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Solar Wind update: update as of December 19, 2020

Continuing to read on December 18, 2020, there are some articles that came across my desk.

Security Notification: SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack is the first article. This came from Lastpass and was written by someone by the name of Ian Pitt. As I’ve said before, some of these articles I’m linking to may be behind, but worth the read anyhow. The reason this article is of importance is because of what LastPass and LogMain do, secure our lives by making a password manager that can do so much.

I really like the transparancy this company gives us in to their strategy and understanding of the issue(s) they must face to prevent a big time problem. While LastPass have had issues just like any other company, this company has been transparent behind what they’ve disclosed and what they’re doing about it.

I really think that this article should be read, because of the work they do.

We know that our current President, president Trump has not really said anything about the Solar Winds fiasco. While he ahs fired multiple people because he feels the election is fraud, and he continues to make waves with his lawsuits, I do have to give praise to Mr. Biden for coming out and saying he’ll be looking in to this. The article Biden says he will ‘elevate’ cybersecurity as US hack investigation goes on seems very promising.

In my discussions with someone, they had told me that Mr. Biden has pretty much taken the same people our former president Obama took, and he’ll not really do anything as he’s a puppet to the agenda. I’m not sure, I guess we’ll see for now about all that, but the fact that he’s saying he’ll be looking in to this and bulster the landscape is a good sign. I have no idea really who Biden is, but now is his time to shine in the limelight of what our efforts are in this field.

I believe that cybersecurity should be imperative everywhere, it is something we should all be doing whether it is government or otherwise. The fact that the Government has said to do certain things, yet a big huge breach like this in the supply chain goes unnoticed for months. The Government should be at the top of their game.

This article also goes in to account and says that it is now the Russians that had something to do with this, not the Chinese as first reported.

As I’ve written many times, we’re still learning about this. Speaking of learning, I’ve got my Trend Micro blog issues resolved, and I’ll be reading more about Suntrust, the supposed problem that has plagued the government. I’ll also get back to posting the news and talking about what I’ve seen from there now that I got this resolved. So there is definitely more coming on this front.

Speaking of the Supply Chain which Trend Micro has covered numerous times, the last article for now seems to cover the supply chain as it is entitled SolarWinds hack exposes underbelly of supply-chain attacks and it was quite interesting.

Hackers of lore are often depicted breaking into prominent targets by typing frantically on keyboards in dark rooms and yelling “I’m in!” when they’ve
purportedly breached their victim’s systems. But the sweeping SolarWinds breach, which has reportedly impacted the U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments,
shows the reality is much less flashy and can be far more devastating.

This is why I’ve never really liked the idea of Crime Scene Investigation because its a 30 minute program that may talk about a particular crime which they enact. If it was a hacking crime they covered, they hit a few buttons and they’re in and can find the bad guys.

This is not how this works, and I’ve known this. This is why I liked Dragnet, because even though it was a 30 minute show, they said that time passed by mentioning a date, a time, a place, where they were and what was happening. If these other CSI shows did this, I could have gotten in to it, and my family for years would watch it. I watched one and it didn’t feel realistic to me.

Even when we talked about some of the things like Dread Pirate Roberts who was eventually jailed, I knew it was quite a long time before he was caught. Even when we released podcast 216 back in 2015 we’ve read a bunch on that, and several articles were quite good.

If we’re ever going to get to the bottom of the supply chain problem like Solar Winds, we need to take in what is going on just like they did with Silk Road, Pirate Roberts, the articles that were covered in 216 and even others that have been arrested afterword.

The problem is that Solar Winds have now 300,000 customers which is the latest number, and they include:

the likes of the Pentagon, the Navy, the Army, Cyber Command, the FBI and the departments of Homeland Security,
Defense and Health and Human Services

which makes this more important to make sure that you’re as up-to-date as possible. The number we saw was 18,000 and I wrote that it is probably much more and not everything is known.

Do you think Solar Winds reminds you a little bit like the small company, Philmore, whom we’ve talked about in many podcasts?

That’s it. Lots of linked stuff in all articles, let the reading begin.You can search out any of the terms throughout the Internet you want and feel free to comment onm this or anything else we have to offer.

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