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windows 10 is full of issues and is a piece of crap

Look at this article
http://extremetech.com/computing/242795-microsoft-warns-windows-7-dangerously-insecure-2017 …
In this article microsoft after nagging, loading spyware on our systems and making us update to 10 is now trying to weedle itself out of supporting another xp or vista so now says windows 7 is not safe anymore even with the security patches.
My responce, if windows 10 is so safe, then why are you updating it, what about you shut down your fucking windows update servers and never update it again.
What about if you get rid of the defender and the firewall app, delete all the extras and see how secure windows 10 really is.
And as for it being out of date for all that old tech then you must live in the future where people can afford the shiny new gaming boxes of the fucking future.

Guess what microsoft its not like that at all.
A lot of us have old hardware, and while the shiny new boxes may be 10 only a lot of us have the older boxes.
In fact lets take it a bit further, if your system is going as fast as it needs to be why even bother updating os at all or system unless it dies.
The 4th generation i7 units or i5 quads are fine and duelcores still exist.
Ssds exist and so do hard drives.
1.2gb internal video cards are standard now.
Not everyone will use that new holographic dodad, or that expensive processer.
I hardly use ie or edge, I have msse and malware bytes, I use firefox a lot of us here use chrome.
If your system is so secure then why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and try to see how long it would last.
What about if you tested it.
Why don’t you just put the standard non flasy windows7 interface back over the mangled one in its place.
We that use 7 use it because it works and will continue to work, we don’t want ms accounts, business apps, or universal anything, some of us don’t even game, with xp I can understand but you fucked up 8 and now you want to cover yourself.
You gave us 3 years till we have to start hacking windows and probably loading a lot of ransomware and other junk to fix what you basically have broken in the interface.
I still havn’t gotten used to the ribbon in 10.
The start menu sort of works to a point I won’t be loading classic shell, the updates work, the extras and history are nice, but you broke language switching and according to insider stuff you have broken other things to.
In win7 nothing is broken.
Microsoft you can just go and fuck yourself and take your crappy windows 10 vista thing with you and give us xp back!

To the rest of you, while I don’t usually downgrade myself I am still a 7 user, the only reason I will ever upgrade is if I need to or my system breaks.
Sadly for microsoft the only reason I’d go is if 32 bit software goes or if I get a shiny new pc and or a licenced windows 7 when one is not available or something that spacifficly needs 10 or something.
I can tell you now that we have up to 4th and 5th gen cpus before we have to really think of using the new 7th generation and normal users won’t be doing that.
We won’t need 3+gb video cards, we will still use old tech like hdds, we will still use modems.
Sadly, microsoft is full of security holes, I see so many remote elevation issues that I don’t even report them.
ie and edge are getting security updates because they are holy as fuck.
Your only saving grace is you at least try to add fixes to 10 as you go.
Ie I can plug my external drives into my win10 unit now and run programs from them without making an extra step.
Win10 is just 1 os and every so often you upgrade that os but its not enough.
I know friends that can’t afford updates they still use xp, which sadly is still a good os I have to say how shitty xp has always been because you don’t support it and don’
‘t think about the small guys.
You and others like you are why people pirate stuff just so they can have what they want when they want.
I suggest you go and test your os and see how secure it is.
Either that or shove your head back in the sand from where it came from!\
For me myself with no prospect of any actual future, and no prospect of the world moving with me, I have found a nice ariea of sand to burry my head in.
And I’d appreciate not being told to get out and play in a world I have no belonging in at all
For those that think I am bonkas look at my security postings.
Look at all of them and look at all the remote control elevation of privilage, and information leaks that I just leave out.
Every month its the web, windows fonts and graphics and kernal.
Every month its office, dotnet and windows.
Every month its the same fucking updates from xp to 10 and onward.
windows 10 is not more secure, bar an interface change its still the same os, the same fucking os!\
Every month you release the same god damn good for nothing fucking updates.
Most of these are to stop users clicking links to viruses and stuff.
you aren’t improving the os you are wasting download bandwidth.
Every so often you fuck up the os more and more, so just go into your hole and stay there.
On a side note, I really think that some of these people have no lives.
Ms is panicking because win10 is not up to scratch they have even admitted and they don’t want another xp or vista.
Who’s fault is that?
Not the fucking users is all I need to say.
In fact ms ows us the users for basically fucking us over with the win10 free upgrade we neither wanted or needed.
I am happy for those that have it and have used it including some in here and find it good.
But if you are a standard computer user with 1 device or 1 or 2 devices but one of them is not windows, you will not appreciate this at all.
I for example will never get a windows mobile device.

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windows 10 is full of issues and is a piece of crap was released on January 22, 2017 at 7:53 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: January 22, 2017.

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  1. Comment by tech date 23 January 2017 alle 19:50 (),

    We all have known Windows is a piece of crap. Microsoft thinks upgrading will solve everything, and in a way, it will only because they have only one operating system to care about, not 5.

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