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comments on all the posts thus posted

Hi jared and all.
Its been a while since I commented or posted and I thought I’d better put out a blanket statement on things since the data keeps growing.
I havn’t commented on the personal just yet, mainly because there is almost nothing to talk about bar update dumps.
Amd seems to have reduced updates to a single one per month now.
Apart from microsoft, flash and java updates as well as codecs and a few misc applications like applian video and obs, not much has happened on the security front in my neck of the woods.
To all the multiple cyberchrime stories trending on the site.
Yeah not surprised.
My aunty got a email yesterday from helpdesk explaining that chriminals are using everything from fishing emails, from popular service previders like paypall, one of which my dad got, to smartphone apps to all sorts of things.
Everything from your hospital to your average consumer is a target.
I got 5 scam calls in 1 day this week alone within a 2 hour timeframe.
There are a lot more important things for me to do rather than keep things updated here but I do read, and update and fix any issues that seem to appear as I get time.
Sadly I have to deal with the virus at a more personal level.
One of my aunts has lost her job at one of the major retail stores here.
She is close to retiring so has accepted it but there are people with more issues.
Lockdown was extended as we work on making our caseload nonexistant and we seem to be doing that.
However we may have issues going forward.
While I have not had issues myself as such, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have family I needed to support within my bubble.
Its probably why I can continue to be sane and safe.
The news last night had some crazy person with a machette smashing powerlines, and windows and trying to et into houses with people in them.
The cops shot him and that was that.
However I have seen people or been told of people in the middle of the road walking about one guy was obviously drunk and was drink what looked to be a 2 letre of milk straight and was half way through.
Of course it depends where you are and what you do.
A couple of my uncles are in health and infrastructure enginiering and for them work has actually increased.
My brother himself in infrastructure and enginiering is also learning new skills and earning a wage while his girlfriend in the same company deals with international accounting and while she has a job who knows how long that is.
My dad is retired and my mum works as a doctor’s receptionist so still has a job but comes back quite tired most days.
For myself I have completed some jobs and have a possible live contract after we hit level2 or there abouts.
Some of my access companies have paused business and others have restructured to prepair for any extra work going forward.
I can thank my star that at least for me no matter how bad this lockdown gets, I will have a job as its it and to do with online mostly.
99.9% of my activity deals with testing things on a computer, or answering emails or a bit of both, or getting someone to control my computer and make it test or me running tests remotely.
Bar my university stuff that I do from time to time and the occasional live test sessions, my job is secure.
Thank god my last online job was just before the lockdown.
Still it took a full 2 weeks before I recieved my gift voucher for the supermarket.
I plan to keep this voucher till I can physically use it though.
Thats basically it.

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