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crashletter issue 7

Hi all.
Welcome to this weeks crashletter.
2 articles of note to go.
1. if you have dropbox, and you are on xp, you may want to concidder using an upgraded os, dropbox will be shelving client downloads in june, and ending desktop access for xp support at the end of august this year.
Straight away after it came out on the list I got it on a lot of hold outs using the insecure and unsupported rampaged at ms for pulling support in the first place to xp and other things.

  1. It had to happen eventually but I hoped not in my lifetime please.
    Spotify, one of the largest music online stores up with itunes etc is hacked according to its users, the company is denying its ever happened.
    over 100000 profiles stolen and posted online.
    Just about everyone this time is effected.
    I don’t use it but my brother uses it and others in my family.
    Even if you are not notified you should get those passwords changed asap.
    It appears the hackers are after user emails.

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Last modified: April 26, 2016.

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