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Something of interest in regards to cybercrime

Edited to make some slight corrections and added and E-mail address.

Hi folks,
I saw something on twitter about a project in regards to cybercrime so I reached out. I got a call this morning from an Alicia Good. If you’re in the Georgia area, they would like to hear from you. Here’s a snippit of the E-mail which will tell you more.

A major cable TV network series will be taping in SAVANNAH, GEORGIA this fall. The show seeks to help VICTIMS of all types of online crimes, big and small such as stalking, identity theft, hacking, bullying, harassment and revenge get justice they deserve. While doing research on cybercrime experts,I discovered your Twitter handle and wanted to see if you could help us get the word out to the community and victims of these crimes and injustices. I’ve attached a flyer for your review and would LOVE to hear any suggestions you might have on finding these stories.

Attached was a flyer, but since I mainly target a blind audience, I’ve asked for some other ways for you guys to check this out. If you want to call, please call (310) 954-5892 which is a call to Los Angeles. You’ll ask for a guy by the name of Phil. This is their facebook page where you can read more and like their page. I did talk to them about my stories of cybercrime, but right now, they are only interested in a small subset in Georgia. To E-mail, please contact them at castinglaw at gmail.com replace spaces where appropriate and remember to put the at symbol. They hope to branch out if this takes off. If interested, please get in touch within the next two weeks. Thanks.

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Something of interest in regards to cybercrime was released on July 29, 2014 at 8:04 pm by tech in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: July 29, 2014.

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