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With new things, comes different risks

I know that my twitter is several days behind, but I don’t read twitter every day, and I came across this article that I think is timely, even though it is several days old.

The article talks about Zoom, which I’ve used once for a webinar. It is accessible with Jaws and screen reading technology. While I’m unaware of much of what it does, I know the free version is 40 minutes which does not help me because if I were to do things, it would take longer than 40 minutes.

I think the 40 minute thing is treated as a demo, and that should be extended in my opinion. A conference can last awhile, depending on the topic. I definitely see the benefit of using this service, and I’ve got nothing bad to say about it.

While I mention Zoom in an assistive technology light as a product, this Zoom is a product that has Conferencing telephone capabilities as well as web. Other services I’ve used have only telephone, or only web. Some may have upgraded capability, check with the service to see what meets your needs!

In the article Holding Class on Zoom? Beware of These Hacks, Hijinks and Hazards we learn about some of the issues that may arrise, and probably have caused some people to wonder if this platform is secure.

As Steve Gibson has said on numerous podcasts, the fact is, we use default options and think they’re OK. This may not necessarily be the case.

I tend to look at options with conferencing and decide how I want to have it. I do set mine pretty much open, but I’ve also not used it all the time, so if people use it to hang out, the system I have can’t do much.

Even one facility I had used it worked where people were placed on hold and when I came in, it went ahead and started the conference. It was part of a package. Some services allow you to call out, and thats nice too.

If you use Zoom conferencing, what did you think of this article and how do you plan to change how you do your conferencing with this platform?

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With new things, comes different risks was released on March 29, 2020 at 7:15 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: March 29, 2020.

Comments (1)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 30 March 2020 alle 13:05 (),

    Well I agree with you.
    The issue I think is people just want to get up and going.
    They don’t always want to spend time doodling with options.
    Its why us technitions have a job though so there is a line.
    Saying that, a lot of my call outs are usually because the user keeps everything loaded, doesn’t know or hasn’t seen the option.
    I must say where I can I adjust only what I want to adjust.
    You don’t need every setting set or every program loaded.
    However it does save time when everything is set right.
    On the other side, not everything is in the place you want.
    Today I will be going to do a session with someone where they need to use microsoft teams, to set it on windows they don’t even know where and while they know enough to do their job they know almost nothing about a lot of things nore think they need to bother learning it if someone else will fix it for them.
    Then there are the users that don’t care and continue what they have been doing since year 1.
    Even those that do well point is everyone has their habbits, etc.
    I have a friend who is completely at the beck and call of norton software and avast and other things.
    The family use it and its all good on their network.
    However this user also has had to have a system with more memmory and processer power than he ever needs so that most of it can be used to run norton.
    This guy is a gamer and such but even so.
    There is no right or wrong answer and things can change daily.
    For example in my grandpa’s day eggs were bad for you, and to much coffee was also bad for you.
    Now 3-4 cups is ok but any more than 3 could be pushing any more than 5 is well not a good idea, and eggs are good to.
    Things can change from day to day.
    This virus shows it.
    Also it wasn’t long ago that coffee was an banned drug for performance enhancment and technically its ok, but you can have a cup in the morning before your game and its ok.
    Obviously not to much but still.
    Not every setup is right for everyone.
    Defaults are meant to be defaults.
    Yeah stuff works but its not optimised or as secure, its just what is shipped and you are expected to adjust things.

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