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comments for the below posts

So social enginiering ransomware makes the rounds.
To be totally honest if you go on adult sites to get your fucking fix and don’t do what I do which is power youtube which I do sometimes in the middle of the night especially with headphones on then its your own fault you get fucked over.
I personally would say to the scammers go for it.
I usually don’t but if you do anything alegal then you get what you deserve!
Next eftpos.
Even chip cards have issues, even the net pay nfc tech is not full proof.
I am sure that someone one day will hack apple pay, the list goes on, nothing to see here.
Shops make mistakes all the time.
As blind people I do think we need to pay attention to the touch pads of our machines.
Yes I say again touch.
While some of the newer machines with a number pad on them and an extra layer of keys have touch pads and an over lay in the first 3 numbers accross the top, some have the old 3 numbers at the top or on the right hand side.
Some of the newer ones don’t have an overlay at all or something like that, its a fucking outrage.
A lot of the new banks don’t even have accessibility built in to their touch enabled machines where half the interface is touch.
And while I am on a fucking flamefest the so called new supermarket and store tills/ donation machines don’t have any feedback at all.
Speech for bits and bobs but not the entire interface.
On the wordpress side, there are only so many plugins that I’d put on there.
And I wouldn’t pay for any other plugins.
A safe bet is anything on the wordpress plugin directory is safe.
And any helper plugins the author in that plugin links to are probably safe.
Anything wordpress recomends is safe to.
You wouldn’t get crazy plugins and anyway you don’t need that many.
Spam, capcha logical maybe, xml search, plugin for podcasts, maybe imbedded links if you want.
Maybe adds if you are in to that thing but really you shouldn’t need to pay for a plugin unless its something you like need or you are in a business situation where you are linking your software which may itself cost then maybe but even so.

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