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ISP Rogers, an unprotected database, and you, the customer

Bleeping Computer is reporting a breach with an unprotected database of Canada’s Rogers ISP. No credit card and password data were exposed, according to Rogers. “We’re sorry for the inconvenience” they say, but we’re sorry isn’t going to cover a mistake like this, because in my opinion, we’ve heard this before. I do give them credit on removing the offending database immediately, and putting out the statement, which is the best in circumstances.

If you are a Canadian and use this ISP, they will be in communication with you if they find that you are impacted by this. I’m confident that most may.

Bleeping computer: Rogers Data Breach Exposed Customer Info in Unsecured Database

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Mage cart at it again?

Apparently, according to an article on cyberscoop, Mage Cart is back and has been on one particular site for months. The site in question sells blenders as food processors to help make smoothies and other drinks. Magecart hackers have spent weeks lurking on NutriBullet’s website is the article, and is something we need to be aware of.

This particular threat puts code on web sites to take data as patrons do their online shopping. I’m unaware of how we, the general public, can protect ourselves because we don’t know what to look for. This is going to be more troublesome because of the nature of our work today and for the next several months.

Did you know ahead of time you could be potentially targeted by this gang by code scraping your data? How did you find out before it was too late?

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48 billion emails blocked in 2019 first half for phishing? This is only the beginning

48 billion emails blocked in 2019 first half for phishing? This is only the beginning

Trend Micro penned an article saying that they blocked 48 billion emails within the first half of 2019 alone. As the Corona Virus contnues to take hold, and we who don’t need to go anywhere stay put unless there is something to do, scammers will go at great lengths to make legitiment looking emails asking for money or other aspects of your life.

The blog post How to Stay Safe as Online Coronavirus Scams Spread has some tips. According to the blog, at the time of posting 174,000 were infected. According to statistics last I heard through Live Wire’s system which are updated hourly, the number was 180,000 globally.

As cases are continuing to come in, including one football coach today, we must stay vigilent and watch what we click. Phishing is now hard to spot because it has legitiment logos and the grammar is more up to snuff.

Have you seen this article? What did you think of what it said even though it is a day old now? Let me know your thoughts.

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Want a job? Not so fast says Krebs On Security

Krebs On Security is saying not so fast if you’re looking for work because you need something more to do, or your job currently doesn’t have anything for you to do during this trying time.

My goal here is not to scare anyone, however, this is the reality. Because we can not go out unless its necessary, we must look for other ways to make money or entertain ourselves.

According to an article penned by Brian, people are going around with job postings asking people to do tasks and they’d get paid so much. This is nothing new, except for the twist in this one. The twist is that you’re asked to look at masks, medicine, and anything else that might be needed to help stop the outbreak of this virus we’ve been talking about called the Corona Virus.

In the article, a sample message was put out that would have Canadians go to certain pharmacies to look at pricing to make sure there is no pricing problems such as price gouging. You get quite a bit of money and you keep some of it for reimbursement. In fact, the rest of the money you’re sending elsewhere may be stolen funds, according to the article.

This is known in this industry as “money mules” and is nothing new. The only difference is that you’re helping scammers who are supposedly trying to help stop the virus. The article goes in to more, including the charity that these people are impursonating. The real charity has already gotten calls and letters about this scam, and they’ve said that they don’t do such activity.

Want to learn more? Go on over to Kreb’s article: Coronavirus Widens the Money Mule Pool and I hope that this is something you’re interested in.

We want everyone to be safe here on the tech blog, and this is just another way th scammers are going to get our hard earned money that we must use to survive in these trying times.

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Online training and schools

Something has been coming to mind in regards to school and online training. I’m hoping in an upcoming podcast, we can hear from people who have done online training like I have through Universal Class. I’m wondering what you’ve found to be accessible or not through the years.

Please send your files through dropbox or We Transfer or any other file sharing service like Sendspace or You Send it. The email address is tech at menvi.org and I look forward in what you have to say!

There is no deadline, so if many files come in, I’ll play them in turn. This is where participation matters, and we’ll play any submissions.

If you want assistance taping your segment, email me and we’ll work some time out on doing things.

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The Technology podcast, podcast 341 is here!

Hello everyone,

Hopefully there will be no errors in this post, as there sometimes has been when I type.

I’m going to do better in making sure that it reads well, sorry about that!

Anyhow, today’s post is going to talk about podcast 341 which is on our RSS feed and mixcloud.

This podcast braught up a very interesting topic by Shaun talking about Mailboxes. Its the last segment of the program, but its worth noting mailboxes because we don’t really think about it unless we get things that don’t fit within the mailbox.

Some places call them letterboxes, but its all the same.

Here are the entire show notes for you, and I hope you enjoy the cast as much as I have putting it together!

Welcome to podcast 341. We’ve got a bit of stuff for you for an hour podcast.

  • The topic of cheating came up within the dice world community. Dice World is a game that now has chat rooms in it. I’ve covered this on my cast before, but someone wanted to cheat in other games, and questioned their participation in the tournaments.
  • I cover Braille2000 and setup as a blind person. I’ve got a write up on it as well. Read the write up: Getting Started with Braille2000 as a Blind Person for more.
  • I cover a little bit of news on the aweful change in our lives with the Corona virus, although I cover this as a tech related thing. I’ve got blog posts covering this, so just go peruse that.
  • Finally, Shaun Everess comes along and asks a question by email about letterboxes and why they’ve gotten smaller. Here we call them mail boxes, but it is pretty much the same.

Our contact info is at the beginning and end of the podcast, and I hope you enjoy the hour long program!

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What is this? This is another scam … as the domain doesn’t exist?

OK, I saw this in my email. They’re saying that the site listed in the IP unblock request form is not posting how we’re not doing anything to protect our members of the public.

First of all, the sites along my network are open to the public at large, and do not serve any pbulic people coming in to buy, unless I’m unaware of it.

Due to the nature of the issues, if they didn’t receive notice, its because they probably don’t live here in the area?

I know sites are posting notices, but it is not important for general info like any of my sites are to post notices.

Check this out.

On another note, the domain doesn’t exist!

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by

() on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 15:00:47

name: Cassie Buzzard
phone: 077 4527 1363
user: Cassie Buzzard
domain: bccsc.net

I have not received an update regarding measures you’re taking to combat COVID-19. I hope to hear that you are following all recently released guidelines and taking every precaution to protect our community?

Please reference the CDC’s emergency page (https://emergency.cdc.gov) and please consider completing a “Coronavirus Precautions and Pandemic Planning” course (http://pandemicplanning.info).

Without strict measures and an educated community, the virus will increase exponentially throughout the (global) population, as it’s already doing!

Stay safe,

I have not received an update regarding measures you’re taking to combat COVID-19. I hope to hear that you are following all recently released guidelines and taking every precaution to protect our community?

Please reference the CDC’s emergency page (https://emergency.cdc.gov) and please consider completing a “Coronavirus Precautions and Pandemic Planning” course (http://pandemicplanning.info).

Without strict measures and an educated community, the virus will increase exponentially throughout the (global) population, as it’s already doing!

Stay safe,


HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/54.0.2840.59 Safari/537.36 115Browser/8.6.2

Please do not waste my time sending this to this network as clearly its spam. I know the phone number is fake and so is the domain. If there is a place I should be forwarding this, please let me know. This is why the world is scared because of messages through contact forms like mine.

Take this as your notice. I’m not interested in spewing notices that are not welcome, and if my members of my site are interested, they can contact me through my sites and ask specific questions.

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Prioritizing Corona Virus scammers? I don’t think so! What about the other scams we’ve seen over the years?

Why should we have prioritization of one crime over another? I just saw another email in regards to some mask or other device which will protect us from this unpresented virus that is sweeping the globe. While this post is not going to talk about the epidemic except for the fact that changes are happening day by day, the article caught my attention because Mr. Barr wants to prioritize this over any other scam thtat is out there.

All these scams these guys think of are bad, but I do see his point on prioritizing this now because this is going to effect us for some time now. It won’t be slowing down now, with over 180,000 cases and climbing, we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t. So we aren’t.

Attorney General Barr urges DOJ to prioritize prosecuting coronavirus scammers is up on Cyberscoop this morning, and it was definitely a good read. This is going to be very interesting.

Please feel free to leave those thoughts, and I’ll be back with more content soon.

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Coronavirus is the Latest

I’m going! The Corona Virus is the big thing right now, cancelling a lot of events. Ubeer wasn’t us traveling unless necessary. I’ve signed up. Use this link to sign up and change your info so you’re notified. This link has my info, you should know this. I’ll get this taped if you can’t make it, I’ll be sure to go ahead and put it out there..

To give first dibs, people who sign up get the recording right away, but I’ll get it out there. Thanks for reading.

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26 people arrested in sim swapping attacks

Lets post some good news. We’ve learned that sim swapping is now the big thing where attackers can take control of our phone by impersinating us to fool employees to change things and we lose access to our phones. 26 people from various parts of the world were recently picked up and charged according to Cyber Scoop.

This is a good thing, lets see what happens as this unfolds.

Cyberscoop: European police nab 26 suspects in SIM swapping dragnet is the article that you need to read here.

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The Department of Health and Human Services now targeted?

As the Corona Virus takes hold around the world, we’re learning today that the HHS has been hit with a targeted attack. The department declined to say a whole lot during the article writing, and they’re continuing to coordinate with agencies about the efforts to contain the virus.

HHS saw increase in network scanning in midst of COVID-19 outreach is the article linked here, and its well worth the read.

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Hospital attacked, testing for Covid-19

Cyberscoop reported on the 13th of a Hospital outside the United States that was attacked by threat actors. Its the second biggest hospital and one that was to administer tests outside the United States.

We are continuing to learn more about this virus, and as this is written, baseball has delayed opening day now till May after seeing some sort of recommendations. The fact that attackers are targeting hospitals should be nothing new. If this was ransomware, this could be bad, because we’ve got a big health problem right now and they were providing tests to people in need.

I think its time for attackers to find something else to do. Now is not the time for any type of hospital to be cancelling things they need to do for us to be safe during this trying time.

Please read Cyberscoop’s article Czech Republic’s second-biggest hospital is hit by cyberattack to learn more about this tragic event.

We need to know about this, because of how bad things are right now.

Have you seen this? It was posted originally on the 13th, so its a few days old. Its better late than never, as I saw this then but didn’t read a whole lot.

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Covid-19: an app that will track your updates

As we continue to track the covid-19 virus, otherwise known as the Corona Virus, Cyberscoop is reporting now that there is an Android application that will track the spread of this virus in real time. Problem is, that this application will not track the disease which is spreading quickly. This application asks for $100 in bitcoin. If this is not paid, photos, social media, and other aspects of the android phone is deleted.

As mounting concerns of the virus is felt, 171,000 plus people are infected as of 10 AM US PT. 41,000 plus here in the United States. While the death rate is relatively low at 2 and 1 percent globally and U.S. respectively, our security is more paramount than ever.

If you’d like to read more on this emerging threat, please go over to Cyberscoop and read A coronavirus-tracking app locked users’ phones and demanded $100 which was posted on March 16th.

This may not be the end of this. I’m wondering why we’re hearing more android cases and not a whole lot of IOS cases? One thing the article mentioned was that this application is not even in the Google Play store, its on an independent web site.

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This week in Security News, week ending March 14, 2020

This week in security news is quite interesting. Some of the article in the list I’ve read, some I have not. Some were also Trend Micro blog posts which I recently read. Its going to get interesting as teleworking, a term now termed for people working from home because of the virus. I’ve posted one article earlier on the blog, but Trend Micro also has one which is not included in this week’s news. While I’m not focusing this post on the virus per say, future news in security may deal with this, so I want to make sure you’re aware.

The article for this week is: This Week in Security News: Operation Overtrap Targets Japanese Online Banking Users and Everything You Need to Know About Tax Scams and since I braught up the article on teleworking, you mize well add it to the list for this week: Suddenly Teleworking, Securely is its title.

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Apple announces WWDC 2020 coming in June as an ‘online experience’: Apple will reveal iOS 14 and more

I saw this this morning, but Apple announces WWDC 2020 coming in June as an ‘online experience’: Apple will reveal iOS 14 and more talks about WWDC which will be online only. In a non-relevant note, Blind Bargains will be recording some remote interviews for CSUN, as CSUN went bust this year due to the ongoing concerns of this devistating virus we’ve got. Armando sent this to me this morning, but I’m getting around to reading it. It is a sad time, but gtechnology can happen through different ways, and I’m happy that its not just cancelled like so many events across the sports and tech world and even others we’re not aware of.

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Phish Labs, a couple of articles of interest

Here is a couple of the latest articles I thought were worth mentioning.

I really liked the second article because whether it is used for the decemination of “fake news” on the Corona virus as posted on this blog post or something else. Seeing both of these this week is quite awesome! Did you read either of these, and what did you think?

Lots of things are changing, but yet, our guard must continue to be up aas we continue to learn more and protect ourselves the best we can. Thanks for reading!

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Working from home? Better look at this

AA20-073A: Enterprise VPN Security has been sent to me, and it is a bulletine put out by the government. This document covers the potential for people to work from home because of this unpresented disease that has come across the world. Alert (AA20-073A) Enterprise VPN Security is the article linked here, and it has some great tips if you are concerned.

This does not cover anything from CDC and other things that you can get from other places on how to protect yourself, but this does provide information when it comes to securing yourself while working from home and what Phishers may do to try and steal passwords.

While we continue to learn more about this dangerous virus, lets make sure that the security is not taken along with us.

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Corona Virus really Bad: lots cancelled and actors are taking advantage

Folks, as the Covid-19 or Corona Virus takes hold around the world and we grapple with news of cancellations of sports and other events we may look forward to during the day and evening, the fact is, people will take that to their advantage to take money from you, or even be an annoyance. An article I read from Krebs On Security talks about the fact that people are delivering malware to unsuspecting victims, even with the real maps and the like on where this very dangerous virus is taking place.

This virus is nothing we’ve grappled with before, and while we’re irritated that places we go or events we enjoy are cancelled for the better of the spreading of this virus, we must be conscious of the fact we could get things in our email about the virus.

I believe I’ve posted before on this blog we’ve got a lot to worry about.

The words link to various blog postings where I specificly talk about the Corona Virus, and you can search to find them all and see what is relevant. This new article I read today Live Coronavirus Map Used to Spread Malware is the next step where these actors are now using real things to deliver their payload.

We’ve got enough to deal with besides defending ourselves physically from this outbreak, we do not need actors delivering other things on top of what we’re needing to do. Its opportunity knocking, they say. Please be careful!

Cybercriminals constantly latch on to news items that captivate the public’s attention, but usually they do so by sensationalizing the topic or spreading misinformation about it. Recently, however, cybercrooks have started disseminating real-time, accurate information about global infection rates tied to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic in a bid to infect computers with malicious software.

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Its update time again

Articles being read for updates for Windows are inclusive of 115 different problems. Krebs On Security: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, March 2020 Edition and Trend Micro Simply Security Blog: March Patch Tuesday: LNK, Microsoft Word Vulnerabilities Get Fixes are your articles.

Please make sure you’re as patched as possible, when it is appropriate for you to do so. Thanks so much for reading!

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Microsoft? warns of devistating cyber attack?

Yes yes, I am writing the article title I’m thinking up for this post because Microsoft isn’t known for warning about much. Seeing we have one of the worst products I’ve ever used in Windows Defender/Microsoft Essentials, I can’t believe they would want to warn about any types of attacks.

According to this article entitled Microsoft Warns Of ‘Devastating’ Cybersecurity Threat To Windows Users: Here’s What You Need To Know it does sound bad, but all attacks can be devistating if you really think about it. Depending on what the actor wants to do, you can get owned or annoyed.

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