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Android VS IOS, who wins?

In a thought piece The One OS to Rule Them All – 33 Android vs iOS Market Share Stats which was sent to me by email, it is looking like Androit is winning in most places but yet IOS wins here in the United States. Its interesting to see this because we know by reading numerous articles that Android has a big security problem which they’ve started to work on via Android Q and later.

If you read this article, what did you think of it? Its facinating to read how the breakdown is by country, or even as a whole just thinking about the various aspects of this debate.

The biggest stat?

1. Android and iOS jointly account for over 98% of the global smartphone operating systems market share.

That generally means that Windows phone is pretty much done, but yet, it may still be used in some aspect and in certain places. It isn’t mentioned however, but the two major ones are Android and IOS, so where is the other 2 percent world wide?

Read more in the article, and let me know your thoughts on it.

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Android VS IOS, who wins? was released on February 20, 2020 at 2:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 20, 2020.

Comments (1)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 24 February 2020 alle 12:16 (),

    Hmmm you know thats an interesting thing.
    I got an ios device, books and the like from a friend upgrading to another ios device.
    Accessibility wise good, and yeah 1 system to learn.
    However he wanted to switch to droid.
    Here is the issue, icloud the system apple uses won’t just let you switch you will lose some data during switch, mostly whats app messages and the like but the point you will lose data.
    Once you get tied into 1 system the best and only option is to get another phone in that system.
    So in android, you get ffree os, a good storage, universal infact.
    You can edit contacts, duplicate,s, install apps and a lot of things from your pc.
    You can’t do that on ios that easily.
    Next, you want to switch devices, no problem, its in google, and you can just switch.
    Even if you have everything in samsung both are handled and synced so both are mirrored and you probably can have both accounts on your new device so no big deal.
    Ios though, you need to buy another iphone to continue to use an iphone.
    You can’t buy an android and easily switch though some manufactureres like samsung are making that easier.
    You can switch from android to iphone though.
    Oh then there are all your books and music.
    Everything is in apple format.
    You can convert it to mp3 but its a pain, books in apple format, you just lost, videos, etc, you just lost those.
    Ringtones, you just lost those to.
    Luckily some stuff like them4a files which are just aac can be played in android and computers but still.
    On one of the systems a lot of people in the family are now in droid.
    But we still need to pay for icloud and itunes because guess what, we have stuff in those systems we can’t just shift.
    Seeing this, I am no longer sure if I want to stay with ios.
    I am just starting with touch, and then along comes the blind shell.
    True I don’t whats app or anything but I am seriously thinking about just switching from my symbian phone to blind shell either touch or classic and using boards, touch, and voice and it will just do whatever I want.
    True I don’t have one of these smart speakers but I do have one of those android smart tv dongles now.
    Pluss with the slowing down of the blind games market for mobile, and the fact I don’t do much business away from a physical board, I suddenly have no wish or in fact need to continue.
    Pluss I have learned there are android units which while they are with keyboard do need a little fiddling to get working so who knows.
    My eventual idea may to just get a tablet for what I need and or have as much as voice as I can.

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