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This week in the Security Landscape for September 19, 2020

I have not been feeling the greatest, but I do know there are plenty of items that might be of interest just the same. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, I know that there may be things people will be looking to want to talk about on any of my programs for tech.

Let us get started on what I’ve got.

This Week in Security News: AWS Outposts Ready Launches With 32 Validated Partners and Staples Hit by a Data Breach
On this article, there includes lots of different things including the Neuhal ransomware attack. We’re covering the ABC7 report on this as part of the next Security Box podcast.

Two Russians Charged in $17M Cryptocurrency Phishing Spree
This is a very interesting story, as we know that Russia has now made a name for itself in the Cybercrime industry

U.S. authorities today announced criminal charges and financial sanctions against two Russian men accused of stealing nearly $17 million worth of virtual
currencies in a series of phishing attacks throughout 2017 and 2018 that spoofed websites for some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
The Justice Department unsealed indictments against Russian nationals Danil Potekhin and Dmitirii Karasavidi, alleging the duo was responsible for a sophisticated
phishing and money laundering campaign that resulted in the theft of $16.8 million in cryptocurrencies and fiat money from victims.

I’m unclear if victims will be seeing any of that money returned back to them, and one story is that someone had money saved up for treatment that was stolen. This is unfortunate. I think this is why I have never gotten in to the crypto currency, although I have heard the technology is quite cool. I’m glad now that I’ve not gotten involved in this although the money would be nice.

Chinese Antivirus Firm Was Part of APT41 ‘Supply Chain’ Attack
If the war on China hasn”t gotten bad, I recently read this article and I wonder now if any software coming out of China would be of value? I don’t want to say for one minute that software from any country is bad, but seeing that China and their software have been in the news as of late, I really wonder what is going on. This might be good to talk about.

Lame-duck versions of TikTok and WeChat are definitely a problem, security experts say
This was liked on Linked in, and I really think this hould be talked about. This is no laughing matter, as software not updated is gold for cybercriminals. With Tick Tok’s problems and the apparent ban which will be coming soon in the United States, this may be the end for these popular pieces of software.

I’m sure there’s more, but as I’ve said, I’ve been under the weather this week. Be safe out there!

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This week in the Security Landscape for September 19, 2020 was released on September 19, 2020 at 11:17 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: September 19, 2020.

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