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Lets post some arrest news, this time coming from the UK

It’s been almost a year since an international sting took down WeLeakInfo, a site that marketed stolen personal data, but its alleged customers are still
drawing the attention of law enforcement.

This is the first paragraph of a very interesting article that was posted near the end of 2020. The thing that really interests me is that reports indicate that 21 people from across the country have been arrested for using info from WeLeakInfo, the site they baught it from. The people who were arrested were caught because they used the data.

When searching for WeLeak, I found this blog post I titled: A search engine for searching for personal info shut down and that was before the Pandemic we still face in the new year took hold and a hold I thought we’d be out of by now.

According to Mr. Kreb’s article, it says:

“Of those 21 arrested — all men aged between 18-38 — nine were detained on suspicion of Computer Misuse Act offences, nine for Fraud offences and three are under investigation for both,” the agency said in a Dec. 25 release.

This is quite interesting, wonder if the CFAA is involved in this? The CFAA was discussed on the Security Box, I wrote on the CFAA numerous times, especially when I was preparing for it to be talked about on the security box. Here is the July article entitled: What is the CFAA and why has it been a problem? for you all to peruse.

The article continues:

“A further 69 individuals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland aged between 16-40 were visited by Cyber Prevent officers, warning them of their potentially
criminal activity. 60 of those were served with cease and desist notices,” the NCA said. “Many more of these visits are due to take place over the coming

I’m happy that everyone isn’t getting just outright arrested, some are under 18 and need to learn still and I feel this is the right approach. To make things worse, 3 people may be involved in other illegal activity. The paragraph in question says:

“As well as being customers of WeLeakInfo, evidence suggests that some had also purchased other cybercrime tools such as remote access Trojans (RATs) and
crypters,” the agency said. “Additionally, three subjects have been found to be in possession of, or involved with, indecent images of children.”

If this isn’t bad enough, some like the ones in other illegal activity as quoted should just be outright picked up.

At the bottom of the post, is a tweet that was tweeted on Christmas, 2019.

Want to read more aboiut this case including links to other aspects including Cyberchoices? I want everyone in the sound of my voice to read: UK arrests suspects tied to WeLeakInfo, a site shuttered for selling breached personal data so they can be aware of the entire takedown to date. While I’m posting this after new years, its never too late to post this excellent news. I like stories like this. See you all soon!

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Lets post some arrest news, this time coming from the UK was released on January 2, 2021 at 2:15 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: January 2, 2021.

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