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a raft of news

Hi all.
Well I am officially back from vacation, more on that in my personal journal.
The articles here.
I have read through the load of stuff, but to be honest am only just getting on top of my stuff.
About all I have done is worked through most of the blogs, forums and done some more game testing.
I have barely touched email though.
The articles.
spam is wanderfull only on toast.
Its easy to spot.
jar files are java programs by the way jared.
The troll thing its old news.
The chair.
I don’t know, personally I have listened to several studdies and such, I am even in experiments for concepts.
All of them are good ideas.
But time will tell if any of them ever make it.
There were some changes that went through while I was away.
If you use adobe flash player you may have recieved an update yesterday that did not install.
It appears to be some bad files on adobe’s end and adobe took them down.
If you have mangled flash you may need to uninstall it and there are instructions how to clear it fully.
sadly google has chosen to have youtube always start with volume turned down quite low.
To fix this with nvda, start youtube then find the video you want.
play it hit o hit space quit nvda push up till the volume is back to normal restart nvda.
If you want an easy interface I have found the program at
http://tube.majestyc.net to be quite easy to use.
For direct links or downloads the dvdvideosoftware at dvdvideosoft.com is and should be bar a few adds quite usefull.
On the adobe front I got an email from them since I had an account to tell its users that someone has lifted their account database.
All accounts need to be reset immediately.
Patch tuesday is in 2 days time.
Thats right a number of patches for silverlite windows and office and probably ie to having to do with remote code execution as is always the case, 8 bullitins and most critical.
I prommise that if you have emailed me I will get back to you.
I am almost done but it will still take me a few hours to get through it all.
Any urgent mail is already done.
For those that want a article on the personal blog will have to wait.
Finnishing this blog stuff and email is probably first.
we will see
later all

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Last modified: October 6, 2013.

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