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The Security box, podcast 10 for September 16, 2020 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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The Security box, podcast 10 for September 16, 2020

Hello folks,

Welcome to the security box. On this episode found on the RSS feed, we have a very nice interview with Michael in Indiana I think everyone will be interested in. The program is 3 hrs, 38 minutes but its OK to go over.

T he news wasn’t covered but that is OK, we can do a double dip of news next time. If you find anything in the news section of the following notes, please let me know what interests you.

Notes follow:

Welcome to podcast 10 of the security box. On this edition of the program, we’re going to leave room for Michael in Indiana to talk to us about phone stuff. We’ll also have some other stuff as well.


  • Phishing has all kinds of forms, and the Security Box, podcast 5 only covered a little bit. Podcast 345 of the tech podcast series also covered Phishing. Also, we’ve covered Phishing in articles that I’ve read as well. This search page from the blog will bring up everything on phishing that might be of interest to you. Recently, I’ve learned about tricky types of phishing using services out there that can produce documents and forms for free or low cost. Tricky Forms of Phishing | Tricky ‘Forms’ of Phishing is the topic on this first segment of the program today. Did you know there are 13 different sites that can produce documents and forms that could trick users in to divulging information they shouldn’t? The only one out of the 13 I’ve used is Google documents, but I’ll talk about the 13 different ones in turn. Time to learn.
  • Recently, I’ve read an article talking about doing your due diligence . Do you do yours? Looks like a scammer knows how to play it well, and the name seems to be well known. The article Due Diligence That Money Can’t Buy talkes about someone by the name of John Bernard. What a facinating story!
  • Michael in Tennessee came on about a ransomware attack effecting Neuhal. We’ll have more next week on this.
  • Michael in Indiana will be on talking about phone systems, security, and what he has seen in the landscape as an administrator.


Due to the time of the interview, news did not get aired this week. I’ll keep this for a show next week, and we’ll reference this next week. If you find anything from the below section you want covered, you’re welcome to have your thoughts heard. Here’s the news from this week we didn’t cover that might be of interest to you.

Thanks so much for checking out the podcast, and make it a great day!

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The Security box, podcast 10 for September 16, 2020 was released on September 16, 2020 at 4:14 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: September 16, 2020.

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