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I’m back!

Hi all.
Ok guys and we are back.
Right now I won’t post any personal stuff as I will be doing that later on on my other blog but it was a good break.
Sadly weather has been really bad here.
I got rained on twice, and lost one other afternoon due to a tropical rainstorm but over all I came back with enough food to sink an ocean liner and I enjoyed things a lot.
Updates, well bar the usual updates that are always released, including a codecguide update it looks ok.
Skype and adobe reader have updates to.
Saying that if you use windows 10, it seems that unless you have a codec pack or something that you don’t ever have to update your computer ever again because it just does it while you use the thing.
Bar a update role up for win7sp1, why they release an update at all is beyond me, and an update for nvda to fix some word crashes nothing new has happened.
I have loads of casts, loads of recordings to go through, email etc.
It looks like a lot of the windows updates, office ie, windows.
I am not sure exactly what they exactly are
However from a quick look through.
It seems the same things again.
Notable exceptions seem to be netlogon, wpad, active directory, smb server, dns, win pdf, and another server of some sort.
I am still going through things in fact I will be doing so for a while so don’t expect any actual posting for a while.
This is to just say I am back and online and I will write in the other blog smeveriss.wordpress.com later when I am done with things.

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Last modified: June 26, 2016.

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