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Its hard to prove spam sending

Hello all,

Without going in to detail, I know it is going to be hard to prove spam sending. I know of somebody who is now accusing someone of sending spam out in regards to Asian dating, and probably other stuff.

Here is a contact form I received through MENVI, and I know my MENVI members wouldn’t send such a thing.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
on Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 10:55:43
name: JamesPax
City_State_Province: Rajkot
country: India
Phone: 81588552378
contactmethod: Please contact me by telephone
contact: Please have Janet Quam: assistant webmaster) to contact me
reporting_bug: No, I’m not reporting a bug with the web site at this time
reporting_bug_Yes: Rencontrez des filles sexy dans votre ville:

comments: Rencontrez des filles sexy dans votre ville:

submit: Submit comment or question to the MENVI contact team

HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/67.0.3396.99 Safari/537.36

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Its hard to prove spam sending was released on June 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: June 23, 2019.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by tech date 24 June 2019 alle 14:46 (),

    I never finished this article. I was going to continue it, but published it and never finished it. The fact that spammers are utalizing forms, and even with Captcha which is recommended for me to put in, I refuse to do it as its not accessible, and spammers are finding ways to bypass it too. I just deal with it. But with the accusations of someone sending spam to someone when they may not have even done it, without proof, its going to be a really long fight. I don’t know why I published the post like that, I was in mid thought but just posted it as it was, maybe to prove a point. The headers when I look at them show its from my script, so, there’s nothing more I can do besides sending them to the provider that tracks the IP, but that hasn’t helped.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 24 June 2019 alle 14:23 (),

    To be honest, a spammer doesn’t have to hack someone’s email to send an address, there are sites and ways to make things look like its from a person without it being like that.
    The telltails are the headers which are utter junk but who actually does that user wize I certainly don’t.
    Anyway unless you get hacked yourself, you really don’t notice.
    A friend has had his address spoofed, he wasn’t hacked, but someone got his address and he noticed the headers were garbage.
    It could be a similar address to.
    There are lagit services to spoof your addresses which just makes it doubly hard.
    These services used to be more important before email encription but there are like vpns still a point where you may wish to mask your email id being that email addresses, addresses themself and contact info location are generally public affairs anyway.
    Spammers don’t usually do this generally but it still can happen.
    The chances are that if you get spam from someone and it looks like them they could be hacked but if not sure look at the headers and well if they are junk then they are probably just getting their email address harvested.
    If you don’t respond they will use another address its the easiest way to handle it.
    I have never got accused of spamming anyone though I know a few that have to the point they have had to change internet providers, and or web hosts because they believed they were right and wouldn’t budge even down to killing content.
    In my own experiences, I had my dad’s address get used for spam except the address was slightly differently spelt, contact info was used, but it was traced back and handled properly.
    My grandpa got some person calling him claiming him to be hacking her system.
    It drove my poor old grandpa off the net, he threw away his computer, and his mobile phone and simply stopped talking on the phone that much it ended him, maybe that was the intent.
    Once I got someone trying to hack my system, but the trace had the guy’s info, service, etc and I was able to contact the isp with the information and they acted immediately.
    I have had an attack aparently either my ms or google account and changed all passwords though it was total noncence and could have been a lagit system accessing the account.
    That sort of brings me back back to the data article breach just posted and the password article last week.
    Its all well and good giving up hard drives and other storage for the cloud, less failier unless loss of the net or power but there are to many issues with the cloud speed of storing and retrieving not withstanding.
    The same is with passwords to.
    Rely on one or 2 services and these services get quite smart and powerfull.
    There are people saying google and chrome and other such companies spy on users.
    With 99.9% of all information even so called private information being public now thats a given, we post our lives online as iit is and maybe to much but still the cat’s out the bag and it aint going back in.
    For the services I get my information even if I get a lot of adds is fine, especially if say its something I need or would like in the future.
    Getting addicted to shopping and gaming is an issue but you have to manage it, easier said then done but its just another thing to take with the digital age.
    One thing not discussed is if the net dies, and you still need access to the data, you can’t.
    Next, not everything we have is totally legal.
    Even if it was how do you proove it is.
    There is nothing stopping company x handing my data to every copywrite holder and terrorist looking for agency at all.
    Computer ai still fucks up more than all those big companies would ever admit to and this is known.
    Then who’s data is it.
    Yours obviously, but if we take the law of the land its whoever has it and whoever you share it with, probably could take it and who knows what would happen then.
    The cloud is nice, but I still will take a drive breakable that it is over full trust of the net.
    I will not cry wolf like a few old privacy people are doing, privacy went with the event of twitter, get used to it!
    Ransomware seems to be dropping, having backups is fine but if they are all online, and if it all ends that way, we will have to pay those crims to keep our data no matter how we do it.
    Even with all the security, if I was a hacker, I would try to take down google, lastpass or something like that.
    All that data is a dangerous target.
    I’m by no means saying don’t, I just think we shouldn’t jump in before we know what we are jumping into.
    We should remember that the net can be a dangerous place.
    We should also remember that for all we do, as users, businessmen and even those in government that the net is bigger than us.
    We have heard about the dark net, and how dangerous that is, but I still believe the net like any citty still has some more unknown places, places that may have secrets.
    And the net may or may not give them up, some we may like, and some maybe fine.
    But the rest, who knows.
    One thing that concerns me of late is all the cyber warfair going on.
    If we attack others, for whatever we don’t sing about it, if they attack us, we go home crying to our muthers.
    With all that seems to be going on, I actually suspect that none of us, users and others alike know how to use the net effectively.
    I also know that the net that we use is only a little bit of the net, like our own town or our own house or street.
    I don’t know if we will ever use all of the net effectively but who knows.
    The way things seem to be going in the world, in 10 years it may not even matter, maybe less than that.

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