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When Myspace Was King, Employees Abused a Tool Called ‘Overlord’ to Spy on Users from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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When Myspace Was King, Employees Abused a Tool Called ‘Overlord’ to Spy on Users

Several employees were caught abusing the tool, which let them read users’ messages and passwords.

Source: When Myspace Was King, Employees Abused a Tool Called ‘Overlord’ to Spy on Users

So this is myspace news, but it trickles to every social media platform today no matter what the tool is to help with law enforcement stuff. This can’t be good, now can it?

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When Myspace Was King, Employees Abused a Tool Called ‘Overlord’ to Spy on Users was released on July 1, 2019 at 12:25 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: July 1, 2019.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 1 July 2019 alle 18:13 (),

    To be honest, any program can be abused or miss used by people even the bad guys.
    The trick is not to have have this happen if at all and if then it does, not so often that you actually notice.
    I did read a little of this, and I guess what exists in the office is fine if it stays there but if it ever got out well.
    The bigger issue, is not as streight forward as it once was.
    If you read all the comments about what my opinions are in other articles you know exactly what I think so I’m not rehashing.
    But basically with all that is going on, and unless you are living in a hole which granted some may be or not as the case may be, you will know what is going on.
    I won’t rehash that either.
    You also know sadly when systems even government systems breach either due to an actual breach, or system load or something.
    You rarely hear if things are going just peachy only when they break.
    To much of that is and has been going on for ages and again, not rehashing that either.
    There is question of accountability of things.
    I would for example lock down security tools, I mean if you had permition to use whatever it is, sure, go ahead, you know what the rules should be and if you break them, you should get what’s coming to you.
    But if you need a part of a tool for a user to do stuff with, that part and only that part should be able to be used.
    Example, if I access a report form, I don’t expect full ftp access to the servers the software is on unless I have permition to do so.
    So, again, the spying issue.
    The way privacy works now, is vastly different from the oldern days.
    Firstly, all your personal information, contact number, address, etc even mobile/email is public, certainly addresses are, email maybe and phone numbers certainly maybe not mobiles so much but as we move away in some cases from the older systems thats going to be the case.
    In certain situations your bank account number is accessible.
    The only things that may not readily accessible are your credit card information, and any ird/ benifit/ other government numbers but thats it.
    I don’t see why people cry wolf over privacy.
    The net killed that with the rize of twitter, get over it.
    Everyone spies on everyone else, and 99.999% of the time unless you live in the east, bits of asia, and maybe a few other dodgy places, its probably safe to say that if you havn’t done any crime enough to majorly inflame your enemy or the law you are probably fine to do almost what you want within reason.
    Unless you are in those countries that well don’t allow that sort of thing.
    Then again, if its clear cut, and you break it its your ass that gets owned for a clear rule stupid that it may be.
    Of course,there are a lot of isms, raceism, religious isms, and other isms that complicate things.
    Again no rehashing! the world is going through the end days, so lets just pretend none of thats hactually happening and move on.
    Point is, that in a fair world it should all work.
    Miss using a system will hurt the system and users in the end.
    Everyone in companies are users to start with.
    I am fine with the government spying on me.
    I am not a criminal, I have nothing to hide and I follow the law.
    But I said in a fair world.
    Look at the accusing spam article I commented on and thats the big issue right there.
    To many people assume because they said there is a problem there actually is when there isn’t.
    A drama, a breach, a failier, what about a success.
    Successes don’t make drama, or ratings in the media or other places so they hardly are mentioned its a bit one sided.
    The other issue with the spying I have is that while accountability has been talked about, its not allways cut and dried.
    If a mistake is made, its easier to cover it up rather than correct it and act dumb when you actually try to get back.
    I had well an issue, with a government department because of a problem.
    This problem was due to a system issue of which I reported to the right place but was not actioned.
    During my attempt to manually do my business round that problem, I made an error in data I input to complete my submition to that department and immediately corrected it.
    I was however not told I should start my submittion again or it would break the system which after the fact I found from a third party was allready broken.
    I was told my issue was solved but it wasn’t.
    And when I got back from my hollidays I was in trouble.
    I told the department they gave me the wrong information, and they simply ignored the fact the had.
    After going to the next level, I was told to previde a lot of documentation to fix a problem created by a problem, with a problem with a problem which I reported which was not actioned, which I subsiquently fixed, which broke, which lead me to more issues which were in turn not fixed.
    Eventually with some help, I was able to convince them that they had screwed up, and they made the trouble go away, but didn’t fix the issue.
    Jared, you probably know what that was.
    For everyone else, my blog, smeveriss.wordpress.com has some of it.
    I don’t want to rehash it because it still angers me.
    It almost made me but not quite to not report to that department even though that would mean I broke the law because I no longer trust that department.
    That was a simple string of errors.
    But if this was different, I’d basically have to do what I was told to get out of trouble caused by a load of issues 99.99% which were not my issue except the issue I fixed.
    This was an income/travel reporting issue but apply that to other places, and we have a problem.
    If I let someone spy on me, or well submit my data to a government organisation or let them access things, I assume that.
    1. they can be trusted.
    and 2. my data is safe and won’t be sold to the highest bidder.
    and 3. that the system works.
    We have to many failiers, both with systems both human and technical to actually trust that if someone spys on me that I will not be a criminal because of a system overload and or data stuff up.
    I accept that I may be a criminal because of a data stuff up but it shouldn’t happen.
    Things break to much that we can even trust they will work and thats the problem.
    There are to many to fix, and I doubt we will ever actually fix things completely.
    Take that what you will.
    I am off to eat my lunch.

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