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Email is the future

Hi jared.
So many posts for various things.
Something to think of as I sit in the dining room, the sun on my back, trying to remember to type on this really fucking crappy laptop keyboard on the battery, while due to something my brother has no idea about clearing spyware on his computer, well I need something to do.
So yeah, its important for us to get really good at emails.
I know that these are becoming big, several stationary companies have bankrupted because no one wants that much paper for their printer solutions.
Email has meant less letters and traditional post companies have to adjust or die.
So yeah its important we write effective mails now.
One thing that we tend to do or at least I do, is take the meaning from text.
For example, I start assuming things that is until I talk to someone.
Your name or whatever you write can paint a different picture to well how you speak till I speak.
Many of us think that we can rant and moan at someone via text and well its just texting its not by voice.
Some can take things the wrong way.
Thing is audio and video communication is probably the best thing to handle things still and directly coming to people well.
But we have messaging, twitters, and email and we need to try to be writing to the conditions.
Also at least for me, when I was at school and university I depended on my spelling check program to much.
You check every document autocorrect helps to.
Problem is you get lazy, who gives a fuck about spelling if the computer will do it for you.
Who cares about doing math if your calculator does it for you.
Why in fact do anything if a machine will do it for you.
At the time I thought it was just dandy, people would tell me I spelt badly and I’d tell them to “fuck off!!!”
However that line didn’t stay, after uni, with job prospects going by the wayside, and with a new system, I decided I didn’t need an expensive office licence and got jarte for simple processing.
I use notepad for a diary, the rest of what I use is audio, and ofcause the web and email.
I havn’t touched a spell check or a office program in the last 10 years, strangely enough I started to spell ok again.
Not perfect but enough so I don’t look like a complete wanker.
I havn’t touched a document in years.
I do wander especially with our ever so helpfull applications if we are getting to much help, so much we actually can’t be bothered thinking how we write.
We have spell checks on our computer, forms to help, predictive text and the list goes on.
The tools are good if we need them but we are using them far to much.
I used to be an utter bastard, back then though I couldn’t give a fuck and I am sure if I ever start this business stuff again I will be back to that way again in no time.
I am not sure what the answer is, but even if the help is off knowing it exists encourage misuse of the tool.

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Email is the future was released on July 24, 2016 at 3:59 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: July 24, 2016.

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  1. Comment by tech date 24 July 2016 alle 17:35 (),

    YOu really want to make sure what you say no matter what communication you use. In a blogging platform, it is OK to write how you please, but when dealing with other people who may not like particular language, you need to keep it in stride. If you ever decide to get back in to the job search, spelling and grammar will be big key. This should be kept in mind. Even i have changed since I’ve been in a volunteer position for a year, there are some things I had to change to even be considered, and I did it. I’ve also learned from other courses, and understand what I must do to impress an employer who is capable of hiring me. As disabled people, we must work even harder.

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