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Windows and prism.
I would say that the prism program was a fecking outrage.
Sadly I can no longer comment on this.
The government has done the same thing here all in the name of security.
Its doubtfull that it will come to anything, I mean our government spends most of its time fighting itself into the ground.
And lets face it, we knew something like this needed to happen.
as the net starts to mirror the real world we will need real world laws.
Its harder to handle this like it is but I don’t think a lawless net is good either even though I used to do the alegal piracy caper.
I don’t aggree with what was done however I aggree something had to be done, and something like this was probably the only way at least for the time being of doing it.
The issue I would have would be abbuse by those that could afford it, ie big corperations and such if they broke the law could be in position to pay for it without breaking anything.
Or governments to decide just because it would be a good idea at the time.
Sometimes without thinking how things would pan out simular to system updates.
On the windows phone thing.
Narator in windows, no way.
However if they do include apis for access if we could load nvda or something on there then there is some hope at least for the future.
if I could use my reader I use on a desktop for windows as the same as on the phone it would be a pluss.
On the other hand, with ms going bing and mega ribbons touch metro and stuff would we want to use windows mobile as it stands anyway.
I still use xp for some of my sound design because some of 7 is funkey as.
Going back to prism, I have no issue with the law, however if its used wrongly or over used or not regulated in itself there is potentual to have issues in the long run.
I don’t aggree we don’t need controls over the net like we don’t need gun control but its just that right now there are issues.
And the fact at least with the us that the government is quite corperation run people run the laws for their own ends.
I doubt that if a corperation broke a law that they would go to prison and I doubt that any real fine however large will ever make them stop.
On the consumer end though, who knows.
There is potentual to be really messy situations however if it does save our ass then it works.
Ofcause we don’t know and probably don’t need to know what is managed internally in general unless it mangles and gets covered up
in which case it may break and cause issues further down the line.

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