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NCSAM post 6: Scam apps on the android store from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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NCSAM post 6: Scam apps on the android store

So … I guess we shouldn’t be surprised in regards to the fact that scam applications re now being talked about in the relm of the Android ecosystem. Problem is, we can’t rule out any potentials in the IOS ecosystem as these types of things can be sneaky and could pass the checks that Apple has too. Its been done.

The article comes from Ars Technica and is titled Hundreds of scam apps hit over 10 million Android devices which should be read in full.

“This is impressive delivery in terms of scale,” says Richard Melick, Zimperium’s director of product strategy for end-point security. “They pushed out the full gauntlet of techniques across all categories; these methods are refined and proven. And it’s really a carpet-bombing effect when it comes to the quantity of apps. One might be successful, another might not be, and that’s fine.”

The operation targeted Android users in more than 70 countries and specifically checked their IP addresses to get a sense of their geographic regions. The app would show webpages in that location’s primary language to make the experience more compelling. The malware operators took care not to reuse URLs, which can make it easier for security researchers to track them. And the content the attackers generated was high quality, without the typos and grammatical errors that can give away more obvious scams.

Lots of linked material in this post, and this will also go in to our podcast as part of NCSAM because it is important to discuss this. What do you think?

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NCSAM post 6: Scam apps on the android store was released on October 11, 2021 at 10:20 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: October 11, 2021.

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