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Credit Card shops, good or bad?

In an earlier ppost, we talked a little about a service called Brian’s shop. According to this article I’m going to link to, this shop was taken down, and in this case, I feel it is a great win! Its one more store that can’t sell our data to anyone. It was taken out of business, and I feel thats a good thing. The person behind it claims that the credit cards were removed from the store upon the hack, but it was later confirmed that they still had them for sale.

Getting an arrest out of this, even though the carder had been hacked is only the first step. We know that this will continue to occur, and we know that new card shops will be at play.

This is a win for the short term, but i’m sure that someone will have even more to sell soon.

When Card Shops Play Dirty, Consumers Win

However, as I noted in Tuesday’s story, multiple sources confirmed they were able to find plenty of card data included in the leaked database that was
still being offered for sale at BriansClub.

Perhaps inevitably, the admin of BriansClub took to the cybercrime forums this week to
defend his business and reputation,
re-stating his claim that all cards included in the leaked dump had been cleared from store shelves.

Thats just what I wanted to post as part of the article and there is a link there. Link to all of the links in this story, and learn what happened through the reporting of all of this stuff.

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Credit Card shops, good or bad? was released on October 18, 2019 at 7:30 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: October 18, 2019.

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