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Another breach, yet another mistake

A company today called Slickwraps revealed they were yet another company that made a mistake in their trust of personal data. As indicated by security postings by people knowing more than I, its only going to get worse and this company claims in the posting that they hope to learn from this adominal error and hopes to regain their customers trust. Those who checked out as a guest were not effected, and no financial data was known to be harvested. The people behind the intrusion found a hole in Zendesk, the support forum which I’ve played with.

Slickwraps says customer trust was ‘violated’ in data breach caused by glaring security holes is the article, and they’re glaring.

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Another breach, yet another mistake was released on February 24, 2020 at 3:27 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 24, 2020.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 24 February 2020 alle 20:14 (),

    There will always be companies that don’t think about things till they happen.
    Though thats hardly an excuse, with all the education about, either there are dumb people or not listening people or maybe people to busy to attend these courses or, well hell, stress someone out enough and they may fuck up.
    Case in point, my aunt works for a major department store company here in new zealand.
    Her system had an issue and she called tech support, and was told someone would fix the issue.
    However due to other issues down the line, that tech didn’t appear till a couple days later.
    Mean while snowed under by a load of work, she got a call from a scam number but thought it was a tech.
    It was only when they asked for cash that she even thought to hang up.
    She rang the techs, who had to take down all computers and reformat everything, servers included and restore from backup.
    So yeah, it can happen.
    Especially with the complexity of systems, updates, and the like.
    The landscape changes for everything and now with this new windows modle and so many nasties out there you can’t stay on the ball all the time.
    I have just come back from a music festival.
    And I have just spent time updating all the critical systems from the last week and I havn’t even got to my mail and I probably have more to do tomorrow.
    Next month on 2 seperate occasions I need to be away and one of those times I may be hitting the new windows update.
    It goes without saying, that not only will I not be updating as soon as I come back but I will have a mutherload of backlogged stuff to do.
    Depending on what is involved major updates could cause disruptions on a big scale.
    Case in point, due to a lot of malware and other things about, a major isp updated its routers.
    I am not on this isp but my aunt is.
    She came home and told me that her wireless devices did not work anymore even though she did have the net because voip was working.
    It took me a week to get to that location, and when I got there I was troubleshooting everything.
    It turned out that during the update a lot of stuff had to be reset.
    This caused a lot of settings to be defaulted to.
    No data or passwords were lost, but critical network ids had been changed and needed to be reset.
    Automatic and other features that I had turned off were back on and I had to reset the channels.
    This has restored everything, printers, phones and pcs, but the smart tv will not work or the speaker systems and I can’t fix these as I need sight.
    So now these will have to be taken somewhere so they can be reformatted.
    Or someone has to come round to reconnect them.
    This hasn’t happened and probably won’t for some time.
    While I was about at one of my educational institutions, one of the ways of staying secured and up was to not ever update their software at all.
    Not even their antivirus deffs.
    When I asked the admins about it, I was told that all updates could potentially break the system including security updates.
    Twice a year, all systems were reformatted and updated with the updates needed.

    Either that or all updates were manually done.
    With the latest windows updates I can see why some would choose to do this and same with false alarms.
    Its actually safer not to update ever or at least not every update.
    I do this because I want to be secure, but I have had 2 instances where I have had to reformat due to an update fucking up my system.
    In 1 case it didn’t matter, in another it did.
    Now if I had a business, well.
    I have a couple business clients who are updated automatically with whatever and every year or 2 I service their systems, malware scan them, fix any user issues and update them.
    You trust things will work but well who knows.
    With the issues win10 seems to have, I understand why some businesses stay on 7 or even xp still, some of these updates can do more dammage than a breach.
    In fact for a lot of businesses, its update when necessary rather than update when its updated.
    Minor stuff is fine but major stuff.
    And round christmas and the like you never update because you want to keep things stable.
    Until we can assure consumers that updates can actually be stable and lets face it, we can’t and of late over the last year or so updates for things have been potentially iffy its no wander we get more breaches like this.
    Better to reactively fix a breach than have a system go down.
    To often do I get either myself or some users on another list or just randomly issues appear on my inbox about some update or rather fucking over a system, requiring massive downtime to get the system back up and fucking someone’s life over!
    And while I wouldn’t go as far as some have, ie no antimalware, firewall, spam, virus or even updates at all I can see why these people do it.
    A lot of this so called inteligent software is a fucking mennace.
    Better getting ransomware than losing your account or your files because of an os update!
    Until we can actually have a positive track record or at least keep the issues to a minimum and get the reputation up on updates and antisecurity software actually doing their fucking job and not fucking over users like myself we will continue to see this war between the bad and good guys.
    No one wants to get hacked, but no one wants to see their systems brought down by a software update either.

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