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IOS 9, my first impressions

Hi folks,
I’ve upgraded my IOS device to 9, and found only 1 app I can confirm that does not work at all in 9. Other people may have similar bugs, and things that are reported may never happen to you. Apple vis compiled some items I thought I’d mention, and then I’ll give my thoughts so far.

I was just taking a look, and it did seem to take quite awhile on the apple logo for my iphone 5s. I just decided to wait it out, and soon my phone started talking. I noticed that it had changed my voice to the smaller version, and it braught me to a setup screen which I don’t remember doing for 8. Herbie indicated I did, and maybe I did. I don’t remember. I had meant to write the developer of Transit App and let them know their app doesn’t seem to work at all with IOS 9. This afternoon, I shut off voiceover, and tapped on the buses to see about getting the screen that drops so I can see the times. No dice. Touching on the bus list yielded the map and various streets. Nothing but flashing like it wiggles with voiceover off. I still plan to write them, so it can be fixed. I’m sure they’re at hard working on it and will release soon.

Speaking of transit, I was reminded about the apple maps. I am not convinced this is the right solution. For my area, the closest station it seemed to bring up was out on the Orange Line busway, a few miles away. Even while I was sitting at a bus stop, the closest station was 2.1 miles away. Even when I was approaching Tampa Avenue, the app was showing me Tampa Station on the orange line and i selected bus stops, not train stations. Fail.

I took a quick look at settings, and found they nmoved their battery stuff to the main screen and added an option for battery saving mode. Tomorrow will definitely be the day to check that out, as I have a longer day and I will be testing that out.

I was reading the notes while the phone was downloading the update, and it said that we could leave messages if facetime is missed. By chance, Herbie didn’t take my call, and i thought I’d leave a message, but it returned me to what i was listening to instead. Apple, that is not impressive. Maybe it’ll be fixed in 9.1 which is in beta as we speak.

What is really interesting is Pandora. After buying a day pass to take advantage of the free day since my WIFI went down on their 10-year-anaversary day, the bugs I had reported to them where the bio section of the profiles on their tracks seems to read more. It was hard to duplicate, not sure if apple changed something, or if they fixed it, but I was able to read several even when my phone was locked.

I still need to check out the podcasts from Apple Vis dealing with IOS 9. That’ll be tomorrow’s project, before and after a class i must attend. I did read all of the above items except for the deaf blind one, which I want to do. Is there anything you guys want to send me? Please reach out, contact info is on the blog. You can also contact me on Twitter, Facebook, and SMS/imessage. Keep in touch!

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IOS 9, my first impressions was released on September 17, 2015 at 7:56 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: September 17, 2015.

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