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What I’ve read as of late

This post covers December 11-26, 2018. I’ll try to make this a regular habit.

Hello everyone, you may find the following of value worth reading, and I’ve already read it. I’m not necessarily going to comment on anything here, and it may be included in the next or any upcoming podcast.

There’s a lot here, and I know that some of it we’ve talked about. I’ve meant to post a lot of this earlier, but neglected to do so because I’ve been sick, although I’ve been better as of late.

I’ll try to post articles that I read each day on the blog for you to chew on some of what I’ve found of interest. I may not post every one I tweet, but I’ll pick some, and although this is all of what I’ve tweeted lately, I normally tweet those that are of interest.

Found something you want discussed? Please let me know.

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