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This week in the security landscape: news ending September 12, 2020

Welcome to the news and things i’ve been reading in the landscape within the past week. I may not have read everything I’m jhighlighting, especially with Trend Micro’s stuff as of late, but it is all in passing. If there is something you want me to talk about on a podcast, please let me know. Email, imessage, text and whatsapp are all available to each and every one of you.

Purple Fox EK Relies on Cloudflare for Stability
This article really intrigued me. Relying on a cloud provider for stability is smart for a piece of softwre that is already mared as trouble. The delivery methods of this particular malware is interesting to say the least, and the read I found quite interesting.

Hartford Public Schools delay reopening amid ransomware attack
If this year hasn’t been bad enough, one school can’t even get started because they were hit with a ransomware attack.

Hartford was responsible for a lot of the research in regards to the covid-19 pandemic we continue to fight through, cup that with a glass of ransomware, and they’re having a hard time. 18,000 students in the district from pre-kindergarden through the 12th grade are needing to be notified of the delay, which I hope isn’t long.

Staffing firm hit by Ransomware, bad news for employees
If this not bad enough with the story above, my blog post talks about another ransomware I believe I’ve read about once. This ransomware is called REvil. The R is capitalized, and the first letter of Evil is capitalized and it is really bad. It did some serious damage and worth the read.

>Patch Tuesday is here, its time to update
September patch Tuesday has come and gone. Have you updated? We’ve got another month where there are over 100 patches. We approach 130 patches to be certain. This can’t be good, i fear it is only going to get worse. I link to several articles where you can read more.

Did you know there are tricky forms of phishing?
This blog post is in the form of a question for a reason. I blogged about a very interesting article talking about the different types of phishing going around now-a-days. This blog post talks about form creation tools such as Google Documents. I believe its well worth the read. The article talks about this in a light where it highlights 13 different sites which include Google. They aren’t alone for this and the article talks about the problem we now face with simple tools like this,.

The Security box, podcast 9: Typosquatting and more
Typosquatting has been known about for awhile, and as I did the podcast on a Tuesday this past week, maybe you didn’t catch the program. We link to various typosquatting articles that came out, and it looks like it will be part of the Phishing arsenal for some time now.

Chinese cyber power is neck-and-neck with US, Harvard research finds
This probably shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone. With the development of the great firewall, well before all of this hacking, China can do practically anything. China can’t be left out though, other nations like North Korea and Russia are also being noticed in this space. Thoughts on this one?

This Week in Security News: Microsoft Fixes 129 Vulnerabilities for September’s Patch Tuesday and Trend Micro’s XDR Offerings Simplify and Optimize Detection and Response
There are other things besides some of what I put here, that I may have not read from Trend Micro’s blogs. The news here talks about docker servers potentially targeting people with cryptominors, an attack called Raccoon attack that could break SSL and allow people to see what you’re doing, Linux resources having a battle for resources for Cryptominors, Zeppelin Ransomware having a new trojan on board to add to what it already offers and more.

There is more there than what I’ve highlighted and read, so feel free to bring out anything that fancies you for a podcast or two. Thanks for reading! Contact info is on the blog and podcast itself. I have Email, imessage, text messaging, whats app, and even a voice mail number and extension if you can utalize it.

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