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What has been posted to EMHS this past week from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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What has been posted to EMHS this past week

Happy new year folks. Hope you have had a fantastic start to the new year.

I’ve been a bit sluggish, but I’m doing ok. I hope that you’ll enjoy what we have posted here and wha I’m going to present to you.

Welcome to the posting we do each week talking about what has been posted to EMHS lately.

It seems like the book never made it in to our list so we’ll try it again.

Blog posts ,/h4>

We’ve started seeing the same things within Kim’s newsletter I.E. What word not to say to an unsolicited phone call, and I know we covered this before but its OK.

i know that the holidays are a bit slower, so this might not necessarily be a post that will be lengthy.

As a side note, while I have not added this to our services, I may be adding one more to our services and companies section. i digress, so here are the blog posts I’ve posted recently to EMHS’s resources page.

If we have overlapped and we posted some of these in prior lists, I apologize. I haven’t posted anything this year, so I’ll know going forward.

Companies and resources

I have not posted anything lately to this section, but this is going to change. I’ve talked about a service and may have linked them but I don’t think its there. I’ll do some consulting to see if it should be listed, and if so, we’ll make it official. For now, we don’t have anything at this time.


Let’s see if I can get this book in to the list this time since we’re going to cover it this week. If you’ve seen it before, please say something.

  • Renee Dudley and Daniel Golden

Other stuff

I’ve done some cleanup on the TSB page and put some headings in place. This way, people can find what hey’re lookking for. The first heading separates the intro from the internet radio section and is titled “Internet Radio Airing” (without the quotes) while the second is titled “Other information you need to know” (without the quotes) so you can find things easier. Yes, that may be a run on sentence, but it’s going to have to do.

As you know, the terms section of the site got a makeover when we alphabetized the list and put the Knowb4 list in its separate section. I feel that this is better as they have a full glossary of stuff that you’ll want.


There were 48 different podcasts in 2022 that we covered under the TSB brand. While we’re on live while this posts, know that the page will be updated after the program completes and the podcast has been put together.


I hope that you’ll be interested to see the articles, even if some were in our prior update.

Thanks so much for reading, listening and participating! We hope to have more people do that this coming year. Have fun learning!

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What has been posted to EMHS this past week was released on January 4, 2023 at 11:00 am by tech in security news and commentary.
Last modified: January 2, 2023.

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