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microsoft and its stupidness

I sometimes ask why people do things in general and this is one of them.
Msse the security essentuals program ms releases is in the most part
quite good.
However, in the effort to make it more feature rich ms added a lot of
extra features this round.
extra net inspections and stuff.
Virus auto submit and some archive scan improvements.
In principal these are good features.
in the case of ms though they are not.
msse almost never uploads a submit, I only have seen it do that twice
in my lifetime.
and at any rate I’d prefur to do it myself.
and anyway I want o know whats going up.
Then there is all the other issues caused that I have been having
since the updates last week.
My suspician is that software submit is happily poling msse for an
event where you have a virus all the time.
This effected hardware function, cpu, performance and sound playback.
after turning that and in some cases on my slower systems the archive
scanner things improved a lot.
Its also worth noting that if you turned off all features bar the
core shield the system would still state protected.
You can scan archives anyway once you extract them as its usually the
running of a file that could be a virus.
and don’t use attachments.
if you are unsure about a file, scan it before running.
Using lagit sites does help to.
Its clear that ms is trying to please everyone.
and its clear from the scanner that turning all the extra bloat does
not hamper its function one bit.
Saying that compaired to other av solutions msse still has my vote
for now anyway for simplicity, silent running with hardly a false
alarm, and also well it gets the job done with its small footprint.
Dropbox is another thing to be carefull about.
it has a tendency to have a new version and then upload an older version.
this can cause issues.
if you get an old version downloading view the release notes and get
the latest from download.com because that seems to work.
later all

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microsoft and its stupidness was released on July 12, 2013 at 1:55 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: July 12, 2013.

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