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Hey Criminals! Keep your hands off our kids and their data! from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Hey Criminals! Keep your hands off our kids and their data!

I was up late one evening, and decided to read an article. The article talked about how children are using applications from the Google Play store, using the same names as applications that these kids would be using like Google Hangouts, Facebook, tile puzzle match, and other similar program names. Note that these may or may not exist, but just examples. Just follow me here while I explain this a little bit.

Google! What are you thinking allowing names like this with apps that already having the same name? I didn’t think that was possible to have multiple applications using the exact same name.

In this article, Cyber Scoop tells us that 24 different apps for kids are used to infiltrate the phone and have these guys making money while the app may behave as designed. 56 total applications, according to the article were flagged and 24 of them were targeted toward kids.

The app names I mention may or may not be there except for possibly hangouts, but actual app names mentioned were mentioned in this article. They include a cooking app, a game puzzle, and more.

Tekya is the name of this malware which clicked on adds for the scammers. The applications are not available anymore, they were removed in Early March, according to the article.

I seriously have a question. Hey Google, how come we’re hearing this more from you than we are in the Apple IOS and Mac ecosystem? Sure! We’ve got apps that Trend Micro have reported to apple which do some crazy things when it hits its target, and is normal everywhere else, but come on! Remember this writeup entitled NCSAM: Do you think Android is as secure as they claim? This Android app says not so much! This blog post from NCSAM 2019 coverage covered an application called Yellow Camera. I give some basic highlights of the article and you can search this app name on Google to pull up articles. I thought I linked to it from there, but I don’t think I did by the looks of it.

I believe this was an Android app, but I honestly don’t remember.

Another question, Michael in Indiana reminded me that Google hired mobile security firms to help them to keep these types of applications out. In this case, the developers cloned already existing apps. Google asks mobile security vendors to help keep hackers out of the Play Store is the article linked within the app discussion article. I think it is relevant to this discussion today because we don’t see many IOS apps, and that doesn’t seem right. I’m sure that mistakes like this on IOS are made. While we assume that apple looks at their apps, I personally can’t confirm or deny this, and with the many apps needing approval for updates and the like, a mistake can be made.

I’m OK with an app store making a mistake, maybe a few. It happens! But why are we seeing more of these types on Android if they hired people to help vet these apps on an open ecosystem? Apple is closed as you know, but yet, they still have made the mistake because of the apps behavior and of course, the same encoding code so people can’t see what it does is going to be a problem.

Scammers tried using kids apps in the Google Play store to generate cash is the main article I want people to read from this discussion, but Scammers, leave our vulnerable children alone! They don’t know any better, we do! We may get bitten because of the description, but once we learn, we’ll know what to look for. Children don’t know about these types of dangers. Hands off!

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Hey Criminals! Keep your hands off our kids and their data! was released on March 26, 2020 at 11:00 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: March 26, 2020.

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