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BARD Mobile for iOS version 1.3

I got this update and saw this in my app store, but here are the notes sent directly on the email list.

An upgrade for BARD Mobile for iOS is now available on Apple’s App Store. The release includes the following new features:

• Simultaneous downloads: You can now download up to three items simultaneously.
• Braille autoscroll: When reading braille books, you can have your braille display scroll automatically. You have full control over the speed.
• More actions button: The details screen for each book now includes an “ellipsis” button (labeled More actions) that offers a number of other things you
can do with that book, including seeing a list of other books in the same series, by the same author(s), or in the same subject area(s).
• Enhanced actions list on VoiceOver rotor: You can also get to those very same additional actions using the Actions item on the rotor while in a book
• Quickly switch between titles: No need to go back to the bookshelf to change books! Just swipe left with one finger (or three, if using VoiceOver) while
on the Now Reading screen to see a list of other books on your device that you’ve already opened. They’re in the order of most recently read. There’s also
a Recently Read button in the upper left if you don’t want to use the gesture.
• Format hiding: Don’t ever read braille? Tell BARD Mobile not to show you any braille items (unless they’re on your wish list or previous downloads).
Don’t ever read audio? It works that way, too. Find this by going to the Settings tab, selecting User Account Settings, and then selecting Show Me.
• Book and magazine subscription support: You can now subscribe to magazines via the app just like you can on the BARD website. Book series, too! New magazine
issues or books in subscribed series are automatically added to your Wish list.
• AirPlay support: There’s now an AirPlay button right on the Now Reading screen. From there you can send your audio to any available AirPlay or connected
Bluetooth device.
• Braille/audio indicator: For lists with mixed formats (Wish List, Previous Downloads) there’s a format icon distinguishing format type so you know if
it’s audio or braille.  
• Save Jump By setting with each book: The app will now remember how you had your Jump By button set when you close a book and will restore that setting
the next time you open it.
• Compatible with iOS 11-13

The release also includes internal updates and significant download reliability improvements.

The user guide has been updated too. It can be found here:

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BARD Mobile for iOS version 1.3 was released on February 14, 2020 at 4:00 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: February 14, 2020.

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