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What books to read, what did you find?

Well folks, this year’s NCSAM was quite different, and there may be articles that interest me that I’ve not yet read.

For those who may want to read, there are plenty of books of phishing, scams, and other topics on how to protect yourself. You can search the blog for NCSAM posts, and I’ve blogged about several different books on different topics.

Scott Schober has two great books which you can look up. I’ve also blogged about other books that I’ve read too.

The blog is open to allow you to post your recommendations on what books you’ve read.

Fraud!: how to protect yourself from schemes, scams, and swindles DB50194
Bertrand, Marsha. Reading time: 8 hours, 34 minutes.
Read by Gregory Gorton. A production of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress.
True Crime
Examines economic fraud, a billion-dollar business that victimizes more people than violent crime. Describes Ponzi and pyramid schemes, affinity fraud,
and scams involving high-tech, stocks, commodities, and franchises. Discusses con artists’ techniques, how to prevent being duped, and how to react if
targeted. 2000.

Here are other links to things that may be of interest.

What did you end up reading and do you want to discuss them on a future tecch or security box podcast? I’ll be looking forward to your responses and feel free to get in touch!

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