for you.
We also have a contact us page to now I don’t have the knowledge to make the email addresses say the various names but good job trying to copy them with a bot.
Now granted if you really want to you can copy them with your keyboard but its harder.
If you do try, you will see the word javascript and a ; character.
This should be all for the moment unless I can think about anything more.
I have held off customising login screens because these are fine as they are.
Anyway we will start conflicting with stuff as it is.
What I’d like to do is add things like an audio logo to the site maybe, and maybe sounds when you click about in standard and admin consoles but its not really needed as such.
A reminder to all that today is patch tuesday.
If you have any issues with the last update and some aparently have you should get the latest update.
Flash and adobe reader dc have updates, reader having the first update for this year.
A reminder that flash is supposed to be approaching end of life this year.
Shockwave is allready at end of life.
I plan to clear flash and shockwave off my systems once that reaches end of life.
If you need to use flash, it is recommended to use html5 or adobe air.
Google chrome has another update as does office.
Outage notes.
The following times I will not be available for any immediate support or duties.
20th feburary I will be away all that week starting on that day for a music festival.
24 april.
I will be away till the start of may on vacation but it may be a bit longer.
During this time there will be no support or updates at least from me.
Thanks for reading.

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tech podcast 338

The RSS feed has the show and it’ll be soon on live wire and Mixcloud. The show notes re shor, and I hope you enjoy the program!

Welcome to podcast 338. I catch up with you on my workings on the Braille Transcription course and the work I’m doing with it now. After that, we bring you the IHS vulnerability research webinar from December 2019. I thought I had the link to the blog post talking about this webinar, but I guess I didn’t post it unfortunately. I’ve posted some but need to do a better job on it. If this wasn’t december’s, it must be November’s, but be that as it may, its a great webinar.

My contact information is made available at the end of the program as usual, and thanks so much for reading and participating on the blog!

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This Week in Security News: ZDI Bug Hunters Rake in $1.5M in 2019 and Metamorfo Trojan Malware Campaign Targets Online Banking Users

Last week, this blog post entitled This Week in Security News: ZDI Bug Hunters Rake in $1.5M in 2019 and Metamorfo Trojan Malware Campaign Targets Online Banking Users and there was some interesting things that you might want to check out. Some of them we’ve posted here, some we may not have.

If you find anything of value, please send me an email with the link and I’ll take a look at it in more detail.

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Have you heard of the corona virus? I did, but didn’t know much

Hey folks, have you heard of the corona virus? One of my people that I work with mentioned it when he got sick one week after beating something.

While I’m glad he didn’t get this, it sounds pretty bad, and on top of it, I’ve seen emails myself that have corona virus in the subject line.

Michael in Indiana, probably has not seen these types of emails before, and some people never do. I’m happy when I find out that people don’t see these types of emails. I saw two in one mail check and the body of the email is quite interesting, spreading news about what this is, and it also has other text in it too.

The article Scammers are trying to exploit coronavirus concerns to breach companies came across my desk through cyberscoop today, and it was quite interesting.

I did send it to my contact that mentioned it to me, and I want to pass this to the blog in passing.

This type of thing does happen, and it will continue to happen.

Get your Coronavirus Mask while supplies last!

Your Health Is Not a Game! This Is the Solution to Stop Risking it


How do you feel about the air you’re breathing? If you’re watching the news then you surely don’t feel safe. You and your loved ones have to live in an
environment that is harmful to your health in many ways. Air pollution from all the cars and factories, diseases and overpopulation. It’s time to do something
about it.
OxyBreath Pro
 is a new premium face mask that promises to keep you protected from harmful bacteria and microparticles that flow around in the air you breathe every
single day.



If you does’t this update, no problem please
Click here
PO BOX 140 Oak Valley Street York, PA 17402

It was sent From: “Coronavirus Mask” play@kidneyambition.icu  and that is quite interesting as I never clicked on the links.

I thought ai had two, but maybe in separate mailboxes or thrown out with the trash as my mail client will do upon request from time to time.

Thats a sample and no links are even given to protect you. Just beware.

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Braille2000 and percent codes

I’ve been saying for awhile now that percent codes and a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs can help the blind person in putting together a very nice braille file.

During the transcription course which is run by the NFB we learn various types of formatting.

Right now, I’m working on assignment 18 which covers lists, outlines, menus, and poetry just to name a few. Poetry and outline work are very interesting to say the least, and with the aid of Braille2000, you can take a section you’ve done, and check it to make sure it is relevant.

For example, you can use the percent codes to be able to write paragraph formatting, list formatting, transcribers notes, cell positioning based on other formatting rules that take content to several cells after the previous line, and more.

During the current assignment, I’m learning how to do paragraph styles in conjunction with list and poetry work.

In Braille2000’s mode, you can change the paragraphing style through adjust, paragraph. New paragraphs can be set to anything you need, or changed afterword just by putting your cursor to the first line of the paragraph and making it whatever you want, such as a list format, centered heading, or a sub-heading which is indent 5 runover 5.

Using the talking edition of Braille2000 in conjunction with Jaws or NVDA reading menus works well. If you want to review the document and you use NVDA, the talking edition can tell you everything you need to know. This is because the NVDA screen reader doesn’t read the window, but B2K’s talking edition can act as your screen reader by reading the document, formatting information, and a whole lot more.

With the way that assignment 18 is designed, Jaws will tell you when the page is broken, and it can also tell you page numbering and the like. The read to end doesn’t tell you about page changes, but it can tell you about where you are through quick commands and even through the menus.

I believe this is the first piece of technology that can truly help a blind person format their braille document, if thats what they need to do. This can be used for pleasure, or for full-time work.

This is how this would look using a file I used for myself.

%pbl %pn=1

Sophia Marie

bad ass bass with soaring femme fatale vocals

Tagged as:
Alt Rock,
Electro Rock,
Hard Rock,
Grungy Rock,
Woman Singing Electro Pop.

A few years ago Sophia Marie aka Wicked Wench was an obese single mother living on welfare in California. With a history of drugs and promiscuity, her
future did not look bright.

The early death of her mother in 2004 from obesity complications could have added to Sophia’s problems, but instead she used the event as a wake up call
and decided to change her life.

Today, Sophia Marie is 50kg (110lbs) lighter and setting her new home of Sydney Australia on fire with her ballsy hard rock music.

Sophia Marie grew up in a musical family, playing flute and piccolo in school bands. She switched to playing bass guitar when her dentist made her wear
braces but soon gave that up too when a jealous boyfriend objected. It was over a decade later before she picked up the bass again.

Completely self taught on the bass, once Sophia picked up the instrument again she found herself making up her own riffs and soon after, adding melodies
and lyrics to her compositions. She then recruited a band, started performing gigs and a new rock star was born. Her new partner was so impressed by the
quality of Sophia’s music that he decided to sell his house and invest the money into making Sophia’s debut album!

Sophia Marie’s debut album “Twisted” pulls no punches. Describing herself as a cross between Madonna and Metallica, Sophia seamlessly blends soft and hard
into an exotic mix of musical emotion. Unashamedly sexual in nature Sophia says she sees the hard rock music as a male stimulant to her powerful, soaring
vocals, which she says, are a natural female reaction to good loving done right!

%tnl Sophia’s music video for Voodoo from her album “Twisted” %tnr


There are several aspects of this segment that I used for this illustration.

  • %pbl will preserve blank lines
  • %pn=1 tells the program to insert a print page number in text format
  • %list tells the system to use a standard list format cell 1 runover 3
  • %indent tells the system to use cell 3 runover 1 paragraphing
  • %pn=2 tells the system to give me the next page as numbered
  • %tnl and %tnr left and right specific transcriber note symbols

Afterword, we got next page %np to work which increments the page numbering automatically. The lesson will cover textbook format when we get to lesson 19.

There are plenty of percent codes that can be used, but as you can see, we’ve got a lot to work with and I had a braille file I can use on my note taker as a BRF, or even have it as a hardcopy.

B2k’s talking edition through the speak menu could verify to me what it was looking like so I can verify if thats how I wanted it.

Does this sound intriguing? Please give Braille2000 a shot. Its free to try, and I’m hoping my insight in to how I’m working on assignment 18 and a sample of something personal will inspire you in to trying this very powerful software.

The Braille Transcribing as a blind person web site has audio in regards to how I took the early lessons and the difficulties so you can hear both. In future audio, I’ll demo percent codes, how they can be used, and more.

Have questions? Bob and I are phone calls away. Send email or call anytime. Thanks for reading!

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Important announcement for 10th february 2020

Hi all.
Well as you know every time there is a podcast and in the last 2 casts jared peaks my interest on things.
Not everything is successfull but here are the things done this week and not done due to issues.
Things which are not done probably won’t be done unless there is a way about doing so.
1. security.
In addition to spam and 2 factor with jetpack, we have logic captcha with captcha booster.
This is another layer on top of the stuff we have.
This allows the site to just work without stupidness on behalf of well recaptcha and its weirdness.
We have an email obfiscation encoder which should keep email addresses secure and generate links if they don’t exist.
There is a faq, contact page and an error page created.
Oh and there is a plugin for admins to get errors.
right now my address]
Are the admin stuff.
Jared is in

america and I am in new zealand.
I can handle content messages, like errors in posts, simple plugins and configurations.
Jared can handle anything else which is not point and click.
The following ideas are trashed for now and may or may not be revisited in the future.
1. a question and answer system.
A lot of sites have one, so decided to put one in.
Visual elements in plugins I tried made me reconcidder, anyway with our captcha and other methods it should work.
2. a login pin.
This could still be a thing, I just can’t find any plugins to use.
3. a social network login.
Again due to visual nature I can not configure some of this stuff properly so its gone.
4. a contact form for admins and the like.
Visual elements and probably not worth it.
5. a message system for admins and users.
Visual again.
So will there be any more.
Probably not, I don’t see myself installing any more plugins right now for custom logins or plugins for web page errors, things should just work.
I am fully aware about the peskey healthcheck if anyone cares about php.
Technically we should really be on 7.4 however the previder doesn’t seem to either want or to move that fast so I am leaving it.
The site works and we are not a shopping network so I am focusing on passive protections where stuff just does its thing.
Thats it for now.
More announcements when we get more casts.

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Braille2000 2.274 February 9, 2020

In this update, Braille2000 has been fixed to better conform to percent code usage if you use percent codes. Percent codes are the hight of a blind person’s usage of the software as you can use an accessible program such as Word, Google Docs, or Wordpad to bring in text and perform formatting commands on it.

We’ve added some new percent codes, and this update fixes the logic of using one of them before another, and it should not matter the order necessarily.

The dictionary fixes fixed some stuff if you use the spell checker. Its quite interesting fixing one thing fixes quite a number of things that it had but yet weren’t working properly. Other things have been fixed with the dictionary too.

To get your update, run the updater through panel, file management, software updates. The version is dated February 9th at 11:51.

When you select it, hit OK. A dialogue will pop up telling you to close B2K to be able to run the updater. Pressing OK on that message will dismiss it. If you’re working when you fetch the update, it won’t run until you close B2K so just work as normal.

B2K does not want to interrupt your work, and that, I like. Remember, you can always contact the B2K team through our respective web sites: jaredrimer.info or braille2000.com whatever works best for you.

Thanks so much for having an interest in the Braille2000 project, and thanks for reading!

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Tech 337: Building security takes a new hight

The RSS has th program on it. Its just gtten published.

We’ve got lots of different things includig building security, erata, and more.

The full notes are below.

Welcome to podcast 337. While we’ve got some corrections by Shaun in regards to last podcast, one of the biggest topics I think you’ll want to get your paws on is buildings being connected to the Internet. I’m not kidding! I’ve got a blog post with the article of the same name: Hackers are hijacking smart building access systems to launch DDoS attacks and this is definitely something to think about.

Also on the podcast, we’ve got a dumb criminal award for the podcast. If you’re going to commit a crime, you want to try and hide like a lot of America’s Most Wanted’s criminals did. Thats why they were hard to catch, and eventually, a lot of them were caught. A great story on how not! to get caught in cybercrime? is my blog post, and I link to Brian Kreb’s coverage of this.

Finally, although not in the exact order of the podcast, we’ve got my discussion of the infamous 404 page and how it helped me fix a bug on my own web site. Building a 404 page that helps fix bugs is the article title, and it was definitely something interesting. While the code I wanted displayed didn’t show, the fact is, we can fix our error pages to help us fix those pesky mistakes in code.

Contact information is available on the podcast, and even available on the blog. Feel free to utalize it, and we’ll see you on another edition of the cast!

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A melicious app with tons of stuff

Think Google Play is safe? According to the simply security blog, maybe not so much@! The article entitled Malicious Optimizer and Utility Android Apps on Google Play Communicate with Trojans that Install Malware, Perform Mobile Ad Fraud could be simple enough, but can also be packed with stuff you aren’t looking for.

We recently discovered several malicious optimizer, booster, and utility apps (detected by Trend Micro as AndroidOS_BadBooster.HRX) on Google Play that are capable of accessing remote ad configuration servers that can be used for malicious purposes, perform mobile ad fraud, and download as many as 3,000 malware variants or malicious payloads on affected devices. These malicious apps, which are supposed to increase device performance by cleaning, organizing, and deleting files, have been collectively downloaded over 470,000 times. Our telemetry shows that this campaign has been active since 2017. As of writing time, Google Play has already removed the malicious apps from the Play Store.

Based on our analysis, the 3,000 malware variants or malicious payloads (detected by Trend Micro as AndroidOS_BoostClicker.HRX) that can be possibly downloaded to an affected device with this campaign pretend to be system applications that do not show app icons on the device launcher or application list. The cybercriminals behind this campaign can use the affected device to post fake positive reviews in favor of the malicious apps, as well as perform multiple ad fraud techniques by clicking on the ads that pop up.

I’m sure that Android is not the only place for stuff to slip through, and it interests me to know if Apple has not been bitten by this. We’re all human, and while apple has human intervention, I’m sure this type of thing can slip through.

This is why its a reminder, especially if you’re sighted and go after some of these apps we blind can’t go after, that you look carefully to see what its going to do. Its not enough just to read who puts them out, but to read the descriptions. Even when I’m told about an app, I read the description to see if thats the right one.

I went clicking on a link to a news article and it opened up google’s app which I knew nothing about. It took a couple of times for me to open the article, but it just shows that things interesting happen and I’m glad I didn’t stall this app from Google even though it was probably safe to do so.

If there is a community, I’d ask if anyone has heard of the app that you know. While I only gave the first portion of the article, its very detailed on what these apps are capable of doing.

Seen something like this? What did you do? Let us know in the comments.

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Are you a driver? Does your car do too much mobile?

I want to have the article title be the form of a question for those who may peruse this blog post and come across it. The question is: Are you a driver? Does your car do too much mobile?

Security Now! some episodes back and Krebs On Security recently penned an article about a gentleman who had rented a car from Ford. The companion application can allow you, the driver, to start the engine, look at where the car is, and play music through your phone. These are just a few things that it can do, and I’m sure that I’m missing things.

Can you imagine the thought that once you turn in the car as a rental, that you can still have access to starting the engine, tracking its location, and other activities that the app may allow you to have access to? Mind you, the car and you are thousands of miles away, and you can still see where this thing is and control it.

The gentleman in question reached out to Ford Motor company and braught this serious issue to them with no response. The article recently penned is entitled: When Your Used Car is a Little Too ‘Mobile’ and was posted to Krebs on the 5th of February.

Security Now! covered this in January in one news segment, and I was shocked that Ford didn’t even acknowledge the issue, let alone revoke it once the car came back to a dealer for rerental.

Many modern vehicles let owners use the Internet or a mobile device to control the car’s locks, track location and performance data, and start the engine.
But who exactly owns that control is not always clear when these smart cars are sold or leased anew. Here’s the story of one former electric vehicle owner
who discovered he could still gain remote, online access to his old automobile years after his lease ended.
Mathew Marulla began leasing a Ford Focus electric vehicle in 2013, but turned the car back in to Ford at the end of his lease in 2016. So Marulla was
surprised when he recently received an email from Ford.com stating that the clock in his car was set incorrectly.

Mind you, the gentleman didn’t even have the car anymore, and I’m sure everyone who linked their app to this car got the same email message. Can you imagine the horrific things an actor can do like shut off the engine in the middle of a highway with a family in the car?

The gentleman in question even said he could start the engine using the app from thousands of miles away. How is this even possible?

If you drive, I urge you to read this article from Krebs, because it goes in to detail. Also, search the Security Now episode that this is talked about, cause it does have some interesting talking points.

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A great story on how not! to get caught in cybercrime?

So I’ve been contemplating what to talk about, and I always find good things to talk about through Krebs on Security. The article Booter Boss Busted By Bacon Pizza Buy posted on the 4th is a great article. Who knew that buying something to eat, whether it would be pizza, bergers, or anything else you’d want would land you in hot water? This is a classic example on why people who would be selling questionable things would not want to unmask their identity by doing something online.

If I were to buy pizza or anything else, I’d do it over the phone, where it is harder to track, right? Yes, you’d still find the purchase, but it’d take more time as a lot of places still don’t hacve caller identification on their lines, especially busy restaurants.

If the restaurant did have caller ID, they’re going to be way too busy to look at caller ID records to be able to determine where one may be calling from. Sure, they’d have the address of the delivery, but that could still be something to try and find all that when other things are happening.

A Pennsylvania man who operated one of the Internet’s longest-running online attack-for-hire or “booter” services was sentenced to five years probation
today. While the young man’s punishment was heavily tempered by his current poor health, the defendant’s dietary choices may have contributed to both his
capture and the lenient sentencing: Investigators say the onetime booter boss’s identity became clear after he ordered a bacon and chicken pizza delivered
to his home using the same email address he originally used to register his criminal attack service.

Nice going. Like I said, I’d try a different method to make it more difficult if I were doing such things. In a way, I’m glad he’s been picked up, because that is one less problem we need to deal with.


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OUCH! Newsletter: Social Media Privacy

Sans News Bites also includes a monthly newsletter that can have valuable tips. This month, social media privacy. OUCH! Newsletter: Social Media Privacy is the article and basic tips are given besides checking privacy stuff.

I know I don’t share what I’ve had for dinner, what I’ve ordered, pictures, or anything harmful. There was a time I sent a direct message but it went out to the public internet, and there is nothing i can do. I really work hard to make sure I don’t do that mistake again, and make sure that when I am contacted, that if I’m asked for something like money, that I tell the person that I can’t do that.

Telling someone that you get social security for example in a private message isn’t so bad especially to illustrate that you can’t send much if anything at all. I’ve done it in such a way where I say that I only get goverment money, so sending the hundred bucks or whatever one may ask is mute.

Of course, putting this all out there in public conversation can get people knowing what is out there, and this newsletter has tons of tips here. Enjoy!

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Another multi-thousand getting caught in a huge problem


500,000 victims pummeled in multi-stage BitBucket malware scheme is the article this time. In this article, some malware writer is sending out something that includes 7 different types of attack vecters including ransomware. This is very sophistocated, and I don’t even think the best defense in software could be prepared to handle such an attack on any one individual.

The article talks about how storage platforms like Dropbox, Github, google drive, and others can be used by criminals to store files, and even send out their wares through their platforms legitimently because its a link to the service used.

This article is quite interesting, and I’m wondering how we can combat this type of thing?

Your thoughts are welcome.

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Phishlab’s webinar was very informative

Hello folks, i hope you were able to get to today’s webinar from Phishlabs. If you missed it, This blog post had details.

They covered quite a number of things, including some of the scams I’ve seen including the romance scams. This blog post for example covers technical support scams, and as that article covers, it isn’t just your typical scam where you call a number for a problem. The scammer will lock your files, than have you covered by you calling a number to get help.

This blog post talks about how the romance scam talks to other people in the blind community like what has happened to me with various podcast and blog posts on people asking me for gift cards and money.

When I’ve encountered these folks, I told them that I did not have the money, and if they wanted a relationship, calling me would be best so we can see where it goes. None of them ever called!

This blog post was posted when I saw the article on why social media is increasingly abused for Phishing and scam type behavior.

This blog post is a podcast announcement and the podcast can be made available. I believe I talk about one such scammer here and what they were trying to do to me. Millitary people asking for money in itunes gift cards?

I’m sure you can find more if you search for scam on the blog, or scammers. Books talking about scams are emntioned, and much more!

I’d love to get this webinar out to the public, but this is Phishlabs webinar, so time needs to be given to allow people who signed up at first dibs.

I’ll see if I can get a recording of this, as I had, but not sure if the other copy will be the better one to use.

Thanks for reading, and make it a great day!

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security note

Hi all.

As you may have been aware of on the latest podcast I mentioned 2 factor

So why is there a captcha?

For the record I hate captcha in all its forms.

Here’s the deal.

From an admin point of view, captcha is easier to put in than 2 factor.

For 1 thing, each user needs to make 2factor just work for them, so they
need to turn it on.

I can’t tell them to turn it on which defeats the purpose.

2.  subscription.

Many of these plugins add you to services which may need subscription.

Now thats fine but it says licenced per user for a lot of them.

What is a user?

Is a user someone that has access to those plugins configuration, 2
users, thats fine enough.

However does it mean users as in all users using it on their profile?

If its all users, then how many are writing.

is it more than 10.

Suddenly, if you went to say write something or comment, you’d get a
message from the site that I’d have to put up somehow telling you to pay
us 3 dollars a month so we can pay for the authentication!

How about, no!

Firstly I don’t know what some of these things mean about a user, and
suddenly its just a bit complex.

As a former software pirate, this sort of thing made me want to go crack it.

Now I can’t forget my morrals and make the user pay me so I can give
them access its just not in my nature to be that much of an evil bastard.

Pluss you should know by now, I absolutely loath the subscription system
a lot of things have unless its meaningfull and unless I use it.

I’m not made of cash myself and neither are the majority of the blind
either and people in general.

After going through several articals I tried wpsms and a few other things.

However you need a mobile number for reporting to and a gateway which
means somewhere along the line I would have to pay or someone would and
that would eventually have to go back to the user because I am certainly
not made of cash.

My next point was to try captchas.

After not being able to understand google captcha v3 I tried v2 invisible.

This worked but oh dear, the login just never accepted.

So try v2.

This did work but I know some have issues with v2 and the audio and I
eventually got totally annoyed and scrapped it.

I then tried math captcha.

This is out of date and while it did work it displayed weirdly and I
killed it.

So we now use captcha booster in logic math number mode.

No multiply or devide because it put out things like 27 times39 or59
devided by 24.

I had to use a calculator to log in and again we don’t want to turn off
users just keep out bad guys.

So we have plus and minus.

Plus works minus does not show minus but if you see a couple numbers =
whatever with 2 spaces in the middle then its a minus and it just works.

There is a 5 attempt login on this which hmmm if you fail it will do
something, not sure exactly what because I have the basic version which
just gives the captcha and not much else.

As an asside, I strongly reccomend all users that write here and admins
to get a wordpress account if not for your own blog but as a backup.

You may login with google and facebook and other things if you want.

I have a wordpress account, but if you suddenly screw things you will
need a backup.

If to many screw things I may just get rid of the plugin alltogether but
this is at least workable.

Its just setup and go and it just does.

Never the less I am due to talk to a blogger who uses logic captcha and
other things on their sites and has offered to help with various things,
obviously its not going to be free but we will see what we see.

I can manage up to 20 us dollars maximum for a 1 off buy in but thats
probably it.

No subscriptions, so we will see what we see.

Right now, its going to work, its local, it will work with speech, and
at least its not recaptcha.

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Phishlabs has a webinar coming up

I’m running out of time, but I just read an article from Phishlabs that talks about a a webinar. Social Media Phishing: Beyond Credential Theft and it has quit a bit of number crunching here. Hope you’ll take a look at this.

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Building a 404 page that helps fix bugs

I recently got an email through my Braille2000 site I’ve been talkng about for some time where people can learn and download documentation and audio regarding the Talking Edition of Braille2000.

The email included the error page in question, although it didn’t have to do that, but it became very helpful.

Here’s a copy of the email and I’ll talk about why I built the web page this way.

Hi Jared,

I was trying to download the RTF version of the documentation for using Braille 2000 with the self-voicing component. I visited this link.


Here is the resulting text from the website.

We’re sorry! Something here went wrong. You came from /documents/Using_Braille2000_Voice.rtf and that may be wrong. Please 
contact us 
so we may fix it. This is not our intent, and we need to fix it.

Here is the page you came from that generated this error. Please let us know the page so that we may fix this quickly. It was http://jaredrimer.info/documents/index.php

Here is your browser. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.130 Safari/537.3673.166.157.230/documents/Using_Braille2000_Voice.rtf
It may not be needed, but it may help in certain circumstances.

Thanks for sending your report to us, so we can fix it!

There are aspects in the control panel I use called Cpanel. In it, there are things in place where I can get the URL the visitor was on, the browser if necessary, and lots of other things.

Here is how that page looks like without the email or the attached text.

We're sorry! Something here went wrong. You came from and that may be wrong. Please contact us so we may fix it. This is not our intent, and we need to fix it.

Here is the page you came from that generated this error. Please let us know the page so that we may fix this quickly. It was

Here is your browser. It may not be needed, but it may help in certain circumstances.

Thanks for sending your report to us, so we can fix it!

I put this in code because I don’t know if it’ll work otherwise, but you’ll see that these types of things are valuable.

Because I developed the 404 page this way, I was able to fix a URL which is vital for people to have and its in parts of the web site in other places too. The generic 404 page says:

Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

How helpful is this? Its not helpful to me, and I figure that if I can assist through the methods provided to me to get the info, it’ll help out.

Some people may not know where they came from, or what they were trying to do. Seeing this in an email assisted me in fixing the error quickly, and finding out why it occurred to begin with. It started locally, and so if I refresh the pages again, it’ll happen again so I fixed it there too.

Thats why I made the error page this way, it just saved hours of work I fixed in 5 minutes.

Thoughts about error pages and their value or non-value aspect?

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you think of this topic because I thought this was something that could easily be implemented and was used during beta.

The Braille Transcribing as a blind person web page is the page where this 404 page is on, and I’ve got similar pages for MENVI too where there is a set of links back to the main pages. I didn’t do this there, even though I really should, but the pages are more static there and bugs were fixed during development.

Thanks for reading!

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