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This week in Security news, news ending February 26, 2021 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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This week in Security news, news ending February 26, 2021

I know i’m quite behind in doing a lot of reading, but I happened to come across this digested read dealing with some news in the security field, and I thought it was time to go through and see whats going on.

Apparently, Facebook, Twitter and other visual apps that the sighted use are vulnerable to problems but now audio apps including the newly popular app called Clubhouse. Several blind people I know or know of have it, and one recently sent me an invite which I never received. Be that as it may, I’d be interested to read this one, and I see it in the Trend Micro archives that i need to read.

Over 10,000 users were recently hit in a fed-ex lure where people who get this type of email can get bitten with whatever the actor decides to throw at them. Always know if you’re receiving a package. These lures are back!

We’ve talked about double Extortion before on several episodes of the Security Box, but have we talked about Nefilim ? It doesn’t sound familiar, but Trend Micro has the lowdown on this one.

Sit down, don’t listen to anything else, turn everything off, because I’m going to tell you something that even I was shocked when I read this. The headline linked says that there wee=re 119,000 threats per minute. Think about this. According to the blurb under the headline:

The number of cyber-threats identified and blocked by Trend Micro rose by 20% in 2020 to more than 62.6 billion. That averages out 119,000 cyber-threats
per minute. Email-borne threats such as phishing attacks accounted for 91% of the 62.6 billion threats blocked by Trend Micro last year. Nearly 14 million
unique phishing URLs were detected by the company in 2020, with home networks a primary target.

Is this something to sneeze at? This article wasn’t written by Trend Micro, so I’m going to have to read this one.

There are 4 different hacking groups according to an article that are hitting critical infrastructure and these are apparently new ones.

According to another article, Android users now have a way to check on the Security of their passwords. Android hasn’t seemed too keen on security, but now we learn they have something? I know Lastpass can already do this browser extension wise and I’m sure there are other password managers that can do this.

There are 6700 VMware server exposed to a new bug, according to the news. This can’t be good.

Find something in the blog post by Mr. Clay you want do discuss? Let’s hear from you! This Week in Security News – Feb, 26, 2021 is the article, let the comments flow in!

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