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Let’s talk a little bit about our Alexa devices

Alexa has recently been the topic of discussion as of late. I don’t really find anything wrong with it, it does what I want, I play a very interesting game, learning different interesting things it can do, and I don’t use it for sensitive things.

I did once tell it to buy what was in my cart, but I do all of my searching using Amazon’s web site or application for IOS.

In one article read, it talks about how Amazon does use our voice data to target advertisements towards us. To me, I don’t pay attention to adds, they’re mainly banners, and even if it was text, if it is not what I want, I don’t go clicking or pressing enter or double tapping on them.

I know that on our shows, we had said that it doesn’t pay much attention until it hears its word, but how do you think it hears its word? By listening all the time. I don’t think all that data is stored, and looking at the voice recording section of my account doesn’t yield any other interaction except for skill interaction or even routine interaction such as my morning update one that got created where i get weather, some good news, what is in my calendar, and even if packages are arriving that day.

Routines are quite interesting and we can do a podcast on it one of these days.

The first article which we’re talking bout is Report says Alexa voice data used to send you targeted ads – How to stop it now which comes from komando.com and talks about research that has been done.

Even though the research is very valuable, me personally, I’m not worried about it only because it has to know what its word is and it must listen for that.

What I’d do is push the bottom button on the third generation models which then turns red. It must be its microphone button. Then, its not listening to anything.

You can follow the article to get other instruction on how to delete your voice data, or limit how long it is available to Amazpon.

Komando.com also has other Alexa things that might be valuable to you, so check it out.

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Let’s talk a little bit about our Alexa devices was released on April 30, 2022 at 12:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: April 30, 2022.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by tech date 30 April 2022 alle 17:24 (),

    Well, Covid is out there, hopefully you’ll be OK. I could only imagine getting that, hopefully you got your shot(s) if you felt they were warranted.

    While that’s not the point of this post, people could in theory take your suggestion too if they aren’t using the device which would in theory work.

    Get well soon.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 30 April 2022 alle 15:18 (),

    Well I do this with my aunt’s one.
    I really only use alexa on my dot for gaming.
    But then I don’t have anything chained to it.
    My brother uses it for his stereo, lights and a few other things.
    When I am not using it I pull it off the power board which stops that issue.
    Though to be honest I actually need the port.
    I used to run a lot of stuff from the basic chinese power unit below my desk but thats so old now and some of the newer devices need more power so up here I have a usb hub, a tv, a smart vu 10 android adaptor for the tv, my laptop, and my mobile phone charger.
    I have 1 port left.
    So from time to time its the echo, or my shaver but I don’t leave that there all the time because lets face it 3 out of those 6 plugs 4 with the echo are huge power bricks and the speakers and the usb hub are heavy ones which is why the strip supply just never worked for them.
    I have an expensive power supply up on my desk.
    Thinking of it I really should upgrade that supply on the ground under my desk with another but of course I wouldn’t use it for that much and all the stuff works well enough up here though its a little messy here.

    To be honest because stuff isn’t linked I only plug the echo in if I need to use it.
    Sometimes thats to update the firmware every few months.
    I haven’t gamed for ages and this week I got and am about 4 days into recovering from a lite case of covid.
    So talking to a speaker may not be the best thing.
    Typing on this asus gaming board is though.

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