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ReadIt Air Now Shipping

The ReadIt Wand has been a very popular solution and offers a number of unique features including support for intuitive touch gestures, motion detection for multiple page capture, and automatic language switching. It is also one of the only accessible OCR devices that specifically targets the needs of low vision users while also remaining fully accessible to blind customers. The ReadIt Wand’s six enhanced visualizations for displaying text, as well as its fast and accurate recognition, continue to make it one of the leading products on the market.

GW Micro and VisionAid International want to continue to be at the forefront of technology. As part of that effort, we are retiring the ReadIt Wand camera and in its place introducing the ReadIt Air. Weighing in at only slightly over a pound, the sleek design of the ReadIt Air is the product that every student will want. Professionals who are visually impaired will admire its smooth facade. The powerful ReadIt software combined with the stylish new Air camera make it the perfect solution for both the classroom and the workplace.

Along with a smaller and lighter footprint comes a new, lower price. We are happy to announce that the retail price of the ReadIt Air package is only $1,495 plus shipping. With the improved design, easy-to-use yet powerful software, and new low price, it’s the perfect time to purchase the latest technology.

To get all of the details and view pictures of the ReadIt Air, check out http://www.gwmicro.com/Reading_Systems/ReadIt_Air/. If you have any questions or comments, please contact GW Micro at (260) 489-3671 or email .

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ReadIt Air Now Shipping was released on October 7, 2013 at 8:11 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: October 7, 2013.

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