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This last week in security news, news ending November 17, 2020 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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This last week in security news, news ending November 17, 2020

There is quite a bit of news within this past week, and some of it might be of interest. Meant to do this post yesterday, but its all good.

Trend Micro has this week in security news and its got quite a bit of things in it. 17 critical bugs are fixed in this month’s patch Tuesday, and this Trend Micro blog post goes in to all of the details on that. I also have a blog post where I talk about it and link to Brian Kreb’s article.

Also in this past week’s news, Get hub is being used to hide melicious activity in things. Gethub is a repository for people who do various types of work, I haven’t fixed a visit over there, so I’m not sure what is all there. I think it has to do with programming but I’m not completely sure.

We know that IOT (internet of things) has been a mess, but how should we clean it up? An article within the list of this week’s past news covers that.

Tech security managers, there is an article in this list for you. There is a new program for you from the U.S. department of energy.

We know ransomware has really been a problem. Now in the list of articles, you’ll learn that they can make tens of millions of dollars, all in bitcoin.

There’s plenty more, but I know something will peek your interest. Want to learn more? This Week in Security News: Ransomware Gang is Raking in Tens of Millions of Dollars and Microsoft Patch Tuesday Update Fixes 17 Critical Bugs was taken from the simply security blog which I resubscribed to.

Tiktok has drawn sharp criticism from a lot of people, nevermind the fact that we don’t know if it is accessible. TikTok gets reprieved, better late than never was blogged by me and it links to an article talking about it being allowed to be continued through the 14th of this month. Knowing the deadline is passed, and its better late than never, what do you think the next steps would be for this troubled social network and its parent chinese company?

Android is being talked about in an article I found on twitter. Apparently, Google is getting sued because of a hidden feature that is not disclosed whereby people are getting sucked on cellular data when the phone is idol and not in use. I pen my thoughts in a blog post entitled Still want Android? I certainly don’t think so and it links to the article in question.

Have you gotten your patch on? Patch tuesday, November edition is my blog post where I link to Krebs on Security’s post which is quite good as usual.

I think this should probably do it. A ransomware group is turning to facebook to get their victims to pay. In this blog post I link to an article that talks about this. I have no idea what’s going to happen, but it is definitely a true story that we should be watching out for.

Find something else you want to talk about? Bring it up, and lets talk!

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