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The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence

Oh boy. Here we go. What do you all think?

Sources say iPhone X and iPhone 8 can already be unlocked via Israeli company Cellebrite, one of America’s favorite contractors.

Source: The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence

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The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence was released on February 26, 2018 at 6:09 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 26, 2018.

Comments (3)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 4 March 2018 alle 09:29 (),

    To be honest jared, I wouldn’t have a problem of a secured and honest government having access to all my data, fuck privacy fuck everything.
    As long as they used my data for what it was supposed to be used for.
    That means, sensibly, for law purposes, stats, etc.
    No third parties, no outsourcing, no issues with security, no corruption, no personal gains and no big corperations and all the evil sides big companies want data for.
    Sadly it seems the entire world the us being one of the biggest concentrations of corperation power.
    The governments are not controled by voters, but by corperations trump himself is his own company, sadly with all the downsides.
    I wouldn’t trust the government with my data, they outsource to other companies and agencies like israil who we know steels identity info for itself.
    We also know that when its stolen and used, either its not secured or tney don’t care that much.
    For the unlucky bastard lumped with the end result.
    Years in jail, maybe shot all sorts of things.
    Yes the issue is sorted out, the issue is disapeared but even if the guy is alive afterwards, even if he is apologised for, and payed out, and even if it all goes well which it doesn’t even bother trying the time wasted on this must be huge.
    And it must happen a lot more often.
    Even in new zealand overloads and breaches though little do happen, and when it goes well.
    Even if thats low, if the government has your data, you are no longer the target, the government is a nice target.
    That would be fine if it could look after itself but it probably understimates what it needs so.
    Worse nothing is clear cut.
    Terraced sounds like terrorist, different words, overreactions and such just pisses all of us unlucky bastards no matter what religion we are off.
    The reason us westerners handle it to an extent is that most of couldn’t give a fuck either way, and try to keep it clean.
    Saying that, the only thing that is a threat to a western government or company is another or several of the same type or more.
    So I can say what I want and do what I want as long as it never gets big or is ever noticed.
    A lot is noticed, a lot slipps notice and a lot of what is noticed is either fake or to someone elses gain and even if its true by the time all the issues happen it no longer matters.
    I am not concerned about us loosing the information battle privacy as I said before no longer exists as it used to.
    We post most of our lives on social networks and all that cloud and ai networks type deal.
    Even if you don’t have the net something is online somewhere.
    Even if we get all of this right, there are to many physical and security holes.
    All that data means there will be a breach bigger than equifax, big enough to take down governments and companies.
    If that happens, well its going to happen sadly everyone gets their supposedly secured identity stolen.
    Right now, if your identity is stolen, there is little recourse.
    You do a crime you do the time, if your id is stolen, you still still do the time because the governments don’t care that much.
    So even if you get your identity back, the government really want to get rid of you so its a problem, its messy.
    Even if it never does happen we have a big breach going on right now.
    With so much spying going on, you’d think that our security forces would be better informed or would have enough sence to not trust spurious info.
    Ie eye witness reports from several people may be nice clues, but how do you varify that, you can’t really do that as such and people can only see what they thought they hear.
    Sadly we seem to be telling what we first see or think.
    Our brains need to process things the first things we may see or hear may not be the correct things.
    Yet thats usually what is handled.
    And then they are wrong.
    Because of this its allways dealing with the dammage so the really bad people can get out and do bad things.
    To often they get it wrong and they say 5-10 people say this and its ok or someone saw someone wearing some clothing that looks the profile and talking on the phone in passing out of the corner of her eye.
    Firstly if you aren’t focusing your fucking attention on things then you may be something to look at but now things are all wrong.
    Worse, if they get it wrong its bad business and its happening to often.

  2. Comment by tech date 3 March 2018 alle 08:56 (),

    Enter your comment here…Shaun, very interesting comments. I’m not sure what to think anymore. At some point, we’re going to lose this battle.

  3. Comment by crashmaster date 27 February 2018 alle 13:25 (),

    Well, As I have said before in many articles and comments I don’t mind if I a citisin of my country is probed by my government as long as I am not doing anything wrong then I don’t have anything to hide behind.
    Right, with that there are a few issues with this.
    Sadly with 911 all those shootings, trump not to mention all the crazyness in the world, as well as the wars in israille and other issues with stolen data I do wander about the governments intentions.
    Will my data be sold, probably its a given, will it get used for advertising, probably thats also a given.
    However, what exactly is defined by the word wrong.
    Now in indonesia the country my parents on my mum’s side grew up in and it still is like this even now, disagreeing with the government even if they are a bunch of wankers can get you shot, put in jail, etc,.
    If someone is jallous of you well.
    Its laughable but last night I decided just for laughs to look at the cases of mistaken identity on youtube and mistaken for a terrorist on youtube things like how to not become a terrorist.
    And while I did find a few top 10 lists which did make me wander at similarities of various things I found a lot of mistaken identities, kids of 5 or 6 or 10 all over the place, even mention terrorist and you instantly come on someone’s hitlist.
    Sometimes you are killed, sometimes you arn’t.
    Sometimes people over react.
    Now the fact the government can spy on me is itself wrong mainly because I don’t know what third parties trust etc and what everyone is thinking anymore not to mention the fake news all over the place, and the fact the crazyness out of the us is just getting worse and worse.
    Next, security, even here in new zealand there have been quite a few breaches mostly due to overloads, but things like people getting the wrong info etc.
    A responce, well our government is generally open about breaches but others may blame others.
    So maybe you post something and it hits something flagging it up as bad, so you are arrested, jailed interogated torchered and then they find out the system crashed and there wasn’t a problem.
    Then someone puts your identity out on the net or uses it for things other than its supposed to, you get it all over again, maybe they find the info, maybe there is a breach and they fix it, to many unknowns.
    With the net privacy is just that little bit harder, I mean by posting this blog even by being online without a vpn I am broadcasting my city, where I live, my post code and a few other details.
    As I said before I have no issue with governments/ security agencies having access to my data or device if all it is is to protect me and as long as they treat it all in a responsible manner.
    Sadly thats not really the case anymore.
    If people can get in, you have a problem, and if you are not responsible with the data you get then you have a problem.
    And if your contracters are not responsible you have a problem.
    And if you outsource everything from call centres to this sort of thing, what is to stop people wandering off with your stuff under the employer’s nose?
    Worse, if they can hack into your iphone, someone is going to post it online, there will be a lot of back and forth, then the government cries wolf, meanwhile more ransomware and the thing goes on.
    So what to do.
    Right now, being as secure as we can and doing as much as we can locally would be a start.
    Next, limit all this data collecting to well if you need it.
    All that data all the time in some database and maybe you catch something, but maybe you are not sure.
    Something like this happened, one of my friends has several medical things up with her.
    She has certain things she needs.
    She loggs it on the system, and well it goes where it goes, but one of her things needs to go somewhere outside the normal channels.
    However her stuff was never checked continues to be that way until she complains and such.
    Sometimes I feel we rely on our computers and machines to much.
    Look at the 10 year old that speled terrorist instead of terraced both sound almost the same, try saying terraced 5 or 10 time really fast, at some point you will say terrorist I can’t even make 5 times saying terraced fast I’ve tried.
    In fact if I don’t watch myself and spacifficly say it then I say terrorist every time.
    Spelling well, both words pronounciations are so close.
    So teacher overreacts, calls the cops, boom a problem.
    People hear bits of conversations every day, and now with the muslam thing we assume things when we first hear them.
    There are so many things we may hear wrong on first pass, sometimes you need to queary what you hear, now we don’t do that.
    With all this in mind, is it a responsibal thing for us to handle all the data we have and put out.
    Its even worse for the government to handle its own data let alone everyone elses.
    Ofcause the big issue is if the government screws up, often or not they go quiet and hope it goes away or cover it up because lets be honest to screw up on a continuous basis really doesn’t do well for your ratings.
    Ofcause if something happens, they may or may not say sorry, every so often they screw up enough for even normals like us to notice but who knows.
    Ofcause they could just make you disapeer and then make the same mistake over and over.
    Then again, the fact all our data is online means someone has access to most of it now.
    Worse, as I said before, more often or not we seem to like to drop our digital keys all over the place, and have to make new ones.
    So in theory its a good idea for the government to make sure everyone is abiding by the law.
    In practice, what is wrong and what the law is could be an opinion which could change one second to the next.
    Even I don’t really trust the government and I am in an open mostly non corrupt free country at the ass end of the world.

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