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comments for today

Hi jared.
Hmm ransomware, yeah anyone can make it, sad but true.
Companies will do anything to get their data back, sad but true.
They should have backups but a lot I know don’t have adiquit backups.
Kids and the net.
You know my feelings on the issues, kids shouldn’t have any access to the net, a mobile phone, etc till they are 13 or maybe older I never got mine till I was 20.
Failing that, kids need to have the net restricted for them before they get on it.
Ie no access to facebook, no way to tweat, no way to do anything bar what is safe.
Soon enough they will figure out how to get through controls you put in place.
The net needs to be portrayed as a emulation of the real world.
Its a good place to find info, buy things etc, but as in the real world there are dangers and these are mirrored on the net a lot more than you think.
Some scientists have found out that the digital data we put out can be used to profile us humans, and without the offline limitations we usually associate with normal laws online, we reveal our true selves.
This in itselves is scary in deed.
I am usually myself online though I know my temper can get a bit hyped at times.
So we need to be ourselves where ever we go.
Kids are smart they will eventually break any blockers you chuck at them.
Its also known that they can change their profiles on social networks so they are above the restricted age.
The net should be discussed as an extention to the real world its just more of the real world with 0 travel time.
Sadly I have seen extremes on each end.
I do not know about the non safe end as such but I do know about the super safe end.
If you are to safe and you don’t risk then you are to protected and this is not good either.
I have family with a religious type of thing going on.
Their children for a while got restricted tv, restricted net in fact no net, no phones, etc because they were full of evil.
They rebelled.
Whenever at a tv they all watched it 24-7.
One of them grew up eventually pirating software and loading cracks and doing things she shouldn’t because she was denyed the risk.
I have seen worse, people that will simply crack things because the net is to dangerous to buy stuff from.
People that will simply not buy anything online or worse will just not do things that are conciddered dangerous.
I worked for a school who had some serious issues with their system.
Holes where while secure, things just didn’t work right.
They restricted some sites sure, but while trying to report an access issue I inadvertantly opened a staff email account I shouldn’t have access to.
I reported it immediately ofcause.
Their responce was to say I hacked their net and a lot of other lies and to fire me.
I assume therefor that this is how they handle all their security.
Gettring rid of the visible issue and not fixing things.

Another thing to notice.
If your kids grow and get more familiar with the net they may eventually outgrow things.
Eventually every one of your kids will need their device and you will loose control at that point.
I have various people I help, those that will respond to a virus installing every program to secure their system only to give it to me unworking and slow.
I have had to basically pull out all the security programs and reinstall everything so its working right.
Then there is the secured person which is uncertain what is or isn’t.
Ie, those boxes on the internet saying you are insecure must be lagit but are the program icons on the system tray lagit?
Should I ask the admin, no he’ll think I am a total dumbass, I better not.
As you realise, the ones he should have looked at are the ones in systray by the clock but if you havn’t used it before it can be a strange place to look at stuff if you expect it to appear in front of you.
While it was a headake for me to clear it, it can be a issue for users that do not use all their desktop all the time or their icons.
Its a lot better to be happy that your users are secure but I do get called about icons, what do they mean, or my system is secure but how do I get this function or this data.
So things do happen a lot.
Most of the time, what does this button do.
Ie, there is a web icon on your brouser saying things are not secure.
There is an icon in the notification ariea but its saying something else and you are not sure what both are.
In this case the icon on the tray was wrongly being reported because of an error in the program the icon in the brouser was fake but a user wouldn’t know what was safe even adults do it.
It maybe therefore a bit hard to secure your child totally.
They will learn as they want.
The only thing I guess is to show them what is safe and what is not.
On that note, safe is one term they may have to find out for themselves.
Generational safety will change from time to time, general safety can be taught but the rest well it will depend on what is needed.

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