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more security updates

Hi all.
Well in the attempt to push more user spam off the blog the following will be noticed.
1 effective immediately well at least till we get hit again, if you do not login for more than a week 10 days right now, you will be deleted for safety.
We use 0spam with the wordpress spam user remover plugin.
If you are a current author or admin I have seen to it that you are excluded.
If you are a new user and are trusted by any of us admins, and get author status you will be added to the list as long as you can be trusted and post.
This rule does not apply to the admins or authors even though the 2 authors have not posted in a while.
As part of registration, if you want to do more than comment or subscribe to the blog then you need to ask the admins to add you to the list.
I put the spam plugin up but jared or myself have control of the system so we can all do it.
Note I realise this will affect subscribers that want to do this.
If it gets bad I will extend this to 30 days but the idea is to keep spam out of the site after all.
If you post frequently then you won’t have this limit.
If you want an account but will not post for a while, you can always email an admin.
Jared is on quite a lot and I am on at least once or twice a week.
Even if I don’t post I do check at least once a month or so.
With the new plugin, I will try to check once a week if I can to see what happens.
Even if you are deleted everything is logged so if it doesn’t work tell us you need to be on the list of ignors and either of us can do it.
If you want action, email me first then jared if I don’t answer.
I do have a little more time than jared to handle day to day tasks.
Be aware that I am in a slightly different timezone to us time but I promise to get any urgent things settled with in a 48 hour period.
If I don’t, then I will always be checking once a week for issues.
Note that depending who you have registered and contacted I may have to verify.
I will be checking for any failures as well.
If you were not aware we had a mail issue with the blog.
This shouldn’t effect many users but after resetting the information for the server it works.
Anyway, lets see how this holds.
till next time.

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more security updates was released on November 14, 2020 at 11:03 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: November 14, 2020.

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