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Hi all.
Well jared its good the site is up and running.
On an interesting admin perspective, it appears it broke the wordpress updates as there was one waiting for me to install yesterday.
amwrl still looks to be down.
Yeah I have had a few trogens in my time.
One thing I have noticed with win7 is all the automation I get.
sometimes the network disconnects then reconnects again or after running something or something the system may just log off partly and I have to hit enter to log back in.
After scanning for malware and finding nothing, my theory though not sound is that every so often there is a crash somewhere.
Windows fixes it by killing things most of the time it needs no interaction or little interaction from the user.
On the other hand I’d like to know what went but at the same time I am happy that I don’t have to troublechute when it happens.
If something really fails in windows I usually see an action centre alert, in most cases its sent for analisis.
However while updating systems I have had the system boot, crash and reboot then warn me about say the video card has stopped working.
The system tells me please update to fix things.
Its sertainly a different thing now we are so interconnected with the cloud now.
Its a curse and a blessing.
Its a blessing because you get everything but its a curse because you never know what is going on.
Its safe to say falier rates seem to be down.
At the same time I know I have control in xp full control.
in 7 I can if I want but I don’t really need to which although it can be frustrating at time is really good for the admin side.
I have for example been testing a lot of html files and beta programs, if one of these crashed, I think a couple did, the worst I will usually expect is having to relogin and just hit enter to do that.
In xp I could have everything crash on me.
Still, enough pc chatter its easter sunday, most sleep the sleep of the dead but I am up because I have slept enough and I want to do things.
Ok truth is I had a party and have to catch up but you get the idea.
I thought you had some sort of virus.
I have only had a virus outbreak 10 times in my life.
Here they are in order.
1. in a win xp sp1 system, I had issues with the primary network and had to turn off the firewall in the system, I forgot to turn it on and got a virus.
I was able to clear it ok the router was the issue and got replaced I have only gone through 4 routers, now, the 4th one works the 3rd one probably works but had some issues anyway its g class yuck!
The next time was on my grandpa’s old win98 system.
no security because he really is no good, it got hacked but its got nothing worth hacking on it.
it got a virus and loads of bad things happened to it.
Its fan died and it exploded before I had to do anything about it.
Third time, my brother got infected by a university server, apparently when a system gets hit its almost intractable every 6 months or so the servers are reformatted all networks are restored every sumester but even so with all strict rules stuff can get in.
4th one could have been avoided.
My brother wanted an mp3 converter.
Merfy’s law had it that I was away somewhere.
He got a program av mp3.
It had a lot of trogens.
I had to use trend micro high jack this and some other stuff on it to kill it.
He could have just rang me, the open source one I use was on my hard drive server in the next room.
5th one was unknown, html function went for no reason had to reformat.
6th one, again unknown after a virus scan on my xp system yesterday something went nuts.
I have java on all systems, I use firefox on my win7 box, I am not sure about my brother but assume he does, he has chrome and some other stuff he uses and he may use it.
My dad does not my grandpa does not, I have had it on there because its supposed to be more secure than ms java not sure if that’s true or not.
This one could have been avoided.
a cousin got a free screen saver which looked really cool.
It was a virus.
I had a site for free screen readers somewhere could have given it but I don’t generally keep those sites round.
Not sure about this one, it was in the early days when I tested several security toolbars and other programs.
extra windows were blocked, a magazine I got that from died shortly after the program went live no idea if that was the cause.
This one happened after I decided to install several new security modules.
They didn’t play nice and mangled ole function.
3 systems needed to be reformatted to fix that.
The company for these was gone when I went back to report the bugs and the magazine I got it from has decided to no longer distribute cds after that.
So conclusions hmmm.
This one is more user error rather than anything else.
If something goes wrong ask me don’t jump to conclusions.
It also helps to tell your users not to panic.
Message appears on screen something about the printer going wonkey.
Cause corrupted printer firmware, broken cable due to some connection issues.
Solution replace cable, install new drivers and firmware
Panic solution
install and run several virus and malware scanners.
modify a lot of stuff push this that and other buttons on the board.
Load the system up with 200 security programs, javas, other software of all sorts.
botch a system reinstall.
My solution.
Try the printer on my end.
check it.
Fix it.
5 minutes.
Look at the system fix it 3 days.
2 to clear it
1 to fix all the damaged files.
Happy I am not!
It annoys me when say you want to set a printer and the fucking user just hits this that and everything else bar what they are supposed to hit.
Thank god a lot of stuff is automated.
Half the security updates over the last year are caused by users that have issues with things.
On another interesting point a lot of newer software will use java or componants of.
firefox for me and some games.
Its fair I probably load to many runtimes including java on each system.
Its probably insecure, wastefull and such but my idea is to avoid the dreaded this program requires *.dll to run.
If its all loaded it shouldn’t be a dumbo about it and get my users annoyed.
Now if only windows would do what Linux does.
1. start Linux
tell it to install say thunderbird or just type it in.
or any command.
If its there it runs it.
if it isn’t it does not say this program has a missing dll.
it says this program requires the following packages and lists them.
it even gives you the line to install required packages.
it may now just install required things now.

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bits was released on April 19, 2014 at 9:27 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: April 19, 2014.

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  1. Comment by tech date 19 April 2014 alle 11:53 (),

    Just for FYI on this blog, AMWRL’s blog does not exist. AMWRL was closed due to no shows, and the blog removed prior to Apr 1st backups. All other sites should be up and running. I’m working on a few private issues with users directly, but that is it. Its too bad that worms and trojans are around to cause havock, and it was sure nerveracking to not have service, but it can happen to any provider.

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