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The Security box, podcast 18: Election stuff in a different light, news, notes and more

The show notes are packed, and the RSS only got a subset of them. It has been a bit busy as of late, but we need to try and catch up with things and get these notes out.

For those of you who need a direct download to podcast 18, i’ve got you covered. Here is the link to the 191.52mb file!

The blog will have two more articles I talk about which I decided not to include in the show notes. Feel free to read anything here in the show notes that interests you, and remember to feel free to submit those comments. Thanks so much for listening!

This week on the security box, its one week after the election and results may or may not be in, depending on what is happening. Let us recollect on some of the election coverage where security has played a part. We are still having problems with misinformation, misconfigured servers, and more.

The goal is not to talk about the elections per see, but the articles that talk about the problems like misconfigured servers, probes in to what we have, and the election voting machines as a whole and how they are secure or not secure. Articles will be used for reference purposes.

  • Iranian hackers probed election-related websites in 10 states, US officials say should really be talked about, because of the fact that we do have misconfigured servers. Why in today’s environment are we still talking about misconfigured servers?

    Suspected Iranian hackers have probed the election-related websites of 10 states and, in one case, accessed voter registration data, federal personnel
    told election security officials on Friday.

    The suspected Iranian hackers have been attempting to exploit known software vulnerabilities in their search for voter data, federal officials said. They
    did not say which states were targeted. An FBI official on the briefing said attackers had probed websites in 10 states.

    “We weren’t able to attribute all of this activity to the same threat actor,” but there was overlap in IP addresses, IP ranges, virtual private network
    exit nodes, and other technical data, Roebuck said.

    There is no evidence that any of the activity has affected voting procedures, and U.S. officials stressed that the integrity of the vote is protected.
    CISA and the FBI used the briefing to encourage state and local officials to harden their IT systems days before Election Day. “We know that activity is
    out there, we know the steps” you can take to address it, said Matt Masterson, a CISA senior adviser.

    With voting underway across the country, U.S. officials have publicly attributed a series of foreign cyber campaigns related to the elections sector. It’s
    a federal effort to be more transparent about foreign threats compared to 2016, and at the same time reassure voters their ballots are being protected.

    The Iranian Mission to the United Nations did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the allegations.

    Why was there no comment by the government?

  • Here is some more government news was posted at a time I had several other articles I had read that I lumped in to one blog post. We should not be surprised when China is a safe haven for cybercriminals, seeing they were the first to build a firewall and have an Internet that is completely different. Then, in the same post, I link to the article about the Florida debacle I mentioned in a prior podcast. There are others, but they don’t qualify for this discussion.
  • Robocalls urging voters to skip Election Day are subject of FBI investigation, DHS official says comes from Cyberscoop. A very well written article about how Robo calls were part of a big problem where if you’re registered to vote, the calls basically said not to even bother. If you did vote, thank you! I know people aren’t registered, and that is a choice. Maybe after all of this is over, I’ll consider registering. I’ve really given it a thought. I would not listen to a call telling me that I shouldn’t go, if I didn’t go and I was registered, that is my own choice.
  • Its great when you have great partnerships especially if you can get better from the last election. Election security pros focus on effective partnerships comes from Cyberscoop.
  • Courts are busy, and one article entitled Last-minute court rulings on election go against GOP, voting restrictions from Cyberscoop is one of many. I won’t publish them all, but this one is in this list because it was just shy of the election and I thought it would be beneficial on the various types of issues. Its only a matter of time, but the courts must hear each case in turn and make decisions so the election is fair.
  • Finally, in a lengthy list, After a quiet election night on the cyber front, officials preach vigilance as results come in was posted on the 4th. This will be the last article in this rundown, as I don’t want to publish every single article that comes through, you can definitely find more through Cyberscoop and other sites. I’m definitely happy there was no major problems in the cyber relm, but there have been other problems not within the scope of this program or discussion.

There may be more, so please check the blog in case there are others that peek my interest. Also, check sites around, you might find something too.

Things to ponder

Disclaimer: The following are going to be things to ponder. Some things could be posted as a blog post, others are just thoughts based on one topic or another and may not be linked to anything. The opinions expressed are those of the presenter, and may not necessarily be those of the JRN, its staff, providers of software and services, or the like.

  • I got the best email ever. What was so interesting about it was the domain. Normally, I don’t comment on Spam, but Just saw the best email ever … in my inbox … domain is relatively new is the blog post. You’ll see the domain, as well as my thoughts. I talk about this one.
  • Amazon put a little bit of a scare in me by sending me an OTP when I did not even request one. I did some quick investigating and found I was not compromised, but turn on two factor (2sv) on Saturday, the 7th. I checked my transactions, card history, and other log in activity and didn’t find anything suspicious.
  • On podcast 6 of the Security Box, it was discussed that Michael in Tennessee had a security concern about his apartment WIFI setup. He isn’t wrong, as on September 7th, he called in to Twit’ The Tech Guy and asked Leo. On this podcast, we’ll play said segment and play Michael’s things to ponder segment as we give an update on the worst security ever. If you want to listen to podcast 6 from August 19, 2020 here’s the link to use (162162.33mb) for your enjoyment. Also read the text from tech guy labs, the tech guy: episode 1743.

News, notes, and more

The news notes section is quite interesting. this blog post from November 9, 2020: What has been read, blogged, and talked about: News ending November 7, 2020 goes in to some, but of course the blog has plenty of more, and a full rundown of some of the articles are mentioned. The linked post here lists 5 other articles I never blogged about because I got involved in other activities. I really need to just blog and quit keeping them around for long term storage. If you find something you want to talk about, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to bring you on to any podcast.

We hope you enjoy the program as much as we have putting it together, thanks so much for listening and having a voice in a different type of podcast than others. Enjoy!

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