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reply to the latest post and my gripes for this week

Hi jared and all.
Well, the world is full of dumb people.
This goes back to an situation I had on the network last week.
Never click what you don’t know, using noscript and ublock or similar in firefox which by the way are free does stop things some what.
Spam, spam, lovely spam is only good if tinned and only in small quantities its full of fat and its processed, you shouldn’t be even eating that stuff.
As I have said before, fishing emails and spam is where most of it comes from.
Don’t click, kill spam and no nasties.
Cracking software again, don’t do, heck guys as a retired pirate I should know, opensource and free apps are on the rise, there is no need for it.
Next yahoo.
Yeah, yahoo is total bs.
A message last month from my previder that uses yahoo as its main email system has decided after several breaches to ditch it.
So what should you do about the latest breach.
I don’t usually say that, but don’t bother doing anything.
Yahoo is going to retire its email system next year.
Use something like gmail its good for the nation.
I am not saying its safer but its fine for me.
Heck if google goes down we loose more than email anyway.
It does worry me about having registered ids and devices that can not be killed easily its like a perminant cookie and no one wants that.
Kids are kids, again what you put into the net stays online, its why you are carefull what you put.
Don’t buy anything off of twitter or facebook it just makes sence.
Social networks are full of scams!
You just have to be carefull.
I think the article on ransomware is being quite polite.
You can not get ransomware unless you are totally dumb and stupid and just click that link or click the popup on screen.
And if you get the erge you can block all of those to if you care to do it.
I know this will grate with a lot of you security nerds, but there is no need for all that extra security software on your system.
You need a simple security package that will stop the stuff you miss.
The most secure package is in your skull.
If you don’t use that then you are as dumb as that thing you type on called a computer that accepts imput from your totally dumb head.
I have actually had situations where users both in businesses and outside have got secured to the nines and then can’t use their system.
After fixing all the dammage I have had to essentually shut down and uninstall their security, clear their systems, and just hope they work again.
I have had it where myself a while ago I used advanced security systems and slowed the system and caused dammage forcing me to reformat about 5 units just because they had been secured against windows itself.
I don’t think loading all the extras is the answer either.
I have msse on here which is fine.
Malwarebytes free serves if I think something has got past my scull.
I have firefox, noscript, and ublock.
Most email is scanned via google and if something appears which is spam you can report it and it goes away.
Similarly if something isn’t you can tell the filter its not.
On to my gripes.
Hidden windows are my chief gripe of the week.
You know if you get those updates, and those hidden things that notify you on something say that your web brouser is updating and to close and sometimes don’t see?
Last night my dad shut down his system and got a message windows was configuring or getting ready to do it and just locking so he turned off his system.
On restart the system worked but I wandered what it was he thought it was a virus.
What programs did you use? I asked, office and chrome.
I immediately checked sure enough chrome had an update stuck half way.
I opened it and it completed it and restarted fine.
However some of this stuff hides in the background and while good it can happen that you may be shutting down or other things while its doing something.
I once had an experience where a friend of mine got windows, outlook, and a few updates running.
The windows one finnished, the web one finnished.
the other one finnished.
But there was a last hidden account update to something that didn’t finnish, in fact it was hidden.
On restart the system would not restart.
ANd in the end had to be reformatted to get it to start.
The hidden update was the issue, and while I am happy for background updates as the next man I’d like the ability to have things more visible even if that means I get annoying windows or notifications or messages telling me that something is in progress now we don’t and it can get in the way.
Usually when I know something does this beforehand, I try to preempt the action by manually initiating the action but even then.

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