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Should Hacked Feds Lose Security Clearance? from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Should Hacked Feds Lose Security Clearance?

OK, I just read an article that the F-secure folks tweeted out entitled: Should Hacked Feds Lose Security Clearance? I understand where the person is concerned that if we are working for the government, we need to be aware of Phishing e-mail so we can protect their information. I can agree with this, however, with the latest in how they are crafted, it can be quite interesting knowing whether it is worth it to click on the links. I think what I’d do is if I wasn’t sure, I would click through to see what it was about, but if it was asking for information, I would exit, just like I did now. Also, I would want to make sure that I read the E-mail carefully, such as “hello paypl member” vs “Hello (name)” where name in parens indicate the name of the account. Depending on the address, I would know for example, that my government address is not associated to any services, so I know not to provide any type of info, even if I did click on links. This is a touch call, because I can see where if you are providing information, you shouldn’t be trusted with stuff that you wouldn’t share with the public anyway, however, if this is going to be implemented, it needs to be done the right way. I’d be interested how this would be implemented, and we’ll go from there. Your thoughts are welcome.

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Should Hacked Feds Lose Security Clearance? was released on September 20, 2015 at 6:27 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: September 20, 2015.

Comments (1)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 21 September 2015 alle 15:46 (),

    Hi jared.
    Thats an interesting article in deed.
    I do think that those whever they are should loose their net access if they continue to do this.
    Government security agents do need the net for their job so probably that wouldn’t work so well.
    However maybe I don’t know, I wouldn’t know what to do in that situation.
    As for say a government implimenting a system via email for all your government information requests.
    You really don’t want to do this.
    There are to many fishing scams, phone scams, in fact I have heard of a door to door salesman scam where someone got someone to fix their system but they had to give their creditcard info, and pay 300 bucks and got a bad deal for that.
    There were similar discussions on the news on online voting, securing it never mind the blind want access is a real mess and making it stable when overloaded in crucial time periods.
    Several countries have tried and its failed terribly.
    Back to the government info, I actually like it the way the local government of new zealand have done it.
    You have either a birth certifficate and or passport.
    You input all that in, and register online with a password and random pin.
    Every place you then register with needs you to have a code you enter to complete it, some are on print 0paper, some are in text there are other forms dna, fingerprint voice id, etc.
    Its a real bitch to setup, however once set you just have to show at a postoffice to get your photo retaken and revarified by security check.
    It does mean I can store everything in one place and such.
    Sites supporting government will get my permition to use the service called realme.
    The system sends emails, and texts from itself with queries.
    They have a distinctive signature and title and come from a local government address.
    Its crazy security wise but once you are in you just need to keep things upgraded every 5 years.
    Just don’t forget your password which I did once but then remembered again luckily.
    Once you have all your services set, bar when you need to change details or something you don’t have to login with anything its all automatic.
    Its the only way to handle this sort of thing to be honest.
    I don’t click on spam links even if I think they may be lagit.
    I don’t have the time as it is and becides even with scripting off in firefox I don’t want to though I guess I could click whatever link I wanted and it wouldn’t matter much.

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