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Using Social Security online

A lot of people use Social Security for living, because lets face it, getting a job is aweful when we have a disability.

My Social Security contact sent me this article from the blog: 10 Powerful Ways to Use Social Security Online which might be helpful. It all sounds interesting, and they do have great security. I’ll talk more about the security in an up coming podcast.

Have experience with the web site? What did you think?

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Using Social Security online was released on February 21, 2020 at 8:00 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 21, 2020.

Comments (1)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 24 February 2020 alle 12:03 (),

    Hmmm, sounds nice.
    But as with any new system what I would say is lets see what happens when its loaded beyond copacity.
    For example the government here has a system called realme.

    Everything from passwords to 2step is here.
    Voice in some cases, eventually finger, and dna are possible vectors of security and its endless in what it will be able to share.
    But load it enough and it may actually crash.
    Its only happened twice and not to me, but when it has happened, we are not talking about it going down.
    Things like wrong info going to another place.
    Logins switching to other places, its there for someone but not for someone else.
    It may crash out, and oh woopdy do its database is now public or bits are or because of something being updated that due to poor communication people were not ready for is not compatible with something.
    I have had a situation several times with my social services due to travel.
    This time its actually worked.
    This time its worked because it has been fixed but I have hhad it where the input is not accessible so have to handle some switchboard drone.
    So I input data.
    Its registered.
    I go do whatever and come back only to get a message stating that it wasn’t only to ring up and be told it did but the output didn’t register itself but it was and or that the system went down.
    Thats a bit annoying.
    However last year I ahd my worse case.
    1. fill it in.
    2. realise that I screwed up a bit of it.
    3. rang back and got issue sorted.
    4. did my thing.
    5. came back with the error.
    6. rang back in to the system and descovered that not only did it not go through but the data I had put in went missing and records got lost and things were not logged.
    This leaves me with an interesting issue.
    The easiest way is to manually ask to regenerate the data I put in and acknowledge something had gone weird.
    But as you can imagine we are leaving the drones at the desk and the system to someone that has a bit more control
    And they want a lot of things to get that fixed.
    Luckily I had someone that could legally help me out of this situation.\
    And after talking to them for 30 minutes though I never found out what was said, they decided to just drop it.
    I would have prefered the issue was solved but the fact it was then just dropped and everything was put back was enough.
    I of course then complained to a board I am on and found out from someone else that their system was itself broken and well.
    At any point that was fixed.
    However in the news I have heard horror stories on how broken some of this stuff can actually get.
    Now online is always a good thing but if it doesn’t work as expected the agencies in question may fall back to their old systems.
    Those old systems were most likely created before online and are years old.
    There are people I have read that have had a worse time than I have had.
    Now in my case the system looks to have worked, of course, lets see what happens when I actually go away next month.

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