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Why are we promoting spy apps to watch our kids? Check this out from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Why are we promoting spy apps to watch our kids? Check this out

Hey folks, I have a serious question. Why in this day of everything going wrong are we even promoting spy apps? In something I just read entitled Watch Your Kids with Mobile Spy Apps and in practice, that may be a good idea.

Have you ever thought of the types of information these applications might collect? They send the information to you via email or sms, and you know exactly what is going on.

While I understand the idea of these applications which vary from IOS and Android and many names are listed, is this something we should really be promoting?

Mobile Spy Apps or Mobile Spy Software are specifically designed for use with iOS and Android devices. These kinds of applications help you monitor incoming,
outgoing text messages, GPS locations, and calls made and received on your mobile phone. To do this, these programs need to read the files that come in
the form of APN’s (Access Point Name), HAP (Home Access Point), and IMS (Incoming Message Status).
When the Mobile Spy Software analyzes these data packets, a log of the device’s activity can then be extracted. All the information is recorded in the
text and automatically sent to a third party website.

What are th practices of these web sites?

The article continues:

Some of the most famous examples of these monitoring applications are iSpy for iOS and Freezy for android phones. Other examples include SpyFu for Mac,
Rxected for iPhone, logger for Blackberry, Cloner for Windows Mobile, GoArtical for PSP, CoolMobile for Windows Mobile, MyTrace for iPhone, MyTrace for
Android, MyTrace for PC, Sonar for Symbian, ATOM GPS for HTC, ATOM GPS for Windows Mobile and PC.

Here we have a lot of different applications, and today, I just can’t recommend anything like these apps to anyone. With the breaches becoming rampant and not slowing down any time soon, consider checking on the privacy practices of any of these apps before deploying them.

Kids are smart, they can surely find apps they know nothing about and can remove them too. Just something to think about.

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Why are we promoting spy apps to watch our kids? Check this out was released on January 1, 2021 at 8:00 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: January 1, 2021.

Comments (4)

  1. Comment by tech date 4 January 2021 alle 14:59 (),

    That is why I braught it up as a topic. We know companies are not careful with the data we collect, and I believe I’ve covered some of the bad stuff with some of this in the past, but I was mainly shocked to see an article like the one linked that started the nice discussion we’re having. Its definitely worth reading, and knowing what is out there.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 4 January 2021 alle 12:41 (),

    Well if this was last year I’d agree with you.
    However people are going to use this stuff reguardless.
    There are people that don’t look when they leap or click, or drive a car.
    Its a real shame but they do.
    At any rate, we are leaping crazilly right now.
    Lets face it, covid sucks!
    The fact its quite fast, and well while in principal its an enemy to overcome which as far as I am concerned is good as us humans need something to struggle with to evolve, to survive, its fast, tricky and we don’t know where it comes from, well we do but not fully.
    Its fast, and we don’t know everything.
    We are rushing head long with the vaxeens, the contact tracing, and its our survival thats driving this.
    We have no choice but to move as fast as we can.
    In the future though, a lot of stuff has been rushed.
    We need to survive after all.
    And while it looks all ok, contact tracing will have its own issue.
    So will the vaxeens.
    We need to move fast right now because its really needed.
    However there will come a time when we slow down, take a chill pill, and have a look at all this and see what we can use in the future and what we need to improve and what needs a discard.
    Its not happened just yet, but our phones are getting a lot of data now.
    And that means all of us are a hacker target potentially.
    And where its all stored outside and being we are security techs you assume that some government server for just about everything we do is if not read, stored, that server is going to be a target.
    We’ve seen big companies get hacked.
    Sometimes they just don’t fix their stuff, but sometimes they are just a large juicy target and not much you can do.
    I suspect though the next attacks will not be companies or hospitals.
    They are big, but if I was a hacker, I’d firstly target the tracing apps and all that data stored in a phone.
    The tracing and government servers, etc.
    The dns servers.
    All I would need to do is take google offline, microsoft, amazon, and maybe twitter and facebook.
    Hell google goes down a lot of stuff suddenly stops.
    I do agree that using an app blindly and stupidly is a bad idea.
    Just as bad as not updating it.
    In this day and age, where we are connected its going to be easy to spy on people.
    At the same time its hard because everyone knows that they could be potentially spied on even if your government is reasonable.
    We all know that all data you submit is potentially able to be if not read by someone at some point in its life.
    Thats the nature of the beast and I have no issue with that part.
    But yeah, misuse, sale, etc.
    Look at the financial crashes of this and last century.
    Look at the so called safe finance companies, we are starting to get back into those now to.
    Nothing can be completely safe and sometimes its a bit to safe for its own good.
    This spying on kids thing is always a valid topic even now.
    I mean your kids are yours and you naturally feel you want to keep an eye on them.
    Restrict to much and you may screw them and your relationship over.
    Look at the last comment about a small group of my family.
    Their relationship is not that good and they all have issues because of to much restrictions and control
    Even I while I like this group wouldn’t want to share a place with them for to long.
    My relationship is not screwed but I am a little more carefull when I interact with that group.
    And what is worse if the kids find out you will be treated differently and thought of differently.
    If you are happy with that then its your own pie I guess.
    As for the unknown companies using apps like this.
    who knows.
    If any become mainstream, maybe ok but yeah, your stuff could be sold to who knows what.
    Its a potential but so is someone selling my ip to a terrorist organisation.
    There comes a time where you just have to let things go and hope they don’t blow up in your face, and if it happens well it happens.
    Us humans are like that.
    We do so much good and some that aint but some of us don’t know when to quit I guess.

  3. Comment by tech date 4 January 2021 alle 09:02 (),

    In no way am I saying its totally a bad idea, but in today’s age. Back in the day, sure, if there was a reason why not? But today with the constant breaches we are being fed every day, do we really want to take that chance?

    When I read the article, I know nothing about the privacy policy of any of these companies because I never heard of them. With the breaches and constant news on how the ordeal with our latest breach of 2020 comes to light, do we know what these companies are up to?

    I also wouldn’t call it spying on the site, as you are a part of it just like I am. I look at my site from time to time as well, to make sure things haven’t been modified. That isn’t what I’m fully talking about.

    I’m talking about using these apps that are talked about just to use them, without regard to whether they can possibly sell that info they’re transmitting to you as part of their job.

  4. Comment by crashmaster date 2 January 2021 alle 18:59 (),

    Hi all.
    Firstly happy new year.
    I have 2 different reactions about spying on kids.
    One is a straight kneejerk no.
    Why, the idea of spying is intrusive.
    The idea of privacy should be a sacred thing and nothing should get in the way.
    However, its not like any of us are really being private right now.
    The governments are spying on us.
    Every time you connect with something someone will be monitering that system.
    Its known that us government reads all our email from google etc.
    Its been proven that a lot of adds and stuff are from information we post everything from shopping to whatever.
    In fact countries have spied on eachother since year 0.
    Spying on your kids is no different.
    Everyone including the government spies on you.
    With the covid thing, the government spies on us and I spy on the government by reading the media feeds daily or whenever they update them and thats normal.
    Everyone spies on everything else.
    Even our so called private information will be viewable by someone some place thats a given.
    Spying as a rule or even privacy even if thats all broken is fine in my opinion.
    The older generations may have issues but with information being freely shared the easiest way to not get spied on is be care fully what you want to show and assume that everyone is spying on you and you need to watch yourself.
    So you need to actually follow the rules and be your caring yourself on and offline and that can be hard.
    For companies and especially the bigger guys that have a lot to lose that can be a problem, I mean if you can gain by putting your competition in jail for something they didn’t do and you had a price for it you would probably do it.
    Every human has a price.
    That includes me, I wouldn’t actually commit any crime, but if I was asked an insane amount of cash who knows.
    Its all fluid in this world.
    Spying on your kids.
    Firstly there would need to be a reason.
    Being overprotective has its issues to.
    Try to control your kids is not good.
    What is worse, is you are trying to base everything on your generation.
    Or to put it in a technology context, if we were all machines or robots, your child is the next model up.
    You may have helped design it, even had it in your workshop working on it but its the next model.
    You are the previous model.
    Its a bit expensive to get the latest, but thats fine, because after you turn into bits the next model gets the data.
    You can’t really base what you think the world should look like because your databases are outdated, as well as some of your firmware.
    So, your kids are in a different world than you and you can’t really get in that world easily at all.
    Spying is fine, ie you are concerned they are not listening to you, constantly getting drunk or in trouble with the law, etc.
    If they are accessing things that they really shouldn’t or at least are doing without your guideance.
    And of course if you keep your app and device hidden and they do not find it then fine but they will find the app, and or the device and they will ask why.
    So you better have a good idea why and not because its another thing to run for extra security.
    Sadly we have seen where it can all go wrong.
    Its not ok to spy on all activities and then feel its your duty to post those things online.
    I can’t think of a good scenario for technical reasons but I have seen and heard via media mostly about this stuff happening.
    So your kid is in trouble.
    They don’t need their reputation screwed over to.
    Especially if you havn’t talked to them in a while and are in your own world.
    This goes with my lot to.
    I don’t agree with a lot of what my family say but I am not going to post that online because I don’t want to dammage them or anything.
    Next is the information itself.
    Nice to have but can you keep it?
    What would you do with a kids information if you were a robber or murderer etc.
    You don’t want that information getting online.
    You don’t want to brag to your friends either at least not like bosting or anything.
    If your kid finds it, they will find a way to stop it.
    You also need a good relationship with your children.
    I have a couple in the family that are quite religious.
    Their kids , while surviving with various restrictions have had different effects.
    1 is away having a business of her own.
    One works somewhere else, one is doing the religious thing and 1 has mental issues of her own.
    All were effected and relation ship wize the family is strange.
    Oh, and of course I know more than what I am putting up here.
    To write that paragraph I just put out right now without putting all the extra not needed private information was a bit difficult, I had to think before I did that.
    We do not think when posting.
    Its easy to pull up a profile when all we have is text.
    And we can get in a different world when we are online.
    To become concious of this is not easy and I have often tripped up.
    I have a grasp of the matrix which is the nett but I can still get tripped up.
    This may get easier or harder depending on where things go forward.
    As a first generation net user from its inseption in 1995 I can appreciate that I never grew up with the net, the screen, etc.
    There is no way I can grasp the entire thing only the bits I know.
    For my parents and other family harder still.
    For grandparents and others when I had that harder still.
    For anyone born now and into the future, it will be harder and easier at the same time.
    The programs also have the same risks.
    Remember the windows spying on you thing?
    A lot of stuff was released same with y2k though that could have been real at one point.
    Point is things change.
    The other thing is the practicality of these programs.
    How much battery do they use, and if you moniter things eventually you will be noticed.
    Also whoever makes the program will or could get information from it, ie what its being used for, etc.
    Then there is the fact that if your kids know they may actually hide their true lives from you.
    And if you don’t have a good relationship there could be a lot more issues.
    There have been extreme case with parents, kids and information where kids have sued parents for breaking trust and such.
    If your relationship is that bad, spying on your kids is probably the worst thing you can do.
    Kids are smart they can get round things to.
    Next you have to get it back.
    What if the kids started spying on you, started logging into your bank accounts, work servers, online media, reading your email, and then started posting all your financial information line, its a 2 way street.
    Bottem line, is be carefull.
    It may come back to bite your ass.
    I try to be carefull on what I do online, I certainly don’t want my dad to spy on me.
    I don’t spy on my parents email or anything either.
    I do have an aunt that I do email spy on but we have a good relationship and I do help her with various bits and pieces on her system.
    And then there is the thing, if your kids grow up and are fine, will you continue to get the high over spying, after all, your kids have grown up but for the last 5-15 years you have been smoking that spy cocain joint and are completely addicted.
    You have gotten their social media passwords, email, bank accounts.
    You have had financial issues.
    Surely they won’t mind if you empty their accounts so you can get your next tobacco fix, oh and while you are at it, they won’t mind you subscribing with their email address and credit card details to that porn site so your second wife doesn’t find out about it.
    Sure you can tell the police they hit that car and killed that person while they are on that bike.
    Oh and while you are at it, post that fake news about china bombing america with a covid19 nuke and whatch world war 3 happen.

    Sounds rediculous.
    But if you are hooked, how to stop, tell your kids, um maybe not, maybe you should but what if you are found out.
    I havn’t had friends that bad but I have had distant friends one in particular that was a gambler, he had a job and viewed porn.
    He has gone through at least 3 people now.
    There is another who’s husband gambled.
    So while I haven’t had things like this, spying could become a real problem.
    You need to think of both sides.
    Its hard when they are a kid I know you want to keep your child safe.
    Eventually they will not be your child anymore.
    And at some point it will blow up in your face.
    I’m not going to say this is a bad idea, after all, the gun isn’t a bad idea or the computer.
    Or the net.
    You control it you use it!
    You are responsible for what you do.
    That can be hard, text sucks!
    And you are tempted all the time.
    Also when you send anything, there are hops between here and there, and you don’t know who reads it.
    Mostly thats ok, but sometimes the wrong people can get it.
    And sometimes that can become dangerous.
    Oh and to end this little piece, I have spied on the site to make sure its ok.
    And yes the system I put in place is still holding up.
    So happy new year and be carefull of the new covid19 upgrade.

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