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Here’s some of what I’ve been reading of late from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Here’s some of what I’ve been reading of late

hi all,

Here’s what I’ve been reading of late that people might find of interest.

  • Financial Cyber Threat Sharing Group Phished (Krebs on Security) This article was of interest because the financial industry has control of our money and allows us to either spend what we have, or go broke, depending on our own financial situation. They don’t have a say so on how we spend our money, but money is printed and the whole bit so we have it available. The fact that anyone in any sector can be phished shows how vulnerable the human mind is. It just takes one mistake to have an issue.
  • Nuance Communications says NotPetya attack has cost it $92 million since June (Cyberscoop) I selected this one for the blog because we all know who Nuance Communications is. They are the ones who gave us some voices for our access technology and other products. The fact they’re in other businessesdoesn’t surprise me. The fact they got hit with ransomware or malware doesn’t necessarily surprise me either, because we just don’t know who will get hit with these things today. What gets me is the amount of money lost by such an attack. 92 million dollars to lose is a big amount for a company and the original story before I read it had a figure of almost 100 million. My only questions is how they come up with these numbers. I’m not saying they’re wrong, but I’m asking how they can figure out that it is 92 million, 98 million, or even 100 million if thats what they could’ve lost. If they spent that much, I could see that in records, but I believe the number was 92 million lost in potential sales, and that, I’m wondering about.
  • Android still has issues, and this Cyberscoop article might be of interest to you. New Android malware steals user data, records audio and incurs phone charges is the article, and is something to be aware of.
  • In the what the hell department, I saw this article from Cyberscoop entitled Big banks want to weaken the internet’s underlying security protocol and I was like what the hell? What are they thinking? Read this and submit your comments.
  • Trust certificates is the way SSL works. In a very shocking article, Cyber Scoop is reporting that 23,000 certs were recently revoked in an article Trustico revokes 23,000 SSL certificates due to compromise and I just had to shake my head.

There’s plenty more on my twitter feed that might catch your attention. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 4 March 2018 alle 09:37 (),

    Well I don’t believe in a lot of the stuff.
    As I say we drop our keys to often.
    Breaches happen thats a given.
    My issue is that we overreact on a breach, and then either its breached somewhere else or the fixes screw things up.
    Look at intel and its issues the patches are probably worse than the hack, it also appears that everyone went into panic mode, things are slower in some systems but nothing bad has happened just yet.
    Sadly if the windoweyes thing is anything to go on, certificates compromised could mean, dropped, lost, hacked or probably upgraded or expired.
    Or they just can’t be bothered fixing something.
    A lot of airlines here say that there are a lot of technical issues with things.
    It could simply be that they ran out of room and needed to free something on short notice.
    I really hope security doesn’t happen like that.
    The other issue is that you change things to much and things go nuts.

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