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Have you read Trend Micro’s year in review yet? Its quite interesting as usual from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Have you read Trend Micro’s year in review yet? Its quite interesting as usual

The Year in Review for 2021 was released on Trend Micro on the 8th of December, 2020. It is definitely a facinating read every time I read it, and Trend Micro isn’t far off. There is always room for error.

I’m always facinated in regards to Trend Micro and their predictions report that they come out with each year. This time, Takeaways from Trend Micro’s 2021 Security Predictions is the article and there’s a lot here.

In the next Security Box, I’ll Text-to-speech this article as it’ll go faster, and we’ll discuss it.

I think one of the biggest and continuing threats in this landscape will be the continuing ordeal of the pandemic as well as the actors keeping up with what people want to know.

Home offices as hubs? You bet. With more people working from home and that not changing for the foreseeable future, criminals will be wanting to utalize any connection they can to get their wares out in to the world.

For example, I used a website tpo see an IP address to try to see if it was reported as spam. It was a malicious spam message, but the IP was a fixed landline internet connection. That makes it a bad IP. Because it sent me Spam, I had no choice but to report it, although I felt bad. The site, which I may rtalk about on a podcast of some sort, is a site that collects data on various trends of Spam, hacking and other aspects of attacks. I don’t exactly know what they do with it, but if I see something from the same range, I can block that range of IP’s from coming to my web site and spamming me. This is especially true if it is an IP designed to push traffic to their next destination such as your hosting provider, it isn’t supposed to visit the web and send Spam.

Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere, in fact, California is so out of control we’re out of beds in the ICU. Actors are going to take advantage of this, and Phishing and ransomware have been sent based on this devistating tragety which has rocked the world. It is unfortunate, however I don’t think we’re done with that aspect of attacks as of yet.

The next major heading they talk about here is Digital transformation efforts as a double-edged sword (if not done right). This section is really meant for business and not necessarily for consumers, so when you read the article, know that I’m thinking of you as a business. Consumers must read this to understand what is happening in the business world, and it was a definite interesting read.

To read the full article which links to Turning the Tide: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2021 which you should read the first heading: “What At-Home Workers Need to Know.” Thanks so much for reading.

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Have you read Trend Micro’s year in review yet? Its quite interesting as usual was released on January 8, 2021 at 10:00 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: January 8, 2021.

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