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I’m still alive

Hi all. This is just a note to say I still live. With the demise of the tech podcast last year I have shifted most of my weekly ramblings as well as my livejournal to http://smeveriss.wordpress.com which will be where it will stay for the rest of my life hopefully anyway. Big businesses should know better like godaddy, sounds like a hacker or buggy system but it all goes back to the customer. You are probably asking what have I been doing. on here I help jared keeping things updated but to be honest I don’t really post anymore. I post on my wordpress blog once or twice a week and most of that is normal. In the tech side I have been testing a new gaming engine called tactical battle at www.blindaudiogames.com This allows you to run campaigns and maps of different things. right now I am helping with the testing and ideas and such for the starship basic trek map pack. Please read my blog for the juicyness but for those that want a breef summery of things, this year I am again doing tech experimental projects for universities and such. I have a load of personal issues that I bloged about earlier on my blog which I won’t go into here, surfice it to say I will be poorer as a result. My grandma died last week and such. On the tech front its essentually stopped though I should at some point be getting my hands on a windows8 machine. maybe a new iphone to since symbian is no more. in the hobbies department I have been doing a lot of collecting of old sound blaster and other midi and demo cds. I have just come accross a major collection of hardware, disks, cds and other junk, and when I finally get this I plan to do a podcast so I am still thinking about the cast. I am not sure when I will be doing another status update here but I will keep you informed as to what I am doing on here as time allows though note that the smeveriss.wordpress.com will be more current than this. I also don’t promis that I will release another podcast but maybe when I have the gear or when the final pack of maps is released I will run a playthrough of this which I will temperarily store on dropbox or something who knows.

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