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Here’s some very interesting news on Twitter

I’m going through Mastodon and I see the following post that might raise some eyebrows, literally.

Devin Prater: Boosting Eodyne (Izzod): So I want to stress that I CANNOT INDEPENDENTLY confirm this but I trust my source:
There is apparently an ongoing issue at Twitter that boils down to:
Musk fired everyone with access to the private key to their internal root CA, and they can no longer run puppet because the puppet master’s CA cert expired and they can’t get a new one because no one has access. They no longer can mint certs.
My limited understanding in this area is that this is…very bad
#Twitter #infosec

If this is true, then we’ve really got problems there, seeing how Elon claims nobody is “working” but just hanging around.

He appologized and invited someone back now, but there is a deadline in regards to questions raised by Massachusetts but we’ve heard nothing yet.

I wonder what this might mean? It definitely doesn’t sound good to me.

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Last modified: March 11, 2023.

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