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The Security Box, podcast 26: Solar Winds, apps for spyware and more from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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The Security Box, podcast 26: Solar Winds, apps for spyware and more

Welcomne to the security box, podcast 26. We have a 229.68mb download and our RSS to boot.

You can search my name, Jared Rimer, to get my podcasts on apple podcasts, overcast and others if you wish. I checked it out in overcast, and both this one and my internet radio program is available.

Since this is a blog post in regards to the Security Box, we’ve got lots of notations that were not included in its RSS, so I guess its time that I put the whole show notes out there for you to read since I pointed people to the blog there.

Here are those notes.

Hello folks, welcome to the security box, podcast 26.

Topic continuing:

The topic of Shaken and Stir will get its wrapup from podcasts 21 and 23.

This should be the last of this as we don’t have far to go with it.

Things to ponder

  • I can’t believe that we are talking about spy applications that could spy on people while they use their phone. There are applications for Mac, IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows PC, Symbian, HTC and others.

    Some of the most famous examples of these monitoring applications are iSpy for iOS and Freezy for android phones. Other examples include SpyFu for Mac, Rxected for iPhone, logger for Blackberry, Cloner for Windows Mobile, GoArtical for PSP, CoolMobile for Windows Mobile, MyTrace for iPhone, MyTrace for Android, MyTrace for PC, Sonar for Symbian, ATOM GPS for HTC, ATOM GPS for Windows Mobile and PC.

    Are you a parent, and what do you think? The article is well written and I’m not bashing the article, nor the web site, but the practice of using such an app when children can find these apps if they think they’re being tracked. What about the web site practices? From koolwebsites.com, we have: Watch Your Kids with Mobile Spy Apps is the article and I hope this sparks some discussion. blog post from the tech blog with comments are also available to you.

  • News Notes


  • We start off with some good news in the arrests department, where 21 people from the UK and other places were picked up for using stolen data from a now defunked site calledWeLeakInfo. Besides learning about these 21, we learn about others too. Quoting: the article says:

    “Of those 21 arrested — all men aged between 18-38 — nine were detained on suspicion of Computer Misuse Act offences, nine for Fraud offences and three are under investigation for both,” the agency said in a Dec. 25 release. … “A further 69 individuals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland aged between 16-40 were visited by Cyber Prevent officers, warning them of their potentially criminal activity. 60 of those were served with cease and desist notices,” the NCA said. “Many more of these visits are due to take place over the coming
    months.” “As well as being customers of WeLeakInfo, evidence suggests that some had also purchased other cybercrime tools such as remote access Trojans (RATs) and
    crypters,” the agency said. “Additionally, three subjects have been found to be in possession of, or involved with, indecent images of children.”

    Let that last one sink in a little bit. Article: UK arrests suspects tied to WeLeakInfo, a site shuttered for selling breached personal data

More News Notes

  • Boy, Ticket Master sure does seem to be the bad guy. They ended up paying $10 million because they illegally used passwords they obtained from former employees of another company to see what they were up to. Is this the right punishment for such a big company who sells tickets to many different types of events? Tickemaster pays $10M fine to settle charges of using stolen passwords to spy on rival company is the article, and boy is this big.
  • I have some security news coming out of the United Kingdom in this blog post which might be of interest to people if they haven’t seen it already. The article talks about WeLeakInfo and Cyber Scoop does a good job covering this one. I put it under arrests for more info, but my blog post does have other odds and ends on it too.
  • The blog has plenty of news on Solar Winds and I even have a three part article which you can go find. I know we’re not done with that.
  • Travel Booking company pays out money for 2016 breach was talked about on my blog, and boy was it a big headache for the travel company.

Want to comment? Feel free to get in touch! Contact information is throughout the program. Thanks so much for listening!

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The Security Box, podcast 26: Solar Winds, apps for spyware and more was released on January 7, 2021 at 2:30 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: January 7, 2021.

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