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The Security box, podcast 7 for August 26, 2020 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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The Security box, podcast 7 for August 26, 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to another security box podcast. This time, it was a little shorter but tried to give some good content. While there was no participation by telephone, its ok. I’m sure that people will be wanting to listen to what is said, and we play some tunes too.

The first hour, I cover what I wanted, but since I opened the lines and there was noting, I went ahead and broke out the Phishing guide and talked about some things that could be relevant to the topics I talked about on this show.

Below, please find the show notes, and I hope you enjoy the show as much as I have. Starting next week, I present a brand new intro for you, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Welcome to podcast 7 of the Security Box. This week, let’s peruse some topics, I’ll link to some articles, and you can comment as usual. News, Notes, and much more. Thanks for listening!

  • Election officials have been warned about Typosquatting domains and how they can be used to bring trouble to their particular candidate. Typosquatting is a big problem, and in a future podcast, we’ll look in to what this is. In an article entitled Feds warn election officials of potentially malicious ‘typosquatting’ websites you’ll learn what is the danger in the election scheme of things.
  • I think its time to really bring out a topic. How many people heard of the dark web? 11.6 billion records have been breached and are on the dark web since 2005 according to this article by Lastpass. Is this something we should be concerned with as a whole, or do you think it isn’t a big deal? This can only get worse, and the box wants to hear what you think of this. Each year, more companies are breached than ever before and it is definitely a problem I think. There is a way you can scan the dark web for any type of data like an Email address, but is this enough? Lastpass has the capability of doing this for you. The article What are dark web scans? goes in to more details on how this is done.
  • News:

  • Looks like Experian can’t keep their mouth shut. According to a Cyberscoop article, 24 million South Africans are now at risk because someone potentially opened their mouth. They said the employee was tricked in to disclosing information on a unknown number of people, but the number seems to be a whopping 24 million. No hacking needed: Someone duped Experian into handing over data in breach affecting 24 million South Africans is the article and boy if Equifax and Experian haven’t learned anything from their prior U.S. things, when will they ever learn? The U.S. stuff were hacking attempts but still … human intervention is the weakest link in this whole ordeal.
  • This week in Security News from August 21st covers another article on the 24 million from South Africa and even some other stuff that might be of interest. The tech blog will also highlight things from this article that might be of interest.
  • Michael in Tennessee went ahead and gave me a heads up on this one. Turns out that a former CSO was charged in the Uber breach from 2016.

    U.S. prosecutors have charged the former Chief Security Officer at Uber with allegedly covering up a data breach at the ride-hailing company that exposed
    information tied to roughly 57 million people.

    Joe Sullivan was charged Thursday in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco with failing to disclose details of the security incident. to the proper authorities. Sullivan, who now works as the chief information security officer at Cloudflare, allegedly committed two felonies by not informing
    investigators about the hack while they probed the circumstances surrounding a prior data breach.

    This is great news, and one in which I want to cover in passing. Former Uber CSO criminally charged with covering up 2016 data breach has the full details from Cyberscoop.

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The Security box, podcast 7 for August 26, 2020 was released on August 28, 2020 at 5:30 am by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: August 27, 2020.

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